Nioh 2 announced, though not yet confirmed for PC

Koei Tecmo have announced a sequel to 2017’s neat-o action-RPG Nioh, imaginatively named Nioh 2. So far it’s only confirmed for PlayStation 4, but I wouldn’t worry too much: the original wasn’t even announced for PC until it had been out on PS4 for months. A PC release for this too would seem likely. Hopefully. The game you might’ve heard described as “Dark Souls but samurai” is a good’un, our dearly-departed Adam (RPS in peace) would tell you. Here, watch Nioh 2’s announcement trailer below.

We can reasonably assume that swords, monsters, and inserting swords into monsters all return.

Nioh director Fumihiko Yasuda revealed a little more during Sony’s PlayStation livestream yesterday. Speaking through a translator, he explained that Nioh 2 is a “natural evolution” of the first game, not a dramatic change from it, strengthening what it did well and fixing some of its issues. Our new protagonist will be a player-created character, including gender and race options, who has some yōkai (monster) skills and moves of their own. He added that “we want to have more satisfying deaths for players”, so I imagine that will be fun to see.

Team Ninja are building on sound foundations. As Adam said in his Nioh: Complete Edition review:

“Nioh is like Dark Souls in so far as the halts to progress and forced repetition of fights function. You move forward, you fall, you learn, you try again. Experience works almost identically, tied to a form of currency that must be cashed in before death, adding a delicious risk/reward factor. The masses of loot initially seem like the biggest difference between this and a From Software game, and could kid you into thinking Nioh is a game about raising stats above all else, but it’s not. That’s a small part of it. Really, it’s a game about raising your own level and mastering one of the finest combat systems ever put on a screen. It might be standing on the shoulders of Souls, but it’s got its eyes on a very different destination.”

Fingers crossed for that PC release, gang. No word on when even the PS4 version will be coming, so presumably not any time soon.

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  1. bigblack says:

    “Dark Souls but samurai”

    Does Nioh keep that moniker any longer, now that From Software has done this themselves, directly, with Sekiro?

    I suppose in the end that “Dark Souls but X” will be genre.

    • kud13 says:

      Sekiro is ninjas, not samurai.
      Check out eurogamer’s interview with Miyazaki. It’s also dropping most “RPG” elements.

      So having more samurai killing Japanese demons is still a good thing.

    • Maxheadroom says:

      I love the SoulsBorne games but bounced right off Nioh.

      Every enemy showered you with loot and within a couple of hours my inventory had hundreds of weapons, armor and crafting bits and bobs and it all became unmanageable. I ended up running past mobs when i could simply because i didnt want any more loot.

      if i remember rightly a lot of it all had the same name too but with different stats and quality which made trying to sort it a nightmare and in the end i just gave up

  2. Don Reba says:

    Ok, so this is now the second Playstation-exclusive E3 game announcement posted on RPS. What gives??

    • Solidstate89 says:

      You could try reading.

      So far it’s only confirmed for PlayStation 4, but I wouldn’t worry too much: the original wasn’t even announced for PC until it had been out on PS4 for months.

  3. Rince says:

    Player created character? Ok. Now they got my attention.
    If they release it on PC, that is.

  4. DatonKallandor says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and guess that the Spirit Weapon mode is going to be replaced with a big ol’ Hulk-out Yokai mode. This also lets them keep the respawn mechanic with a new character who doesn’t have the justification for it that William did.

    Hopefully they’ll flesh out the weapons so all of them are as intricate as single Katana – and put in some more support for damage-dealing mage builds and not just self-buffers.

    Oh and of course, not have the dumb coop limitations and just have free coop like they had in the betas.

  5. BaronKreight says:

    You can never have too many samurai slashing games. The more the merrier.

  6. Plok says:

    My main complaint from the first game was the massive lack of enemy variation. By the end of the second region I had fought pretty much every enemy type in the game and thus outside of boss battles there wasn’t much in the way of new combat challenges for the other regions. Using the same levels for different quests was also a bit of a drag.

    If they address these two things I will be so absolutely on-board for a sequel.

  7. fish99 says:

    The missions structure put me off Nioh. I just prefer the continuous world of a Souls game. Take away that sense of exploration and you lose quite a bit from these games. The scenery lacked variety too, the game is mostly at night and mostly in similar looking villages and caves. Also the story was pretty cheesy. I’m sure I’ll return to it at some point though.

  8. rayo153 says:

    I loved the gameplay of the first one, but that crappy level design… I just played it like 10 hours until I couldn´t take it anymore.

  9. Falsadoom says:

    They need to make end game viable for builds other than Spirit Creature Centric builds. It was until they patched it up making it very narrow on class appeal. Don’t kill off magic candles in endgame either. No sense in doing so.

  10. Chem says:

    So it’s Nioh Ni?

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