Trials Rising is backflipping out in February 2019


A new dirtbike crashing simulator has been announced by the makers of the Trials series. Trials Rising will be out in February next year, says creative director of Redlynx, Antti Ilvessuo, who arrived at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference riding a motorcycle and wearing an Evil Kineval suit, a costume only bettered by the dancing Panda bandmaster from earlier in the show. Anyway, new Trials.

Look here for some four-person bike bouncing on courses around the globe.

There’s courses on the Eiffel Tower, Mount Everest and in the wilderness of Yellowstone Park. Here’s some more details about the multiplayer and competitive features:

“From local backyard competitions to the biggest stadiums on the world stage, you will ride against other players as fully visualized ghosts or in real-time local and online multiplayer… The new map also has integrated community features that show other players’ personal bests, and alerts you if a friend has broken your record or if a new custom track has been shared.”

You’ll also be able to customise your bike and rider, and the level editor also makes a return. More weirdly, there’s a local multiplayer mode called “Tandem Bike”, in which two riders control the same wheeled deathtrap, each controlling a part of the balance and power of the vehicle. Super.

The game will get a closed beta later this year, say RedLynx. They’re also keen to avoid the bike-balancing being too hard for new players. To that end, they recruited Trials ‘tuber Brad Hill and 20 other skilful players to provide testing and feedback about the game’s tutorial. So maybe that’ll mean less bouncing on your bonce, and more bonnie biking.

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  1. NounVerber says:

    No dubstep, no Tron aesthetics, I’m happy.

  2. racccoon says:

    how to do jumps and in our new battle royale..mode

  3. Seyda Neen says:

    Swell! These are always fun, and I don’t have any Trials game on PC, so I’ll have to pick this up. The level editor is great, too.

  4. Phasma Felis says:

    Evil Kineval

    Man, if you don’t know how to spell it, just look it up. :)

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