What are we all playing this weekend?

After a week of leaks, confirmations, trailers, and announcements, somehow it still isn’t E3 yet. The video game industry’s main marketing-o-press-a-rama officially starts on Tuesday, though most of the exciting stuff happens before the expo in Los Angeles even opens. EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, and Devolver Digital have their press conferences this weekend, which will of course be livestreamed for all to see, then more will follow on Monday (not to forget Nintendo on Tuesday, who are always a delightful palate cleanser even if not RPS-relevant). Anyway! Enough about futuregames.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alec: After the best part of a fortnight with the increasingly whoops-a-daisy Vampyr, I’m keen to dabble in a what I am given to understand will be an altogether less time-wasting take on occult shenanigans, the well-received Cultist Simulator.

No, don’t be silly, I’ll be at another of my kid’s friend’s birthday party. Class sizes these days, Christ alive.

Alice: I’m still so keen on Slay The Spire’s third character, a versatile little wizard robot named The Defect. They can build runs in so many delightfully fiendish directions. I’m happy when I build a cascading torrent of spells and abilities that make a single turn go on for minutes, I’m happy when I’m a frenzied murderbot ripping into enemies with little attacks that loop and chain into bloodbaths, and I’m happy just zorping ice and lightning around. What a pleasant wizard.

Beyond that, I need to spend a lot of time outdoors (ideally in water and/or sunshine) before E3 leaves me wrecked me for the next fortnight.

Brendan: I’m going to E3! So I’ll be playing Jetlag. It’s a good thing I’ll have a whole weekend to recover before the – ah. No. I’ll be at EA’s presentation early Saturday morning to cast a sleepy eye over their latest Madden tech, and I won’t stop looking at games until the following Friday. Send me your thoughts and prayers. That’s the currency of the US, I think.
Graham: This weekend I shall play the “watching the E3 conferences” drinking game. Someone says “we’ve listened to your feedback”? Drink. Someone says “for the fans”? Drink. Someone says “no lootboxes” to uproarious applause? Drink. “Battle royale mode”, drink. Awkward scripted multiplayer session? Drink. There are more. The real challenge is to live to see the next morning.
John: On PC I keep dabbling with Moonlighter in spare time, not that it really justifies such persistent attention. It’s become a sort of fiddle while watching TV shows.

I finished God Of War last weekend, and wanting for something else to play on the sofa, realised I could finally catch up with cool kids of last decade and play the Uncharted games, so bought that triple pack. That’ll likely be my weekend playing, in the odd grabbed moments.

Katharine: In an attempt to escape the imminent E3 madness, I’ll be growing beanstalks and escaping to the moon once again this weekend with the delightful Grow Up. At that kind of altitude, I’ll be able to watch all the E3 press conferences without having to deal with 2am wake-up calls and staying up way past my bedtime, and the reactionary roar of ‘WHERE IS MY SWITCH ANIMAL CROSSING GODDAMNIT?’ will be nothing but a mere whisper on the dead, sterile breeze.
Matt: I’m still summoning stuff and getting eaten by it in Cultist Simulator, and getting punked by more bunkers than I’m punking in Bunker Punks.

I might play a bit more Realm Royale, too, which feels like a refreshing change of pace from Plunkbat. Which I’m also going to play.

Matthew: I’m going to try the Sniper Assassin minigame thing announced with Hitman 2 the other day. I got a fair bit of mileage out of the similar Sniper Challenge back in the Absolution days (maybe the only good bit to come out of that game?) so hoping this has similar depth. And if I get bored of that I’m doing a high chaos run of Vampyr, in homage to the terrifying din of E3.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. c-fan says:

    I’m a little past half way in Cyperdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online. I must have missed something because now the bosses are just exhausting. I do next to no damage, my helpers die almost as soon as the fight starts, and I’m left spending 20 minutes witteling the bosses HP.

    Finaly got me a new DS4 controller after the membrane on the old one was going bad. Made it impossible to play DJMAX Respect, so now I can play that again!

