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Anthem: trailers, release date, everything we know so far

Symphony of destruction

Featured post The four Javelin exosuits for Anthem

With BioWare’s newest game doing the rounds again at E3 2018, it’s time to dig around to find all the relevant and juicy details surrounding Anthem and put them all into a single place. Below you will find information about the game’s release date, the small number of trailers that have been released so far, and everything interesting about the game’s mechanics, world and characters. Let’s dive right into the murky depths of Anthem.

Anthem release date

At the E3 2018 EA press conference, it was announced that Anthem would be released on EA Origin on February 22nd 2019. It would also be made available to play on EA’s new EA Origin Access Premier service at the game’s launch.

Anthem E3 2018 trailers

We also got several pieces of footage from Anthem during that same show during E3 week. Firstly we have that cinematic trailer complete with an odd rendition of Muse’s Uprising. If that baffles any Muse fans out there, don’t worry, it baffled us too.

We then had a bit more of a focus on the game itself in an interview setting, before we go to more gameplay. Here they showed footage of a mission that had been spliced up to save on time. The key takeaways were that abilities can be combo’d between players. For example, you can stun a bunch of enemies, and a friend can then go in and blow them up with missiles for a bonus.

All Anthem trailers

Aside from the latest glimpses, Anthem was first shown during the EA Showcase at E3 2017. The very first trailer below and sets up the game’s premise: humanity is confined to a walled city and monsters roam beyond its borders.

Shortly thereafter at Microsoft’s press conference during E3 2017, we got an Anthem gameplay trailer where concepts such as using jetpacks to take to the skies or dive into water were introduced. It teased a few things such as how different Javelin exosuits had different properties and abilities, as well as showing players jumping into a squad mid-mission. For the next year, this was everything we knew about the game.

What do we know about Anthem?

Until this year’s E3, not a heck of a lot. The only other relevant nugget of information that was around during the reveal was that the game is being seen as more like Star Wars than BioWare’s own Mass Effect during an interview with CBC. BioWare’s Edmondton’s Aaron Flynn added that “Mass Effect is more our real hardcore science fiction IP, [Anthem] is much more just having fun in a game world that’s lush and exotic and really sucks you in.”

On 9th June 2018, an article was published on Game Informer, which goes into significantly more detail about the game than ever before. EA go into a bit more detail about how balancing works for coop play, as well as emphasising just how different Anthem is to any BioWare title developed previously. Example: there’ll be no romance options with your NPC companions here.

During EA’s showcase in 2018, there was a small interview about what Anthem is going to be like with Casey Hudson (General Manager at Bioware), Mark Darrah (Executive Producer at Bioware), and Cathleen Rootsaert  (Lead Writer of Anthem). In it, they said that the game was not an MMO. The way it would work was that players have their own base that only they can wander around in, but the rest of the game outside those walls is a shared experience between players. If it’s raining and nighttime in your game, it’s raining and nighttime for everyone playing – a “living shared world” if you will. They also answered a burning question that the game will only feature cosmetic items as DLC for the time being, with no loot box in sight.

They also mentioned in the same conference that the story will be expanded upon during the game’s lifetime. Four Javelin exosuits were revealed, with the Ranger being described as a close-quarters focused exosuit, and the Colossus being more of a tank class. The other two – Interceptor and Storm, were not detailed. Our own Brendan was able to play a bit of the game at E3 2018, so do be sure to check out his preview.

For the moment, that’s it. However, given how long there is still to that all-important 22nd February 2019 release date, we’ll be sure to bring you more on it as soon as we can. Be sure to come on back to this hub in the weeks and months to the game’s release.

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