FREE 3: A final trio of £0 alternatives


The week is finally drawing to a close, and so too is three free for E3, our series giving some suggestions of no cost, already available games to tide you over. We’ve already shown off six, so let’s get stuck in to the last trio to round things off.

Instead of The Last of Us Part II, play…

Butterfly Soup by Brianna Lei


A touching, funny, and authentic story of queer Asian girls falling in love and playing baseball. Live out the high school experience as each of the four main characters, dealing with issues like gender roles, mental health, and parental abuse. But far from being doom and gloom, this game shines in its heartwarming portrayal of great friends supporting one another (and endlessly sharing memes). It’s pay-what-you-want, and Alyse Stanley spoke to its creator about the coming Butterfly Soup 2 back in February.

Instead of Just Cause 4, play…

Wobble Yoga by Jenny Jiao Hsia


Dig in to the physics based chaos of yoga. Twist and contort yourself into each of the very appropriately named poses as best you can, controlling (or failing to control) each joint independently. Things can escalate very quickly here – good luck getting up again if you fall over!

Instead of Fallout 76, play…

Where the Goats Are by Memory of God


Play as a goat farmer going about her quiet days. Get into a quiet routine of pottering around the yard, following a simple and meditative ritual of looking after animals, making cheese, and waiting for the postman. Your only visitor will deliver letters from your family in the city, and, slowly, these notes unravel a story of the world outside falling apart, while you continue to tend your farm. The apocalypse is coming, but it’s peaceful here for now.

Three Free For E3‘s third year has ended, but you can find more no-money fun in our best free games list. Or hit up the tag page for the rest of our E3 2018 coverage.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    While I’ve never played the game, for some reason I always enjoy characters drawn with flat, irritated expressions. This article’s image is top-notch.

  2. Kollega says:

    I have a legitimate question: I get that “insane physics stunts” are a big part of the Just Cause series, but is a yoga-themed game really the closest you can find to Just Cause among free games? Are there really no manically explosive (or would that be explosively manic?) action games that you can get on or elsewhere for no-pennies?

    Please disregrard this message if the games aren’t chosen to directly parallel or compliment the big E3 announcements.

    • TychoCelchuuu says:

      For crazy physics stuff I’ve always like the Stair Dismount and Truck Dismount games: link to

    • Jay Castello says:

      A trio of explosion-based suggestions just for you!

      EVADER by zerofiftyone
      Gravity Playground by Alecsis
      That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time by becomethetimeteam

      • Kollega says:

        That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time is actually kind of Just Cause-y… in that a similar “ascend by leaping across aerial debris” sequence could easily take place in Just Cause (and given the tornadoes in JC4, may well actually do so). So… might as well say “mission accomplished!” Yay!

        And Evader, come to think of it, may be a great substitute for the JC-style grappling tether experience… so, mission accompished there, too! Double yay!

  3. hurtmaimkill says:

    I’ve so long desired to play as four gay asian teenagers.

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