Strange Brigade dev playthrough shows off spooky puzzles

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There were perhaps too many games at E3 2018 for any one person to have caught them all. That’s why we’re still trying to cover videos and reveals a week later. I accidentally typed “a year later” because that’s how it feels. I’m fine; we’re all fine here. One of the sleeper hits of the show on my end was Strange Brigade. I always super-dig what Rebellion puts out, but I wasn’t feeling this one before E3. Then I got to see a supernatural co-op shooter with puzzles and third-person combat in gigantic levels. Now I’m intrigued. And there’s a little bit of a Clive Barker’s Jericho vibe I’m getting here, which is equally exciting.

Here’s a look at the six minute developer playthough which includes discussion over how many different ways you can play this title, and the powers that exploration will reward you for:

As Dominic said of his hands-on at Rezzed:

I got to play a brief chunk of Strange Brigade at Rezzed previously, and while I didn’t have the chance to play the whole demo due to needing to catch the literal last train home, I did enjoy my brief time with it. It feels like a logical expansion of the formula Rebellion started with their Zombie Army Trilogy games (themselves a spinoff from Sniper Elite 3), with its familiar mix of slow moving swarms of undead punctuated with faster or more powerful enemies with more supernatural attacks.

Who wants to play with me when this comes out?

If you’re looking to hire the Strange Brigade, maybe you can find them on Steam and Humble. They don’t work cheap, though, with the regular edition of the game priced at £40/$50, and a fancy edition with extra guns and a season pass will set you back £65/$80. They’re also not available for work until August 28th.

Here’s the co-op trailer:


  1. WJonathan says:

    If nothing else, it’s a great presentation. Seems more Tomb Raider in spirit than the actual current Tomb Raider games.

  2. racccoon says:

    I love it..The Straange Bridgade! ! Its as sweet as biscuits. PC for mEEEeee :)

  3. Wauffles says:

    65 quid for the full game? Fuck offfffffff

  4. Quickly says:

    Puzzles and horde shooting gameplay looks similar to the Lara Croft isometric series of games, but with a regular third-person camera and less comparatively arcadey gunplay (just judging from some of the video).

    The literal pointers on screen of what to do though in Strange Brigade would reduce any actual ‘solving’ to just clicking/shooting where prompted, which seems rather simplistic.

  5. TheBeret says:

    I love everything about the look of this game except that it’s supernatural enemies. That’s a deal breaker, I’m afraid. Biggles and Indiana Jones never needed that crap, so to see it here is a big missed opportunity as far as I can see.

  6. fenriz says:

    so despite the fact that this game’s gameplay is a carbon copy of past games, and since its origin a very bad and boring genre too, the success and hype are based on vague ww1 exotic archeology atmosphere and general british accent charm?

    and you all fall for it.

    god i hate today’s videogaming so much.

  7. zaphod42 says:

    I read your description of a co-op puzzle tomb raider and got excited.

    Except watching the video… its just another nazi zombies. Meh.

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