Unravel 2 announced, is out… now?!

Crafted cutie Yarny is back, and this time he’s made a friend. EA today not only formally announced Unravel Two, they’re chuffing well launching the puzzle-platformer today too. Surprise! And now it has co-op too. We knew a sequel was coming but didn’t expect this. Here’s our video person Matthew playing a bit.

Yarny’s made a pal, you’ll see there, playing in local cooperative multiplayer with a pal of yours. Or you can still play on your tod, controlling two yarnfolk yourself.

Unravel Two is out now on Origin, priced at £18.

I hope the sequel can back up its cute stylings this time. Pip (oh Pip! I miss you Pip) concluded in our Unravel review back in 2016:

“I don’t mind lower-intensity interactivity if it’s in the service of delivering an interesting story/idea. But the story here wasn’t engaging. The two elements together produced this earnest, handmade, comfy fug. It was like playing a game based on the Etsy newsletter. It’s not a bad game – I want to stress that – but neither was it an interesting one.”

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  1. mlj11 says:

    Oh man I wish this was available on Steam or GOG. I really don’t want to deal with another storefront, what with all the client updates, login hassles, emails, etc etc.

    • teh_nerd says:

      Same here. I’d probably get this if it were on Gog/steam. But Origin? Nah. It’s not just yet another store front, it’s also the risk of EA spying on you and that with every game you buy on that platform you increase the incentive for EA and others to come up with more exclusives bound to a particular launcher, etc.

    • UncleLou says:

      Wouldn’t really care if only Origin didn’t lock me out (“remember me” is on, of course) every single time there is an update, which is every time I launch it. Steam *never* does this (on the same PC).

      As it is, I can’t be bothered most of the time I try to launch Origin.

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