Wreckfest has smashed out of early access


After four years of crashing, smashing, bashing, and dashing around early access, Wreckfest today finally launches in full. It’s the new (well… new-ish now, I suppose) racer from FlatOut creators Bugbear, who previously called it just Next Car Game, and it certainly has pretty destruction effects. Wreckfest is crossing the finish line with an update including a new destruction derby arena, new parts and paint jobs, and shenanigans-laden vehicles including a harvester and a wobbly double-decker car. See these antics and more during in the launch trailer below.

Smashing stuff. Looks nice too, ho ho.

So there you are, in a car, atop a lawnmower, and so on, whooshing around in races, whooshing around in smashy races, or just plain smashing in destruction derby. Singleplayer and online multiplayer are on offer. And its Steam Workshop already houses years of mods.

One note for early access drivers: all your saves will be wiped with the launch update, taking with them your vehicles, credits, and experience.

“We realize it’s uncool, yes, but it’s a necessary safeguarding step to prevent bugs and glitches stemming from legacy save data,” Bugbear say.

Wreckfest is out now on Steam for £39/€45/$45. The price has gone up £14 with the launch cos now it’s done, yeah?


  1. Faldrath says:

    I hope this gets a WiT. It had such a rough development time (a few years ago, I thought it would be vaporware), so it’s a rather nice surprise to see it not only released, but actually quite good!

  2. Ushao says:

    I was worried about it turning to vaporware as well when I saw it going so long between updates. I’ll have to fire it up and see how far it’s come!

  3. MonkeyJug says:

    The game is as good as everyone hoped it would be all those years ago.

    Can’t wait to get properly stuck into it, finally…

  4. IcyBee says:

    Please do give this a go.
    I’ve been playing this on and off since the very beginning – it’s been great to watch it go from sort-of-OK, to fantastic online play, to not-quite-as-good-as-it-used-to-be to really good again, with loads more tracks and cars.

    It’s proper banger racing, where anything goes and you often don’t make it to the end. Your car gets horrifically mangled in the process.

    The online game is terrific fun, but could do with more players!

  5. Carr0t says:

    Damn, it’s been on my wishlist for ages but I haven’t got around to it yet, and now it’s doubled in price? Looks like I’ll be waiting longer, until it comes back down in a Steam sale :-/

    • Halk says:

      It’s happend a lot of times, so just follow the gamehub, buy couple of copies befor leaving EA and sell em with a profit. Actually it’s bad thing, but can be profitable.

  6. BattleXer says:

    I’ve logged in excess of 130 hours in this game so far. And it is my go-to racer for just a few laps or hours of sustained podium hunting and vehicular carnage.
    For anyone who sits on the fence about this, just take the leap and be positively surprised.
    Bugbear still have got it going on…

  7. SpiceySlade says:

    Does anyone know what the song in the background of this trailer is?

  8. mascarpwn says:

    So, it’s destruction derby with another name.


  9. Lodin says:

    Just tried a multiplayer match and was not expecting there to be two players with schoolbusses. They parked them sideways and created a hilarious roadblock.
    I was laughing my arse off and somehow managed to get fifth place.

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