From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice hitting PC

Dark Souls developers From Software have revealed their next game, a stab ’em up named Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, seemingly set in a supernatural version of feudal Japan. The game’s not due until 2019, and details are thin for now, so let’s skip right on to the trailer.

From Software teased Sekiro last year but it was a big mystery. Now we can see its violence – and know it’ll be on PC, not one of their PlayStation exclusives. Activision are publishing this one.

Its Japanese website is up, if you want to peer more.

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  1. BaronKreight says:

    I’m excited. Nioh was great, this should be too. And here’s something. There’s a russian word “секира” which transliterates as “sekira” and means “axe”.

    link to

    Apparently “секира” relates to latin word “securis” (axe).

  2. Daymare says:

    Cool. This is the only game I’m looking forward to right now with actual excitement.

  3. Garou says:

    Based on the kanji behind the title at the end of the trailer, I think the word ‘Sekiro’ means something like ‘outline of a wolf’, or ‘one wolf (of a pair)’.

    I mean, it’s probably a name, but the kanji is composed of the word for ‘Wolf’ – Rō, preceded by Seki. Seki is the counter word for several things (ships, fish, birds…), but also means half of a pair, and is used in compound words meaning ‘one eye’, ‘one hand’, etc..

    So perhaps this is referring to the protagonist’s status as somewhere in between life and death, i.e. he is only half there (very FromSoft), or it means he is one of a pair of metaphorical wolves. Maybe the main antagonist is his sibling, or connected in some close way?

    Of course, my mastery of Japanese severely is limited, so happy to be corrected.

    • ChrisGWaine says:

      I would guess the 隻 is related to the protagonist being one-armed (隻腕) and one-eyed (隻眼).

      At one point in Japanese subtitles he’s referred to as a one-armed wolf (隻腕の狼).

      • Garou says:

        Ah, very good points. I hadn’t noticed him being one-eyed and should have paid closer attention to the subtitles.

      • Swordfishtrombone says:

        Thanks to both of you: that was very interesting! (Seeing as this is the internet, I feel I should specify that I’m not being sarcastic.)

  4. digital_sneeze says:

    Nioh was a massive disappointment, so this should heal that wound nicely. Can’t really imagine FromSoft getting this wrong tbh.

    • Jazzhole says:

      Nioh was amazing, wtf are you talking about?!

      • Kitsunin says:

        I sort of agree. Nioh was brilliant at first but eventually all the weapon-related bookkeeping I found rather distracting to the point of being uncomfortably mentally taxing. Also the very limited enemy variety caused the game to get pretty easy eventually, once you were just seeing the same stuff again and had a ridiculous number of ways to give yourself an advantage (which you didn’t even need).

      • digital_sneeze says:

        Dull, drab art style, fairly average level design, terrible looting system, little to no sense of exploration, ultra repetitive enemies, somewhat naff narrative. The combat was the only thing in the game which was arguably good and wouldn’t begrudge anyone for liking it, but it felt too mechanical to me and after a while not altogether fun. I’m not saying it was necessarily a bad game, but by comparison it offered nothing in the way of the organic magic and sense of wonder that a Souls or Bloodborne game had, hence the disappointment.

        I hope that explains “wtf I’m talking about.”

        • Swordfishtrombone says:

          Absolutely agree with all of the above. Really enjoyed the early parts of Nioh but I just lost interest after a while, probably given the aforementioned lack of any real sense of exploration.

    • ZenArcade says:

      I thought it was a very traditionally “video-game” take on the FromSoft formula. Nothing wrong with that. I’m hoping Sekiro is a proper FromSoft take on the feudal japan setting outlined by Team Ninja, though!

  5. kemo says:

    I never could get into Dark Souls but this looks really interesting

  6. widowfactory says:

    Bloodborne with a grappling hook? Yes. Please.

  7. Faldrath says:


  8. Spacewalk says:

    Nioh you see it, Nioh you don’t.

  9. HotFightingHistory says:

    I hated Nioh, because it just didn’t feel like Dark Souls even though it wanted to be. This looks AWESOME. YES PLEASE!!!

    • ZenArcade says:

      That’s a good thing, actually.

    • digital_sneeze says:

      Yeah, I made the mistake of hoping for a Souls-like experience from Nioh as well. Guess it’s not Nioh’s fault but I just couldn’t enjoy anything about it. SDT should have a wealth of imagination behind it though so should be great.

  10. Freud says:

    So this is a Niohlike.

  11. M0dusPwnens says:

    One thing that I find really interesting is that the character is using the same sword and armor the entire trailer.

    It seems like they may be moving away from having a large variety of weapons and armor and equipment and toward deeper gameplay designed around a single main weapon, with additional gameplay designed around off-hand equipment. That’s really attractive to me. Much as I love Dark Souls, the incentives to switch between weapons were always pretty limited such that you often played the entire games with just one or two setups anyway.

    If that’s true and it isn’t just a conceit of the trailer, I’m sure people will lament the loss of variety, but I’m really excited to see what From can do when they’re designing tighter fights around more constrained, uniform player-character capabilities. Will also be interested to see how they do the famous background-lore thing without filling the world with tons of equipment you never use.

    And that grappling hook looks great. Few games look worse with a grappling hook in the mix.

    • ComradeSnarky says:

      From the trailer, I don’t see any indication that it is an RPG–looks like a straight up action game–so I’m not sure people would have cause to complain that there aren’t 9 million weapons a la Souls.

      In any event, I don’t think From expects Souls players to be “switching between weapons” on a moment to moment basis–the arsenal of potential weapons is large to provide a wide variety of possible builds for multiple playthroughs, challenge runs, RP, PVP, etc. And of course the weapons themselves–their visual design, location, and descriptions–are important components of From’s storytelling. Tough to say from this trailer, but they may be taking a more direct approach in this game.

    • BaronKreight says:

      There was a leak on 4chan forums. According to it there will be different weapons, skills and even character creation. Pretty much similar to bloodborne/dark souls.

  12. Synesthesia says:

    Hope Activision doesn’t force from to riddle this with micro transactions.

  13. TFAJB says:

    Guys, its completly a new Tenchu game. It’s not called Tenchu because first of everything they dont own the rights anymore and due to the bad selling score there is no point on making a new game from the Tenchu franchise. But everything is about a new Tenchu game the grapnel, the verticality, the stealthy option. They make the tenchu’s fan dream come true.

  14. Cloak says:


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