Fallout 76 will support mods, but not at launch

Mod support will indeed be coming to multiplayer survival sandbox Fallout 76, Bethesda have said, though not in time for its November launch. Mods are a standard feature for Bethesda’s RPGs, of course, filling in all the holes Bethesda leave and adding so many wonderful new things, but the always-online nature of 76 left that in question. Not to mention that some spectators have been concerned that the Creation Club DLC microtransaction store popping up in Bethesda’s recent games might shove plain ol’ mods out. But nah, Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard has said, “We love mods, and so we are 100% committed to doing that in 76 as well.”

Fallout 76, as Bethesda revealed during their pre-E3 pressblast, is a multiplayer “softcore survival” sandbox in the post-apocalyptic world. Emerging from Vault 76 only 25 years after the bombs fell, players will rebuild civilisation as they please, which I’d imagine is quite a violent form, given how survival sandboxes work. It’ll even let players take control of nuclear missile sites to launch nuclear missiles. I guess after 25 years underground listening to a neighbour’s snoring, you’ll be so irritated you’ll overlook the horrors of the nuclear apocalypse to wipe ’em out? Weird. It’s weird. I’m told war never changes, but you might expect folks to consider not nuking their former housemates for at least a few years.

While Fallout 76 won’t have any human NPCs, though quests will be scattered around through terminals, tapes, robots, and the usual Fallout “found world” ways. And though it’s real-time, it will have some form of VATS letting folks use compumagic to target body parts. Bethesda plan to keep updating and expanding the game themselves after launch, in that ‘live game’ way, but they will let us create new things for it too. Eventually.

Howard explained the mod plans to Geoff Keighley on YouTube’s E3 show on Monday night, as overheard by cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer:

“Our goal for launch–this is really new for us–is: have a well-running, robust service and then, some period later… we’re currently still designing what that service looks like, you’ll be able to have your own private world, and be able to mod it, and do all of that. We think, with our games, that’s where the long-term life of them really is. That is trickier when you get into an online world but we’re definitely committed to that, just won’t be at launch.”

Mods are hugely important for most multiplayer survival games too, so good-o.

If you’re still worried that he might be talking about the Creation Club when he says “mods”, nah. Bethesda have always been quite clear that they don’t consider Creation Club DLC to be “paid mods”, and so far that’s true – it’s all content commissioned and created specifically for the Club. Mod-like content, sure, and expensive, but not mods. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if FO76 does have a Club too.

Fallout 76 is due to launch on November 14th.

If you want to hear more, here’s Howard’s section on the show:

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  1. BobbyDylan says:


  2. Veav says:

    So, come back a year after launch when it’s finally feature-complete and a quarter of the price?

  3. MrLoque says:

    A Bethesda game without mods? Thanks but nope.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Why are they trying to make some horrid pseudo-mmo? Why not just… make the game series in the same genre or two that it’s always had?

    That said, Fallout 3 moved to first person and that hasn’t been a bad change, not really. But shifting perspectives is rather different from “No NPCs, just deal with vault dwellers named XxX420NarutoKillazXxX”.

    Eh. I’m sure I’ll pick it up at some point if there’s no subscription fee, but it’ll be once it’s on sale.

    • Rince says:

      It’s more like the original Fallouts and Tactics. A different genre spin-off.
      Still, a shame, I would had loved to play a traditional Fallout with those settings.

      • Premium User Badge

        Drib says:

        Maybe it’ll be like Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

        But also I guess Fallout Shelter for phones was an experiment in different genres.

        I’m just being a curmudgeonly old man, I recall playing Fallout 1 when it was new, so this newfangled MMO nonsense grates on my nerves.

    • woodsey says:

      Probably because people have been asking for co-op/small multiplayer TES/Fallout in forum threads for years now.

      Can’t say it’s my cup of tea but there’s nothing much to get upset over. They also announced a new space-faring single-player RPG and confirmed that TES VI is in development, and Fallout 4 only came out a couple of years ago.

