Battlefield V getting a battle royale mode

This being the year of our Molyneux 2018, yes of course Battlefield V will have a battle royale mode. Dice announced the mode during their E3 presentation, and sure, that’s no surprise, especially as Cod Blops 4 will royale it up too. Battlefield Royale (as I imagine they’ll call it?) won’t be in the WW2 FPS at launch, arriving some time after, and details are thin for now. In the meantime, it’s time to watch an E3 trailer.

All we know of its battle royale mode for now is from the words of BFV senior producer Lars Gustavsson, who said it’s “royale reimagined for Battlefield, so we bring those pillars of Battlefield with destruction, teamplay, vehicles, into this experience. So we will bring you an experience that you haven’t played before, in Battlefield or anywhere else.”

I see!

For more on the rest of the game, do read our recent preview.

Battlefield V is coming on October 19th via Origin at £55. EA say that it’ll have no loot boxes and no premium pass but ah, I’d wait until the game is out before getting too excited about the hope that it doesn’t have crummy microtransactions.

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  1. Nelyeth says:


  2. Parrilla says:

    Blatant jumping on the bandwagon from EA, already looks like Fortnite, might as well add the game mode. Destroyed a once great series to turn it into a cash cow.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      EA is a follower in the industry. They spent years chasing COD. Now they chase the next best thing, always hunting for that silver medal.

  3. Jokerme says:


  4. SaintAn says:

    Will there also be a MOBA?

  5. StarJuice says:

    multiplayer trailer and no multiplayer to be seen. Cool stuff.

    • Bimble says:

      There are a couple of Youtubers with videos. Jackfrags has a good one about changes 5 min or so and there’s a decent vehicles one out there as well.
      While I’m here. Is there any way to see my posted comments on profile or CP? Can’t find.

  6. Ham Solo says:

    Not touching that series ever again.

  7. Tyrmot says:

    £55?!!? Is that a joke? Glad I had no interest in this already at that price.

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