Avalanche: Just Cause 4 will not have multiplayer

Alas, Just Cause 4 will not include an official multiplayer mode, developers Avalanche Studios have said following the drive-o-fly-a-shoot-o-explode sandbox’s announcement at E3 this week. None of the previous games in the series have officially featured multiplayer, so it’s perhaps not wholly a surprise. However, sanctioned-yet-unofficial mods did add multiplayer to the past two games – and in 2016 Avalanche hired the lead developer of Just Cause 2’s multiplayer mod. But no, it seems there’ll only be one Rico Rodriguez blowing things up in JC4, not hundreds of hooligans romping all over.

“Just Cause 4 will not feature multiplayer,” creative director Franceso Antolini told PCGamesN this week. That’s all. Ah well.

Hopes were cautiously high for multiplayer in Just Cause 4 after Cameron “Trix” Foote, the lead developer of the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod, announced in 2016 that he was joining Avalanche.

“I’ll be able to bring many of the things you know and love from JC2-MP into future Avalanche experiences, while reaching heights that a mere mod couldn’t facilitate,” he said at the time. That wasn’t a promise, of course, and didn’t even explicitly state an intent. But hope springs eternal.

After Foote’s team ended their efforts to make a multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3, another team stepped up and released their own in 2017.

The Just Cause multiplayer mods are a special kind of chaos, especially on busy servers. One Rico can cause a lot of trouble, but throw dozens or hundreds together and it can be a non-stop explode-o-rama with cars, jets, and parachutes all over. But they’re also full of races, antics, and plain ol’ banter.

Part of me hopes that Foote might yet semi-officially work on a multiplayer mod, or at least that the game will leave technical room for someone else to mod it up. Fingers crossed.

Just Cause 4 is due out on December 4th via Steam, priced at £45/€60/$60.

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  1. lrbaumard says:

    This seems like a terrible terrible idea

    • airmikee99 says:

      IF you’re expecting a game franchise that’s never had official multiplayer to finally add multiplayer, sure, it’s a terrible idea.

      If you’re expecting a game franchise that’s never had official multiplayer to ignore multiplayer and not waste resources on adding it then it’s not such a terrible idea.

  2. peterako1989 says:

    And nothing of value was lost.

  3. ScottTFrazer says:

    Multiplayer Just Cause that has been tacked on after-the-fact strikes me as the right path here. Trying to include it in the main game would mean having to tailor at least some aspect of the game to support it.

    • Kollega says:

      Agreed. I think if Avalanche sold “Just Cause Online” separately, and basically made it an explosive playground where you can mess around with physics, do procedural missions, and fight for territory control… it would sell like hotcakes.

      However, it’s a bit of a bummer that Just Cause probably won’t get any sort of co-op anytime soon. I really wish I could play this series in co-op with a friend or two, and see what kind of mayhem we can devise.

      • brucethemoose says:

        Yeah. I’d buy a official “mess around with other players” DLC in a heartbeat.

        I get that the main game has to have some kind of coherent plot and objective, for the same reason Sharknado 6 needs one. But Just Cause is easily silly enough for a balls-to-the-walls mad DLC like that.

  4. ZenArcade says:

    As much as I’m sure the game will be fine without it, it seems like a huge lost opportunity for Avalanche. GTA Online has been an absolutely monster success and the fans insistence on bolting on MP to every Just Cause game shows there’s a clear market for it.

    Still, I’m sure it’ll make a shed load of cash without it.

  5. Zaxwerks says:

    No multiplayer?! How refreshing! Thank (insert name of your preferred imaginary friend here)!

    Well done Avalanche, and Squenix for not forcing them to do it! This will be an insta-buy for me.

  6. comic knight says:

    Of course they will not,why would they waste money making multiplayer when the community will do that for them?

  7. nifft.batuff says:

    I don’t know this series, but if it has no multiplayer, it should be good.

  8. Chaz says:

    Wow, the willpower they must have had to resist releasing a Battle Royal mode. They have my respect.

  9. Fryman83 says:

    Did anyone else try and play Just Cause 3 on console? Damn near unplayable on Xbox One with framerate drops anytime anything fun happened on screen. I like this series, but 3 really dropped my enthusiasm for it…

    • svge says:

      Yeah I played it on ps4, the framerate was atrocious and it doesn’t just skip frames; everything slows down to render them making it an awful experience. I thought the whole point of consoles was the fixed hardware made it possible to optimise performance. How they felt ok releasing the game in that state for consoles is beyond me but I returned it and got my money back.

    • airmikee99 says:

      The problem isn’t so much the game, but the weak hardware you’re playing the game on.

  10. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    Was JC3 any good? It completely passed me by.

    I quite enjoyed JC2 once I got past the first few annoying missions.The japanese island was a delight.

    • Plake says:

      The wingsuit gave the series some fresh air imo! Without it the game would’ve simply been JC2.5 and by the time 3 was released, i was done with it… Can’t wait to see what they add this time, but I’m glad they don’t waste time and resources with adding MP!

    • jakinbandw says:

      Gameplay wise it was far superior to 2. Unlocking upgrades by doing challenges with the thing you wanted to upgrade was neat, and I actually beat it unlike just cause 2. It also had some some dlc weapons that came with actual stories around them that were just nuts.

      That said the world wasn’t as good. Everything was kinda samey, I don’t remember any cool unique areas like the ski Lodge from 2. The dlc areas were really good, but other than that? I was really disappointed with the world design. At the end of the day though, I can still boot up JC3 for fun, but JC2 now feels too sluggish and slow to enjoy.

  11. Megatron says:

    My one ask, Avalanche: don’t tie upgrades into those stupid fucking trials. I don’t buy these games to spend half of the game time-trial-ing myself through flashing AR rings.

    • jakinbandw says:

      I enjoyed it more that having to spend hours trying to find crates scattered around the map in stupid places. I maxed out my wingsuit and going through the rings taught me a lot about the best ways to fly it. One of my favourite parts of the game.

  12. mwoody says:

    I picture Avalanche sitting around, despondent, having made the decision to focus on single player but being unable to make themselves announce that when they fear it’s what the player base is expecting.

    Then, an intern comes running in with a printout of reddit: GUYS! FALLOUT 76 IS ALL MULTIPLAYER, AND THEY HATE IT! ANNOUNCE IT NOW GO GO GO”

  13. Moragami says:

    Nice, just got 25% off my pre-order too. Love this series…

  14. Pinga says:

    Does that mean that unlike JC3 I won’t have to waste 30 seconds every time I open the game trying to login before playing single player?
    That would be good news.

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