    I did a playtrough of The Ifectious Madness of Doctor Dekker now that it’s out on PS4. Still awesome, might do another round tomorrow to get some “insanity points” trophies. Didn’t try the “maddening” route on PC so going to be fun.

  2. Bowak says:

    I’ve just upgraded to a 1060 so I’m back to The Witcher 3, but this time in lovely ultra mode, and Subnautica’s downloading now for this afternoon.

    • Umama says:

      Just a few weeks ago I upgraded to a 1060 and those were 2 of the games I tried out with it. Both looked and ran much nicer than before.

      I’ve exhausted Witcher 3 and its expansions, but it just got its claws into my husband (who we also upgraded to a 1060). I’ve been peeking enviously over his shoulder while he gets to experience it in ultra and in 2560×1080. Gorgeous!

      Anyway, enjoy!

      • Bowak says:

        It’s amazing just how much crisper and more colourful everything seems, and in particular, the way the trees move during stormy weather makes riding around Velen feel much more immersive.

  3. Seyda Neen says:

    I’m playing watching FLCL season 2. It’s back! Can you believe that? Crazy. Also Dark Souls: Remastered. I just reached that place that you reach that’s really beautiful. I wasn’t expecting anything like that view from this game, and they hit you over the head with it out of nowhere. Onwards! But first, backwards.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      FLCL season 2. It’s back!

      I hope the revenge lobster is back, too. That chunk of song (plus another line involving a hamster?), guitars coming out of people’s heads, and that it was generally supremely bizarre in an entertaining way is about all I remember about the show. Glad to hear it’s back!

    • hijuisuis says:

      Which view?

    • bacon seeker says:

      Also playing some Dark Souls remastered (along with Vampyr). I just got to the Tomb of the Giants, though, and urgh, I don’t know if I want to put myself through that again.

  4. Ham Solo says:

    Post Scriptum and Battletech.

  5. Morte66 says:

    I’ve not gamed so much in the last year because I was studying for an exam. I passed it on Monday, and now I feel at a loss. I don’t know what to do with myself.

    I think I might play Tacoma. And that last Living Story installment in Guild Wars 2.

  6. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Picked up PREY for a song…bit boring so far so hoping it hots up soon.
    A bit of camp murder shenanigans in Hitman in all its glory after an upgrade.
    Overclocking and tweaking into the wee small hours; I love it as much as gaming.

  7. Monggerel says:

    Duck Sauce 2.

    Was surprised at how difficult the re-adjustment was. I replayed the first Dark Souls earlier this years and had a blast – playing the game competently feels good in a very visceral way, and remembering so much of it meant I could tackle it in whatever way I pleased. Was overall a smooth ride of something like nostalgia but without the sourness.

    DS II on the other hand has turned out to be rather jarring. The movement feels off, swinging the many, many weapons in the game feels like they’re from a completely different franchise altogether, the enemies’ combat tactics are opaque at best and outright vague at worst. The bosses are still easy, but going through the levels feels more like muddling through than decisive action.
    Majula is still a delight though, every time I return to it.
    “The letters are worn beyond recognition” that’s okay, I know what they say anyway.

    • Daymare says:

      Just in case you didn’t know, you should level ADP to ~20, because it makes you do stuff faster (like chugging Estus) and gives you more iframes.
      Helped me a lot, had no clue about it.

      Coming back to DS2 (after beating only ever 2 bosses or something) from DS3 it was even more jarring.

      • Monggerel says:

        Oh, I’m well aware of agility. Played DS II a lot when it came out. Still, the “smooth curve” that movement (dodge, run speed) has in this game relative to your equip weight, combined with the floaty dodges bcuz of agility/adaptability, plus the wasted stats…
        plus the way heavy weapons turn around…

        Yeah. I’m about to go on a rant here, so let’s just stop and enjoy it. Just got the Drangleic Castle. There’s good stuff coming up, so I’ll focus on that instead.

  8. ColonelFlanders says:

    John, on the back of your sofa sessions, I’d really like to see an opinion piece on where we are aside the console world. I really feel like the Uncharted series, God of War, Zelda et al are magnificent examples of how AAA can be done right. Why are these experiences so much rarer on PC? Why do we only get the lootbox infested cash grabs?

