Resident Evil 2’s swish remake coming in January 2019

Capcom’s fancy remake of Resident Evil 2 will launch on January 25th, 2019, they announced tonight. The horrors of Raccoon City are looking fancier than ever in the first trailers and screenshots – do remember that this is a full remake built on the Resident Evil 7 engine, not like most of Capcom’s recent halfhearted ‘HD’ re-releases of other games in the survival horror series. Capcom say they’ve made a few tweaks here and there, but by and large it’s still good ol’ RE2, only now with shinier guts. That’s not me talking; Capcom specifically boast about a “horrifyingly realistic wet gore effect” for zombs. Good. Great. Lovely. See it here in the trailers.

Those are some good-lookin’ terrible things.

Along with the obvious, Capcom note that they have switched the camera to an over-the-shoulder position, which I certainly welcome, and “modernised” the controls. What exactly that means may prove a bone of contention for some purists, but I’m up for change.

Here’s some flesheating for you? Just the ticket at 4:03am? Oh, who knows.

Capcom first announced their RE2 remake way back in 2015, along with asking an unofficial fan remake project to kindly stop their work. The folks behind that, Invader Studios, moved on to making a survival horror of their own, Daymare: 1988.

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  1. haldolium says:

    This might give the game a very welcome new spin. Really looking forward to this one, much more as just a “remaster”

  2. Massenstein says:

    Of course they had to replace the best video game zombies ever with the generic angry-faced, screeching mobs every other work uses. :/ That alone takes a lot of potential horror away.

  3. thekelvingreen says:

    Nice cameo by the original PlayStation in that second trailer.

    I hope you will still be able to play as a knife-wielding block of tofu in the remake.

  4. Bull0 says:

    Oh, awesome. This is the kind of remake I can actually get behind

  5. TheDesman says:

    Looks good and I’m looking forward to this.
    I wonder though whether they’ll include 4th survivor as an unlockable or as a dlc.

  6. Turkey says:

    Damn, Capcom is really playing it safe this cycle. Remake for RE2 and a HD upgrade for 4.

  7. vahnn says:

    Whoooaaaa, RE2 has always been my favorite in the series, in terms of gameplay, enemy and character design, and story… And I normally don’t like major overhauls that change core gameplay.

    But this is looking really damn good. Definitely keeping an eye on this one! But… I’m only seeing the PS4 and Sony logos all over these, nothing about PC. Which I guess is okay, since I have a PS4, but I’d much rather have this on PC.

  8. DarkFenix says:

    RE2 was by far the best of the first trilogy, I’m genuinely hyped about this remake.

  9. Synesthesia says:

    This is one of the games that made me. The disc switching thing trying out different timelines was nothing short of genius at the time. I’m positively giddy for this one.

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