Dontnod’s Captain Spirit reminds us that we’ve become old and dead inside

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Life is Strange was always promised to be a big complicated weirdo universe. I thought Dontnod started fulfilling that promise when they setup the expansion/prequel Before The Storm and let us explore superpower-less backstories. But here’s a bit of something completely different: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit; an original story set in the Life is Strange universe and taking on a completely different style of story and genre of storytelling. You’ll play as a young boy and take on adventures in his imagination. And by extension, all of the places where his imagination can take you. And by extension, a reminder of how much happier we were before we were all old and sad. Yes, trailer, I do remember that I had a childhood. Yes, I too would like to go back.

While TAAoCS is not Life is Strange 2, it is the first step towards the highly anticipated sequel. This stand-alone episode is a self-contained narrative experience allowing players to discover plenty of hidden secrets with each play-through and setting up ties to the forthcoming Life is Strange 2.

What a brilliant way to market a new game. And it releases completely free on June 26nd. I really hope this pans out well, because the more games that release small, free, experimental, adventures between adventures– well, the better.

Check out the trailer below:

And here’s a video of behind the scenes development from Dontnod:

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  1. Ejia says:

    This really reminded me of Costume Quest.

  2. Andrew says:

    we’ve become old and dead inside

    But only if you’re a boy. If you a girl, especially queer, you gonna be actually dead.

  3. int says:

    That damn Macaulay Culkin preparing to defend against the wet bandits.

  4. Rogerio Martins says:

    Damn, it’s awesome and sad at the same time, uh childhood, as Don Jose once said in Wild Bunch.

    “We all dream of being a child again, even the worst of us. Perhaps the worst most of all.”

  5. cekman says:

    This looks great, and it might be the E3 announcement that I’m most interested in so far. But I just realized that, if the kid were more of a brat, what we’d have here would be Calvin & Hobbes: The Videogame.

    And now I really want Calvin & Hobbes: The Videogame.

    (It probably wouldn’t work at all, and Bill Watterson would hate the idea. But let me dream.)

  6. Premium User Badge

    alison says:

    …and for all none of you who are also stuck behind the Great Firewall and cannot get Twitter or YouTube or any of these western social networky things, the video is also on Steam: link to This looks awesome.

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