    • bacon seeker says:

      One of those games isn’t _really_ console exclusive. But I’ll say no more!

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      I was wondering the same earlier this year. Real innovations seem to come to PS these days. Also Bloodborne and HorizonZD fit the bill.
      While we get remakes, remasters, sequels and spiritual successors.
      Boring stuff like Shadows of Mordor 2, Farcry 5 I can live without.
      NWN remaster is a cashgrab, Dark Souls remaster arguably too.

  9. spacedyemeerkat says:

    I shall be playing, in no particular order: clean the chicken coop, change the bedding in the chicken coop, beer drinking, Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr (currently much better than the mixed Steam reviews would indicate), Battletech (jank central. I know it’s a cheap shot criticising Unity but it just doesn’t feel suited to the game at all), MLB 18 The Show (looks wonderful for a PS4 game), God of War (better than I thought it would be although not quite understanding all the plaudits it gets), Rocksmith (love plugging my guitars into a real amp and just playing along with the game although enjoy the game aspect, too), Football Tactics & Glory (I don’t recall this ever being mentioned on RPS but appears to have quite the cult following including many who don’t like football at all usually. Great fun!), and perhaps a little Crusader Kings 2 where I attempt, once again, to learn how to play the bloody game (46 hours over several years and still none the wiser!).

    Oh, and if I feel up to it, a couple of hours on my wonderful new Specialized Roubaix Expert tomorrow. What a marvellous paint job. Although I really would benefit more by staying committed to my four day break from cycling and imbibing more beer.

  10. Warjan says:

    I’ll juggle my meds, fight sickness and try to help my wife with chores. And fall asleep before turning on my trusty 8 yo laptop, because my children have enough energy to stay up upto 11 PM.
    I’d love to frustrate myself with futile CK2 attempt to gain any territory, try to luck my way through another floor of Dungeons of the Endless of numerous-time-botched-but-somehow-on-going-run, maybe some FTL to relax myself with RNG politeness. Or maybe I’ll add Darkest Dungeon to my library and learn new ways to hurt my self esteem and mental wellness?

  11. ColonelFlanders says:

    I will probably be playing Pillars 2 until the eventual heat death of the universe. I did a Windows reset recently, and while I copied my Documents folders over to my second drive, I fucking well forgot my roaming folder didn’t I. Initially gutted, starting PoE2 again has actually been a bit of a blessing, since I’ve had the chance to do things like the multiclassing a bit more to my liking.

    • elvirais says:

      I thought I’d “quickly” play Pillar 1’s The White March (since I only played the main campaign before) before starting Pillars 2… So of course I’m still busy doing that. Plenty of fun though, great new companions.

      • ColonelFlanders says:

        Man I loved the White March. I have to say with playing the second game, Obsidian have sort of mishandled the opening a little. Its weirdly paced, and you can definitely tell that their best writer is gone, but it still has the expansive immersive universe filled with intrigue and magic and lore and choices and all that lovely stuff. Plus pirates!

    • Umama says:

      GameSave Manager, my friend! It’s saved most of my game saves from two different computer deaths now, and it knows all the different save locations. I have it running automatically 3 times per week with the backups saved on a network drive.

  12. Ejia says:

    I wanted to play a new hack-and-slash, but I just realized I’ve been confusing Grim Dawn and Path of Exile with each other this whole time. So, mostly I’ll be napping until the E3 conferences start.

  13. Phantom_Renegade says:

    First game I’m playing is ‘why is the log-in system on RPS the absolute frickin’ worst?’ Right now, I’m blaming leprechauns.

    Secondly, I’m still playing Vampyr. It’s flawed, absolutely, but playing a flawed game with ambition is far preferable to playing a polished game who’s sole purpose is to be bland.

  14. Thulsa Hex says:

    I had this urge to play (or watch) something set in the Pacific Northwest and remembered that Alan Wake was sitting untouched in ye odle Steam library. The game definitely feels very 2010, but holds up surprisingly well overall. The environments and atmosphere are especially compelling, and I’m all for the spooky melodrama and metaphor-saturated monologuing. It’s a Remedy game, through-and-through!

