Roguelikelike FPS Ziggurat is free right now on GOG

Enough of this ‘E3’ and its video games tomorrow; what about video games today? Reader, I have good news: not only are a number of video games out and playable right now (at least one hundred, I’m told) a great one is being given away free for the next two days. GOG are continuing their summer sale celebrations with free copies of Ziggurat, 2014’s wizardly roguelikelike first-person shooter.

“It’s the closest thing to a first-person Binding of Isaac I’ve ever played,” our dearly-departed Adam (RPS in peace) said in his Ziggurat review. High praise indeed!

Swing on by GOG’s front page and click the “get for free” button on the Ziggurat banner near the top, and you’ll get a DRM-free copy for keepsies on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It usually costs £10.69 (nice). This giveaway is only available for a short while, ending at 2pm (UK time) on Wednesday the 13th. Nab it now, yeah?

It is a good’un, as Adam said:

“Its foundation is an attractively designed shooter, similar in style to a randomised Serious Sam or a first-person Smash TV with linked arenas, but it’s a game that becomes greater – in almost every sense of that word – as you play it. Even if you fail, the game over screen will almost certainly be followed by a couple of unlocks so you don’t feel too bad.”

Last week, GOG were giving away Xenonauts. Not any longer, of course.

We’ve curated a list of sale recommendations for GOG too. And by “we” I mean “mostly me, with some token input from that rabble.” GOG have put together their own list of cyberpunk sale games too, tying into the fancy new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077.


  1. quasiotter says:

    I absolutely love this current trend of giving away free games. Not only for the obvious, but I’ve set up a mini free game mailiing list that includes my new neighbors and it’s a lovely way of bonding with them. Cheers!

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Ziggurat was fun. It was dumb, but fun. Run around, zap monsters, feels like Hexen/Heretic random level generator with a somewhat lighter tone.

    Certainly worth picking up free, obviously.

  3. rustybroomhandle says:

    For a change of pace, y’can also check out this studio’s new game, Farm Together. It’s pretty much what it says in the title.

  4. smisk says:

    Recently gotten Xenonauts, Quake Gold, and Satellite Reign for free through Gog/Humble, and now Ziggurat. It’s pretty great because they’re all games I’m interested in, but nowhere near enough time to play..

  5. stringerdell says:

    I couldn’t really get into this game. Something similar but a lot better is Immortal Redneck.

  6. MHanretty says:

    This is a fantastic game! A lot more immediate and streamlined than many of the more recent roguelites.

    Don’t sit on this one, folks. I’ve got a copy on Steam but will claim this on GOG, too, just for kicks.

  7. Riaktion says:

    Excellent Game, highly recommend it at full price, nevermind free of charge :)

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