      • Someoldguy says:

        If they’d announced that they were handing the production of Fallout 4.5 over to e.g. Obsidian at the same time I’d say good luck to them. Delaying the next ‘pure’ Fallout with a better script than F4 to make a NPC-free Rust-em-up with a new skin just rankles.

        • mitrovarr says:

          Yeah, handing over the next real Fallout to Obsidian would be the best of both worlds. We get an authentic Fallout with good writing, and Bethesda gets to try their multiplayer experiment with no bitterness or hostility from the community because it isn’t replacing a real series entry.

          • woodsey says:

            > and Bethesda gets to try their multiplayer experiment with no bitterness or hostility from the community because it isn’t replacing a real series entry.

            Would the pigs be launched during the announcement or just after?

          • evrtnzen says:

            1. Obsidian is never going to make another fallout
            2. This is not replacing a real series entry. I’m not sure where you got that idea from.

            The bitterness and hostility from the community is all but gone now after the documentary was released. Most people are realizing this is going to be an actual good game.

        • Balance of Power says:

          Oh god the rank -stink- of New Vegas fan rankles more than anything around here.

          Obsidian will never, ever, work on another Fallout game. Mark my words. You can thank your fellow Obsidi-shills for denigrating and insulting Bethesda for years for that. Screw them and screw New Vegas the most overrated astro-turfed turd in the history of RPG games.

          Meanwhile, Obsidian has to rattle a cup to get its games off the ground. How many E3 showcases did they have this year? What’s that you say? Zero?

          How many BAFTAS did New Vegas win? *buzzer* That’s wrong loser. New Vegas was nominated but did not win that year.

          Fallout 4 on the other hand beat out Le Witcheroonie 3 for Game of the Year in the 2015 BAFTAs.

          I know that burns your asses but that’s how the cookie crumbles when you live in an echo chamber of your own malodorous design.

          • Seyda Neen says:

            It’s ok to like different things.

          • fish99 says:

            Balance of Power, so you liked the writing and main story in Fallout 4? Had you gripped did it?

            You should also consider that without the praise for New Vegas, there would never have been factions and multiple endings in Fallout 4.

          • Caiman says:

            That’s some impressive spittle-flecked invective, but before you burst another blood vessel perhaps consider that your target audience doesn’t really care.

    • evrtnzen says:

      They are most likely making this game because Bethesda is perfectly allowed to branch out and make spinoff games and not have to always listen to entitled brats who ONLY want New Vegas 2.0. It seems your knowledge of the game is very shallow if you think like that.

  5. Mokinokaro says:

    Want to bet mods will also be creation club (aka paid) only?

    I could see them doing it since the game seems to be always online and they need to ensure stability somehow.

  6. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Watching their PR show has made me mildly interested in this.
    But only if there’s a considerable discount in november given it’s a beta and their previous stunts with paid mods (don’t call it CC) and all that.
    Not sure how it’s enjoyable in single player when all human characters are other players. So questgivers and vendors and so on are all robots or mutants then and no raider enemies?

  7. DeadlyAccurate says:

    If their Creation Club worked like ARK’s paid mod program (the developers pay the modders, not the players), then I would think that’s fantastic.

    If it’s a curated system where Bethesda decides to make a few worthy mods for-pay and offers them up as DLC, that’s also fine (much the way Warframe has a for-pay system for player-created frames).

    But if it’s just an uncurated mod portal, where anyone can toss their half-completed, buggy mod in the hopes of snagging a few bucks, it’s going to become a complete junk drawer, one you have to pay for.

  8. Nauallis says:

    Presently, I’m curious if the nuclear silo raids will even be feasible as a single player. Are the launch codes going to drop in full for a lone player, or will it require getting a group together? Difficulty of local enemies notwithstanding, that’s my biggest question.