    Related: it’s worrying that the game still isn’t available to buy a full year after getting pulled from sale. Music licence negotiation needs to evolve or this crap is gonna keep happening. That said, the licensed music in Alan Wake is pretty damn good!

  15. Jonfon says:

    Star Trek Online with the new content. New stories are good. Returning voice actors are brilliant (especially Garak) and served well by the script they were given. So impressed that I splurged out on a new ship to support the game (and also cos I like having a new ship).

    Myself and the sprogs are also playing Overwatch cos they asked nicely and were good. As polished and slick as youd expect and its Blizzard do Team Fortress 2 so im reasonably okay at it.

    Im also debating if its time to get a gaming laptop to sit aside the desktop so we / they can play multiplayer things together (like Stardew Valley for one).

    • pookie191 says:

      It’s amazing having almost all the cast of DS9 back. The missions are great.. Especially the Ferengi one. So different than usual :D

    • hijuisuis says:

      In really interested in the idea of Star Trek Online, but wary of boring mmo combat grind. How much effort /pain is this part of the game?

      • Jonfon says:

        The usual ‘1-2-3’ of MMOs I guess. But that kind of suits the navy combat feel of Star Trek space combat. I quite enjoy it overall.

        On the ground in episodes you tend to have your away team with you. It feels Mass Effecty (slightly janky Mass Effect clone I guess).

        Since its pretty much free to play anyway youre not risking much other than time really in trying it out. Its showing its age engine-wise and it can be a mixed bag in terms of story quality (just like trek on the Tv and in movies I guess) but it does feel like star trek and its worth giving it a shot to play through the stories. Its pretty much an enjoyable 7/10 game.

  16. Premium User Badge

    Iamblichos says:

    Back to Fallout 4 for some more Wasteland lovin’, now that Fallout 76 has triggered the syndrome again. Also probably some Expert-mode Terraria with a new character, because apparently there’s not enough stress in my life.

  17. Chaoslord AJ says:

    With a dozen good games in the backlog I’m now into free2play apparently.
    It’s Path of Exile’s new expansion, Warframe and Dauntless beta for me.

  18. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    My Unreal Engine fiddlings continue, supplemented by some small bites of VR and a likely excursion into co-op stealth action with Aragami.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Aragami’s actually quite a bit of fun, turns out! If you like stealth but aren’t that great at it (e.g. I love semi-stealthing Deus Ex games but found Dishonored on easy embarrassingly challenging), and you have a friend to chat with along the way, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

  19. TehK says:

    Destiny 2 most likely, with which I’m still having a blast. And if there’s time, some good ole pointing and clicking in Pillars of the Earth which was included in the latest humble monthly and which (despite being a bit sombre at times) is really well done.

  20. juan_h says:

    I’ll be playing Crusader Kings II. The good news is that the Aghlabids have been almost entirely driven out of Europe. The bad news is that I’ve hit my vassal limit and that my empire may have gotten a little too big for me to control. As further expansion seems unwise and the game won’t end for another, gosh, 120 years or so, I guess I’ll be spending the next century plus trying to straighten out my internal borders and such.

    Or I could try to implement Absolute Crown Authority and Imperial Administration and go on another conquering spree but I’m not sure I could survive the vassal opinion penalties. It’s times like this I sort if regret playing Ironman. If I could save-scum I would gladly try it. As it is, however, I’m reluctant to risk screwing up what I’ve got now.

  21. khamul says:

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It was going for a song recently.

    Not sure it’s the best game, but the art direction in it is wonderful. While some of the aug/normal stuff is rather heavy-handed, there are other pieces that are much subtler and very effective ways to reflect the mood of the world they’re building.

    I particularly like the adverts: a poster for the film ‘Aug Uprising’ quietly placed in the background I find a much more effective way of narrating the social tension than having Aug and Normal lines for the Metro.

    Also, some of the sculptures are just gorgeous.

  22. fish99 says:

    Finished Dark Souls Remaster this week, which thankfully got a patch to address the stuttering and other issues the previous patch introduced.

