The Crew 2 open beta starts next week, preloading now

A free four-day open beta is coming next week for The Crew 2, Ubisoft’s open-world car/boat/plane/motorbike/helicopter/STUFF racer, ahead of the game’s full launch later this month. Pre-loading for the beta has already begun, and absolutely I have it chugging away in the background right now so I can explore its recreations of some of my favourite corners of the USA. You’ll find me parked amongst big trees or in a river.

The open beta isn’t the full game, though it will include its full scale model of the USA. Eight racing disciplines will be available, covering powerboats, drifty cars, aerobatic planes, dirt bikes, buggies, and more. See the beta FAQ for full details on that.

The Crew 2’s open beta will begin at 9am on Thursday, June 21st then end at 9am on Monday the 25th. It’s a 22GB download coming through Steam and Ubisoft’s own Uplay. On Uplay it should appear within the free games section of the client. On Steam, click this magic link which should pop up the install options on Steam. Or if that doesn’t work, open the Steam client, search the store for The Crew 2 Open Beta, and preload it through there.

The Crew 2 is due to officially launch on June 29th, priced at £50.

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  1. racccoon says:

    Don’t tell… me battle royale..later

  2. snv says:

    For 50 you only get the light version though. The complete game (only Gold Edition includes Season Pass) costs 90€, though

    Big studio games prices have gone crazy, even at 50% off at some future sale this is way too much.

    For that money i can get a bunch of other good fun games. It’s not like back in the olden times where the pickings where so slim that i played practically everything that came out.

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