    My other main question is whether it’s possible to play multiplayer with ONLY friends and acquaintances, and zero randos. Raiding, trashing, or nuking a friend’s settlement would probably be hilarious, but being ganked by some random jerk from Britain has a lot less appeal.

    Overall I’m really stoked for this game and I have a lot of faith in Bethesda, but I gotta admit that the negative-Nancy commenters have made some valid points about game mechanics.

    • briangw says:

      There’s a documentary out of making F76 that mentions the nuclear missiles are used to help with the ending (watch the documentary to learn how) so I assume it would for solo as it seems to be a major part of the ending.

    • evrtnzen says:

      Playing multiplayer with friends on private servers is mentioned in this article, it will be launched in the future as the way to mod your game: by having a private world. PvP is still a little up in the air but griefing will not be possible.

  9. Peppergomez says:

    Bethesda’s Skyrim and Fallout games are more or less unplayable without mods.

    • mitrovarr says:

      What is so bad about those games you consider mods mandatory? I played a lot of FO3 and 4 and Skyrim and never felt like I really needed a mod, although I could see in Skyrim if you specced your character out a way that turned out to not be viable in the end game (as offensive magic kind of becomes useless by the end).

    • Balance of Power says:

      Hahaha considering the millions of gamers who have played these games repeatedly unmodded demonstrates your noisy squealing as a baseless opinion being meekly squirted into a maelstrom of facts that say otherwise.

      You gotta love hypocritical Bethesda-haters, cursing Bethesda from the darkness, while still buying and playing their games. There’s a reason Dante placed hypocrites in the lower depths of hell. Such people are unworthy of redemption or consideration.

      • Not Marvelous says:

        You know, I am also very tired of the RPS comments hivemind where I know exactly what 80% of comments will be for any given bit of news on a Bethesda, Bioware or CDPR game, but man, your tone is way off. And “meekly squirting baseless opinion into a maelstrom of facts” is, I guess, some reference I’m not getting?

        • Nauallis says:

          No, their tone is dead-on. The immediate bashing of any news about Bethesda on RPS is irritating as %&#$. As soon as somebody says “don’t buy the game then,” these negative jackasses act like nobody is allowed to talk to them that way, and there’s nothing else to play. Noisy squealing indeed. Not a reference, reading comprehension FTW.

    • fish99 says:

      A myth. I played 185 hrs of Fallout 4 and 500 hrs of Skyrim entirely without mods. Also they’ve been getting steadily less buggy over the years.

  10. Moonracer says:

    I’m very curious what engine they will use for this. Can the Gamebryo handle multiplayer well?
    When I hear “quests, but no NPC humans” all I can think of are tutorial quests and achievements (kill 50 monsters with a shotgun is a quest right?).
    Having played ARK, I’m expecting single player will be doable, but much of the content will be balanced for multiplayer (meaning increased difficulty and grind).

  11. MultiVaC says:

    What actually interests me now is that people who do those incredibly ambitious “expansion-sized” mods have a whole gigantic, Bethesda quality map with gameplay, enemies, and locations already made. A team of modders adding some NPCs, towns, and quests seems pretty doable compared to some of the things they’ve already created in past games. Maybe we’ll see an “actual Fallout” mod eventually?

  12. CelestialSlayer says:

    I already play ESO and i have no intention of playing this. Sometimes I wonder why i am even playing ESO so no way am I playing this. You simply cant replace a single player game with multiplayer they are not the same and not everyone wants P2P.

    • evrtnzen says:

      Where did they say they were replacing anything with multiplayer? This is just a spin-off game. Nothing is being replaced.

  13. Radiriz says:

    Honestly, I’m excited for 76.

    I’ve enjoyed all Fallout games I’ve played so far. (yes, i enjoyed 4, fight me)

    And I have hope for 76, I think that the game will really captivate the “Is this right to do?” thought process the originals brought to you.

    I’m pretty sure it won’t be a long time when mods come out since most Bethesda games are very flexible with modding.

    Hell, probably one of the first mods will be to play alone or privately.

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