    Thinking about doing NG+, or maybe a run through Dark Souls II SotFS which I haven’t played for quite a while. Also thinking about Witcher 3 or Prey. I’ll probably just watch E3 this weekend though.

  23. criskywalker says:

    Subnautica, which I finally got, Peggle and maybe some Doom.

  24. Ben King says:

    The Witness! It’s great and it sucks and it’s mazes have now infiltrated my dreams on a nightly basis. I’m terrible at the logic puzzles it’s trying to introduce at the quarry and the tetris influenced rules in the strange colored swamp are killing me, but just strolling around the landscape taking in the sights is great. Also finally getting the D&D group back together for some Curse of Strahd.

  25. Det. Bullock says:

    Tomb Raider mostly, the first one for DOS.
    The controls are rage inducing at times (especially the combat controls and there’s plenty of it and often in very tight spaces), there are more puzzles but are less complex (most of the time they are a simple coase of moving a block and finding a lever) compared to later installments but it’s still fun to play if you are very patient and deliberate in what you are doing (unless you get one of those sections where you need to be fast, the controls aren’t really made for that and it shows).

  26. Caiman says:

    Overload – it’s great to be playing “Descent” again after all these years. Just an amazing game, alternating between the campaign and challenge mode at the moment.

  27. teije says:

    Cultist Simulator. Love the atmosphere, but wow, am I bad at it. If it isn’t Dread, it’s the Suppresion Bureau.

    And Star Traders Frontiers – great little title and they’re adding to it every week it seems.

    • Throwback says:

      A gamer after my own heart! I love simulator, but have forsaken star trader for into the breach currently. I will pick up star trader at some point.

  28. kud13 says:

    I’ll be watching loads of E3, and also going out, drinking and playing lots of footy.

    I might continue with some (un-remastered) StarCraft, gearing up to start StarCraft II campaigns. If I get bored of slaying hordes of zerglings or squishy humans, I’ll dip back into Alpha Protocol

  29. Lars Westergren says:

    I finished Assassin’s Creed Origins, more or less. I’m doing the Discovery parts now, enjoying them. Once finished, Cultist Simulator possibly.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Actually I think I might also play Egypt: The Old Kingdom, a nice little strategy game recently released. I think I’m going to dig out Terry Pratchets Pyramids too.

    • Umama says:

      Did you get the season pass? I recently bought it on sale (I think it’s still on sale) and I have enjoyed having more story to play through. I finished the first dlc and am just starting the second one, which I understand is supposed to be bonkers fun.

  30. H. Vetinari says:

    went to a flea market today and got myself a dirt cheap Xbox one with a few games for 100€.
    Started Ass Creed Ezio trilogy since I’ve never played it – having a blast.

  31. Blowfeld81 says:

    Moonlighter and Prismata.
    Why do I even own a 1080TI with watercooling?!?

    • brucethemoose says:


      Depth buffer access doesn’t work in alot of indie games, but even the better “2D” filters can load a 1080TI on a 4K screen pretty good.

      I recommend Adaptivesharpen and/or Clarity + SMAA + Vibrance. It feels like putting on glasses for the first time, even in 2D games, and it won’t screw up the color balance like those silly presets you see on YouTube.

      • Blowfeld81 says:

        Using Reshade regularly, but not a fan of vibrance. The rest I like. Usually I play with curves or set another black / white point.

  32. Cyrus says:

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy..

    Else I would be playing Total Warhammer with my Empire campaign, which is approaching its end. Then Witcher and Hearts of Stone. Oh well, next week.

  33. lglethal says:

    Xcom 2. Maybe some TWathammer Dark Elves. Maybe some of the Division. But I already know i wont get any of that done in between entertaining my baby boy, and getting house work done. But you can always dream… ;)

    • pookie191 says:

      Could I suggest a velcro suit for your baby and stick him to the carpet so you can game.. I’m also available for babysitting and I guarantee you will get the same number of children back at the end*

      *We charge extra for it being the same child

  34. pookie191 says:

    Adding to my 3220 hours in Fallout 4 and being enchanted by FAR: Lone Sails. Absolutely gorgeous game and such an interesting world

  35. Evan_ says:

    I’m with Alec – Vampyr and Cultist Simulator.

