Soulcalibur VI arms up for October launch

The PC debut of Bandai Namco’s Soulcalibur fighting game series will come with Soulcalibur VI on October 19th, they announced today. It’s a stabby fighting game, arming characters with melee weapons rather than sending them in barefisted, and one of the stabbers is quite at home on PC even if the series isn’t. Homegrown hero Geralt Of Rivia is a playable guest character, armed with his sword and signs. Hey, if the makers of The Witcher are busy with Cyberpunk 2077, I’ll take my pirouettes where I can get them.

Meet the Soulgang and gasp at their ghastly character designs in this here E3 trailer accompanying the release date announcement:

The series has seen stranger guest characters than Geralt before, including Darth Vader and Yoda from Battlefront 2.

Soulcalibur VI is coming via Steam on October 19th. Honestly, what I’m most looking forward to is Brendan explaining to me who characters are by telling me about their jobs, likes, and dislikes. Poor unemployed Blanka.

Here’s some new 4K 60fps action on PC from Nvidia, including our lad:

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  1. DasBilligeAlien says:

    Actually its an interesting list of guest characters. I remember Link, Spawn and of course Vader and Yoda. I am sure there are more… to the internet mobile!

  2. icarussc says:

    1) Ah, so Geralt plays the same: wildly spam the sweep attack button. I’d be right at home.

    2) That gentleman with the large sword appears to have been struck by a nuclear explosion — and then shook it off??

    3) Wow, so is there a fighting game that doesn’t feature a major injection of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition?

  3. Rince says:

    It’s a shame that on PC we missed Soul Calibur V with Ezio Auditore as guest character.
    I like him much more than Geralt

  4. racccoon says:


  5. juan_h says:

    I’ve always liked the idea of Soul Calibur, but the clothing and character designs are bizarre and, honestly, rather off-putting. They’re all frippery and gilding and exposed skin, the very last thing that any sensible person would or should wear to a sword fight. If Soul Calibur were set on some alien planet or fantasy world I might be able to ignore it, but it’s supposed to be set on Earth, I think, and the characters–gimmick guest characters like Darth Vader and Geralt aside–are, as I understand it, from actual historical times and places where absolutely no one dressed like that. It hurts my brain.

    • Scandalon says:

      If the costumes bother you, you’ll *hate* the damage modeling – not only do characters take giant swords and axes to the face and get up again, they don’t bleed. And the magic flames, and soul-eating, sentient weapons. Oh, and they go in best-of rounds, acting like nothing happened 30 seconds ago. And there’s an arbitrary time limit after which whomever has the most “health” wins.

      Yes, it’s rather all goofy, can’t believe fancy clothing is the sticking point. (Honestly though, I think it’s the same “escalation” issue a lot of games have, where the first few versions have mostly grounded characters, then one or two fantastical characters, often as the villains. After that, each iteration has to get more and more outlandish, you can’t just introduce average-joe #15 to the lineup…

      • Scandalon says:

        Also, bewbs.

      • juan_h says:

        Most of what you’re describing are fighting game genre conventions that I have long since learned to live with. The lack of greivous bodily injury is weird, no doubt, but it doesn’t bother me in Street Fighter or even in something like Samurai Shodown, which also features bladed combat. My point, I guess, is that given that there are so many other fighting games that aren’t painful to look at I am just never going to play Soul Calibur.

        Also, I don’t think I’ve much liked the character designs for a 3D fighter since Virtua Fighter. Tekken’s better than Soul Calibur–the ridiculous dress-up options in Tekken 7 somehow make things better rather than worse–but I’m still not wild about it.

  6. Jernau Gurgeh says:

    I once played Yie Ar Kung-Fu on my mate’s Spectrum 128K back in the 1980s. That was quite enough fighting games for me, thank you. But each to their own.

  7. Massenstein says:

    It feels like there’s been very little evolution in fighting games since the days of Street Fighter 2 or early Tekkens. Graphics get better and sometimes there’s gimmicks, but the rest of it is always practically two-dimensional exhange of combos to whittle down health bars. Some games do this better than others; Soul Calibur II was nearly perfect example of the imperfect formula, but nobody tries to to anything new.

    Only games I remember seeing that deviated from the formula are Toribash and some ancient playstation sword fighting game with realistic damage. All the rest are just about health bars and combos.

    • Evan_ says:

      Try For Honor while it’s free.

      It took me a while to realize, but it scratches my fighting game itch instead of the Dark Souls one. It just took a while to realize because of the camera. It has the complex and reactive combat that I was always missing from classical fighting games.

  8. StevieW says:

    Player 1 won every match in the 4k 60fps video.

  9. Cloak says:

    It’s sad to see these classics be turned into a way to cash in. I’m pretty sure it will be just like Tekken 7 in the way they introduce new characters(op&p2w), behind a paywall as a DLC.

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