We’ve got 350 games from GOG to give away

A week ago, GOG launched their Summer Sale and asked us to pick out some games for an RPS Collection page. We selected some games of supreme quality and life was good.

Now, as the Summer Sale range finishes this weekend, GOG have given us 350 free games to give away. There’s a broad selection of games available and among the 350, there are 20 copies of strategy gem Into The Breach, which Alec gave a big recommended sticker to in his review.

To be in with a chance to win a lovely free game, just enter using the handy widget thing below.

SummerGaming – RPS

You can enter into the competition multiple times over the next three days. Once the competition has closed, we’ll draw the 350 winners at random and contact them with their randomly assigned key sometime next week.

Note: Gleam don’t use your data for anything else and you can remove the Facebook app’s permissions after entering. Your email address won’t be used for anything other than sending you your key should you win. If you already follow us or GOG through the above websites, that’s OK, the app will recognise this and still count your entry.

Some of the other games you could win from the bundle include The Witcher 3, The Sexy Brutale, Soma, all of the King’s Quest games, Hotline Miami 1 and 2, Grim Fandango Remastered, CHUCHEL, Absolver, Observer, This War of Mine, Dead Cells, Pyre, Ruiner, Reigns, all of the STALKER games, SWAT 4, and more. There’s probably something you might be interested inside and with 350 winners being picked, your odds aren’t bad. Have a crack.


  1. Excors says:

    Your email address won’t be used for anything other than sending you your key should you win

    That doesn’t seem entirely consistent with the Terms & Conditions where it says “We [i.e. GOG] may use your name and personal information which you provide to use in entering this competition to contact you […] about our products or services we think may interest you”, or where it says “If you are a winner of the competition, you agree that the Promoter [i.e. GOG] may use your name, image and place of residence and/or other provided personal information to announce the winner(s) of this competition and for any other reasonable and related promotional purposes without any payment to you”.

    If you have a GOG account (and there’s no point entering this competition if you don’t) then you’ve already agreed for them to send you marketing emails that “may interest you”, so it’s not like this is some evil spam address-harvesting operation or anything. But it still seems best to be up-front and accurate about these things.

    Gleam’s own privacy policy sounds reasonable towards Campaign Users (i.e. us) and not a concern, as far as I can tell.

    Might also be worth noting that you have to be 18 or over, in case there are some young whippersnappers reading RPS for the Fortnite articles or to complain whenever someone says “Plunkbat”.

    Anyway, looks like some nice games here!

    • Evan_ says:

      Thought everyone has a full set of separate accounts just for registering stuff and entering giveaways.

      I never really used FB or Twitter but I never did mind linking dummy-accs to a dummy email.

  2. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    Shame I don’t use Twitter and deactivated Facebook a long time ago. I think it’s a shame every contest is so tied into social media, though I do understand why (and that I’m not the target audience as any more). I do probably own too many computer games anyway.

    • Alphadrop says:

      You don’t need to sign into the Facebook, just look at the page the link sends you to.
      Shame the Twitter ones aren’t similar.

      • Shacklestein says:

        All well and good, except that when I deleted the Fb account that had lain dormant since 2011, I also added Fb to my domain blocker. It probably doesn’t amount to much in the struggle to stay clear of the world’s largest surveillance network, but it cannot hurt.

        • napoleonic says:

          So take it off the domain blocker for twenty seconds, click the links, have them open blankly, then re-add to the blocker.

          • Shacklestein says:

            Sure, that’s an option, but it would defeat the purpose of putting it there in the first place.

            It may be little more than a pointless gesture on my part, but temporary removal for the sake of convenience would change that to nothing but a pointless gesture.

        • Evan_ says:

          I just keep the international spy-secrets and the kinkiest porn on a different pc than the one I use for gaming and idling.

          It works so far – no governmental satellite projects pink images to my mind anymore.

      • Harlander says:

        It doesn’t check that you’ve actually arrived at the fb page.

        Someone might want to look into that for future events of this type. Or not.

        • Shacklestein says:

          Huh. You’re right, it doesn’t. Never occurred to me to check.

          That’s a bit sloppy and somewhat pointless; I’d imagine at least part of the motivation here would be to generate page clicks. If you’re gonna set up hoops but not bother checking whether they’ve been jumped through, you might as well just do a “click this link whilst logged in on your RPS and/or GOG account(s)” type of thing. Less hassle for us, and probably less hassle to set up in the first place.

          • iviv says:

            I assume that’s because there’s no way to track it while taking into account all the privacy implications and so on. Seeing if you clicked the link? That’s fine. But tracking you through to an external website?

  3. mattevansc3 says:

    If we already own the random game (I have Into The Breach on Steam) will GOG swap it or is it just up to us to swap/sell/give the key to someone else?

    • Jernau Gurgeh says:

      Probably the latter. I think it would be somewhat impractical for Gleam acting on behalf of RPS to know if you already had games on STEAM that are being given away in limited numbers by GOG. Perhaps someone could set up a swapsies thread somewhere?

  4. c-fan says:

    Tried to do the “follow on twitter” thing.. Needed to log on (of course) and twitter said my account is suspended! Weird, I think I made an account sometime for another contest here on RPS and never logged inn since. Just found that funny, don’t care to look more into it tho.

    Gimme something to breach into (the?) please, that would be swell..

  5. zagibu says:

    Into the Breach is so good. One of the best games I’ve played in a long time. Not sure I’d have discovered it without RPS, so thanks.

  6. Raoul Duke says:

    So you guys definitely, definitely aren’t using this to harvest data to link email addresses and social media accounts, right?

  7. DrBomb says:

    This is a very good selection of games!

  8. Ser Crumbsalot says:

    Hey, i just wanted to say – thanks for making this a good giveaway, without endless extra entries for referrals, or making a “first come first serve” kind of deal.

  9. napoleonic says:

    I guess then that I won’t be buying ITB after all, in case I win a copy here.

    • Dave Mongoose says:

      But the competition runs over the weekend… you’re missing out on a lovely 2 days of mech-puzzlin’, bug-squishin’, world-savin’ goodness.

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