Watch EA’s E3 presentation livestream here

Update: Graham here! EA’s press conference is over and E3 2018 is just beginning. The news is:

Battlefield V is getting a battle royale mode.
Respawn’s Star Wars game is called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.
Unravel 2 was announced and is out now.
EA Original’s are also publishing Sea of Solitude.
Madden NFL 19 is actually coming to PC.
BioWare’s Anthem will release on February 22nd 2019.
FIFA 19 will have the Champions League license.
Origin Access Premier is a fancier version of EA’s game pass.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 will visit the Clone Wars.

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Right then! Let’s get on with it. Electronic Arts are hosting the first announce-o-trailer-a-rama around the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year, showing off (and presumably announcing?) their lineup of upcoming games. Their event starts at 7pm UK time (that’s 11am Pacific) and you can watch it livestreamed right here, in this very post.

What should we expect to see? BioWare’s Anthem, DICE’s Battlefield V, a mysterious something from Titanfall developers Respawn, sports, perhaps Unravel 2, probably more Star Wars Battlefront 2 content updates, maybe Motive’s open-world action game, potentially Dragon Age 4, and, if there’s been a miraculous breakthrough in its troubled development, possibly even whatever became of Visceral’s Star Wars game.

Anyway! Here’s the livestream on YouTube, though it’s also on Twitch if you’d prefer.

We’ll also be covering the day’s announcements separately, of course.

We have a few hopes for what we’d like to see at E3 this year, and do see our list of E3 presentations for what other publishers are up to. Our boy Brendy is on the ground in Los Angeles to see things with his actual real eyes too.

Check out our E3 2018 tag for more announcements, trailers, and goodness knows what else.


  1. Horg says:

    I will set the over / under on games containing a Battle Royale mode at 3.

    • Morte66 says:

      I was thinking that EA will announce their acquisition of CDProjekt Red, and that CP2077 will now be a Battle Royale for Android and iOS.

    • MiniMatt says:

      Fifa Royale

    • Minglefingler says:

      Rory McIlroy’s Pro Tour of Duty. You and 99 other golfers batter each other to death with the clubs you scavenge as mortar fire rains down on St Andrews, pushing you all inexorably towards the 18th hole. Players have the choice to purchase golf bags for the opportunity to unlock early a number of cosmetic items, including the legendary Royale Tee.

  2. Selix says:

    The lead animator of this game “defended” a former Bioware employee who gloated about John Bain’s (TotalBiscuit) death on Twitter. And by “defended” I mean explicitly approving of doing that (rather than excuse, “explain”). Just the kind of classy background info that is indispensible for a modern Bioware game. There you go.

  3. Cloak says:

    Hey EA playing the music loud doesn’t make your games any better!

    I knew Anthem was too good to be true. The voice acting was horrible, the world seems empty and boring, gameplay looks like a page taken out of ubisoft and the customization is going to suck. At least the world environment its pretty to look at though unlike The Division. Anthem seems shallow and without a soul maybe that’s because they forgot to put the pilot inside. 3/5

  4. Be_reasonable says:

    Are Anthem servers offline in 2021, then?

  5. Apologised says:

    In a word. Apalling.

    6 minutes on BFV, 6 on FIFA, less on the other Sports games. The most awkward reveal of a new SW game possibly in history.
    10 whole minutes gloating over the death of Command & Conquer and finishing that presentation off with a tremendous expectoration trick shot where the MC managed to spit in both Westwood’s grave and in the faces of fans at the same time.
    “A C&C for a new generation!” he cries, “Christ man, I’m no fan of millenials either but that’s a bit harsh.” I think in response.
    Then 20 minutes on Anthem because EA are betting it all on a Bioware label that they irrevocable tarnished in the minds of the consumer with Andromeda.

    Their afterparty FIFA tournament where England get hammered 2-0 by Germany shows that at least EA’s sports division are committed to realism on some level.

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