    Also most of my gaming buddies excommunicated me for constantly bugging them to play Guns of Icarus Alliance with me. Shame on everyone for not constantly bugging their buddies to play it like I do.

  36. tsff22 says:

    I picked up quite a few games this week, including Moonlighter, Cultist Simulator, Smoke and Sacrifice, Redeemer, Everspace and Pathologic HD.

  37. nifft.batuff says:

    I am celebrating the censorship abdication by Steam playing (reading?) “Saya no Uta”.

  38. Zenicetus says:

    Flying some X-Plane in the background right now, to pay off the monthly virtual bills in the FSEconomy game. Then either Endless Space 2 or TW Warhammer, depending on whether the day’s mood calls for relaxing space strategy or frantic and bloody ground battles.

  39. aircool says:

    ‘The Witness’ is on Origin Access, so that’ me sorted for the weekend. I love a good puzzle game, and there’s something a little sinister about it.

  40. kiank37 says:

    This weekend I will be playing some Pokemon Ultra Sun with my sister as she is back from college. I will also play some Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon because I haven’t done any of the DLC’s yet. Finally, I’d like to dip my toe into Jacob’s region in Far Cry 5. Maybe I’ll even have some time for some Oxenfree.

  41. I_have_no_nose_but_I_must_sneeze says:

    I’ve concluded the creepy and compelling SOMA, which reminded me of the masterful The Swapper and Nolan’s second best film, The Prestige. I’ll continue edging my way around Dishonored 2’s levels.

  42. SaintAn says:

    Vampyre. Great game, and I love the player voice actor and music. Doing a mostly good playthrough right now and only eating outright bad people. Right now I’m looking forward to eating a certain character that burns LGBT alive. Don’t know why I don’t have a choice to give evidence to the journalist about that person though. I want to disgrace him before I eat him.

    Next playthrough I’m going full on Hannibal and eating people just to see how much it effects the world and people. Like the shop owner/boxers son.

    Playing some Pokemon games. I realized the only main games I never played are Black 1 & 2, which have seasons, and seasons are one of my favorite things for games to have, so I’m pretty excited. Trying Super Mystery Dungeon on 3DS too.

    Also started watching Deep Space 9 again after a break. I’m on season 3 or 4 and only just realized that WoW’s Goblins are very heavily inspired by Ferengi. Even the Goblin faction leader looks just like the Ferengi leader. Kinda makes me want to play WoW again using the Rules of Acquisition as a base for Goblin RP.

  43. charmless says:

    this years overlordy led me somehow to ‘steel fury kharkov 1942’. I’ve been learning that there are keys other than WASD for playing games.
    the other one is train simulator 2018 which was discounted recently on steam. I am sure I was led there from here in some way also. I now have an urge to get the all the DLC for SE England (land of my youth) and relive some of the train trips I went on.
    lovely stuff! like fish and chips!

  44. 9squirrels says:

    I’m playing some Dauntless, in between getting sorted for my holiday next week and running the kids around. Loving Dauntless, and have now signed up another account for my son.

  45. Someoldguy says:

    Xenonauts was free recently, so I’ve grabbed it and thoroughly enjoying its XCom feel. More so than the recent XCom remakes.

  46. ropeladder says:

    I finally caved and bought dead cells this week. It’s very good but… still a roguelike. Too much Skinner boxes.

    Then again I just made it to the clockmaker for the first time, with a gold pierce-all ice bow and a +175%-on-frozen-enemies broadsword. Hoooooo boy was that fun.

  47. eLBlaise says:

    I am continuing my defiance of cinematic and overwrought game narratives with the aid of Starbound, Dead Cells and Wizard of Legend. I will also find someone religious to offer prayers for Graham.

  48. mcjamieuk says:

    So I was curious about which market that was in the image, and reverse image searched it – do you know this article (and others, I imagine), has been reproduced in its entirety here?
    link to sara.id.au

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