Metal Wolf Chaos XD plops the US president back into a mech

I’d never heard of Metal Wolf Chaos before today, which was why I raised an eyebrow at the claim this press release makes about it being “From Software’s legendary mech shooter” which was “previously released in 2004 as an Xbox exclusive only in Japan”. To pinch some words from RPS news boy Dominic Tarason, the story stars “an American president single-handedly thwarting a coup with his personal mech-suit”. It sounds like an odd curio, not the stuff of legend.

I’ve since read around, and can now confirm that it’s definitely both. I can also confirm that a remastered version is on its way to PCs the world over, and there’s a trailer for it that made me say ‘whaa?’ out loud.

For folks that can’t watch videos right now: a mech jumps out of a Whitehouse window, another mech yells ‘Michael’ then laughs maniacally, the first mech shouts something that sounds like ‘Witcherrrrr’ and then a plane flies across the screen. I’ve watched it a few times now, and I stand by my initial response.

Publisher Devolver Digital are calling it ‘Metal Wolf Chaos XD’, and claiming it brings “updated visuals, refined gameplay, and support for 16:9 4K displays”. It’s being worked on by folks from From Software and General Arcade, and will be out out some time later this year.

To be honest, that trailer left me nonplussed rather than bemused – I think it’s aimed squarely at people who are already familiar with Metal Wolf rather than the uninitiated. (Re)enter Dominic Tarason, who told you about rumours concerning this very announcement a couple of days ago:

“Now, for a bit of a reality check; Metal Wolf Chaos isn’t a great game. It’s a good one, and often hilarious, but it’s a bit short, easy and repetitive. Even if it did get a brand new PC port, I have a feeling it would shine the harsh light of day on its slightly cracked and worn plating. That said, it’s still a hell of a ride, and I’d love to see it get a modern remaster.”

There’s no release date, but you can wishlist it on Steam if that sounds like a ride you’re interested in.

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  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    So… is it the current president in a mech?

    But really, absurdity is fun sometimes, especially in throwaway action games. Might be a laugh.

    • KDR_11k says:

      No, the one after the next (current is 45th, the game is about 47th). Though some say he’s a stand-in for George W Bush.

      Also it takes place in the same universe as Ninja Blade, a game where you do things like ride a motorcycle across flying debris to ram it into the face of a giant monster.

    • geldonyetich says:

      They could always modernize it by outfitting the president’s mecha with a roulette wheel and a toupee.

      Or maybe make that a flashback to a steampunk version implying this was the first president to adopt this method of conflict resolution.

  2. Asher535 says:

    Pretty sure he yells ‘RIIICHHAAAARRRD’ which probably makes less sense in context.

    • Railway Rifle says:

      The President’s name is Michael, and his evil Vice President is Richard. So that’s the context.

    • emotionengine says:

      I guess that makes sense, but can we agree to just go with “Witcherrrrr!!!” instead. It makes the whole batshit crazy thing infinitely better.

  3. smonkone says:

    You forgot the very important part of the video, which is that the president, after jumping out of the White House window in a mech suit (technically it’s power armor, as Keith David would tell you), yells “LET’S PARTY!” and welcomes you to the White House. I mean…that seems like essential knowledge for people who can’t watch the video and want to be just as confused as the rest of us.

  4. espenhw says:

    The game was speedrun at SGDQ 2014, and it was glorious.

    • Telkir says:

      Yep, I’d second that – if you’re not necessarily interested in buying / playing the game, it’s worth the time to watch it to experience objectively the best voice acting and most gripping storyline of any game, ever.

      For anyone who wants the link, the speedrun is here:



  5. LovelyWeather says:

    Vice President Richard Hawke seizes control in a coup, instituting a new state of slavery and propaganda in the ol’ United States of America. The only thing standing in his way: The previous President, Michael Wilson, has escaped to California in a prototype giant robot, and he has one goal: Liberate the country one state at a time, in the name of freedom. BECAUSE HE’S THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    It was weird comfort in the early 2000s, when none of us in the States would have thought of the President as a freedom-loving badass with a sense of duty. Little did we know what the future would hold…

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