Welcome to Miami in Hitman 2’s “gameplay” trailer

Bienvenidos a Miami in a new trailer for Hitman 2 which crept out of E3 earlier this week, following its cinematic-heavy announcement. It shows Ian Hitman goin’ to Miami–the city where the heat is on–to off people during a supercar race day, which will offer some exciting opportunities for creative murder in the stealth sandbox. This is a “gameplay” trailer in the “lots of clips of in-game things with no UI and often from angles you’ll never see while playing” sense of the word, but that’s E3 for you. Fear not! Actual gameplay footage of the E3 demo is starting to ooze out from the press.

First, that there “gameplay” trailer:

So it’s a lot like 2016’s Hitman, in Miami.

And here’s someone from the Ian Games Network playing E3’s pre-beta demo:

I don’t know whether the game is silent or just this video, but either way I applaud whoever made this bold stylistic decision. Ian Hitman’s a stone-cold killer, a husk of a man, moving through our world but only interacting with it to murder. The buzz of an excited crowd, the idle chit-chat between friends and co-workers… what does he care? He sees all and hears nothing. It might just be an error with IGN’s capture setup but let’s assume no, this game is entirely silent.

Hitman 2 is due on November 13th, coming via Steam at £45/€60/$60. This time it won’t be episodic, though at least two paid expansions adding new maps and missions are planned. Warner Bros. are publishing this time.

Don’t confuse it with 2002’s Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, mind. Ha ha what a foolish mistake that would be! The two are clearly quite different.

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Top comments

  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Nothin' less than ill, when we dress to kill.
  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Nothin’ less than ill, when we dress to kill.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      And every time the ladies pass they be like: “Hello, 47. The American Secretary of the Interior is being targeted for assassination at today’s Mardi Gras parade. We’re not sure who’s behind the hit, but our client wants you to prevent it by taking out the would-be assassins.

      There are three. The leader is Mark Purayah, Jr. His associates are Raymond Kulinsky and Angelina Mason. Kulinsky’s a former world-class biathlete, so he’s probably the trigger man. Mason is probably just recon and support. They’re romantically involved and mentally unstable, so expect a violent reaction if either of them learns the other is dead.

      Their whereabouts are a mystery but we’ve identified the payment on its way to them. The money should lead you straight to them. There’ll obviously be a lot of civilians in the mix on this one, and a high-profile hit like this is bound to have backup units on site, so you’ll have to be even more discreet than usual.”

  2. gwop_the_derailer says:

    The trailer was edited excellently, though.

  3. Retrofrank says:

    When I just saw the picture, I thought that Hitman 2 would have an E3-Level for a moment.
    That would be something to think about.

    • lglethal says:

      I want to see that. Hitman E3! And if the target is the head of a publishing firm names Triangle Onyx, then that would probably be probably quite appropriate for IO… :P

    • E_FD says:

      There needs to be a meta bit where 47 dresses as a cosplayer dressed as 47.

  4. heretic says:

    Looks great, though I am not sure about the 100$ asking price for the base game plus additional locations. The engine is still Glacier and I am not aware of any new features added, so it’s essentially just HITMAN with new levels? Which is fine, but again 100$ feels like a bit too much…

  5. Orageon says:

    They have finally added *back* (it was in Blood Money already) the great feature of embedded videos POV for things of importance happening somewhere else in the map. I loved this in blood money, so you knew for example about special one time event about to happen (target is arriving on scene, etc) Otherwise looks very much indeed HITMAN with new levels.

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