Fallout 76 sleuths have made a map of post-apocalyptic West Virginia


Over on Reddit, prospective vault dwellers have been diligently constructing a map for Fallout 76. It pays to be prepared for the apocalypse. Despite the fact that the Fallout spin-off was only announced just before E3, the user-created map is already in its sixth iteration. It’s all speculation at the moment, but thanks to West Virginians chiming in, it might also end up being pretty close to Bethesda’s version.

So the map’s creators aren’t going in blind. The Making of Fallout 76 documentary from Noclip gives us a brief glimpse at a portion of the map, accompanied by developers talking about landmarks, concept art and in-game footage that all build up a very vague idea of what the map will look like. They’re using that, along with trailers and local knowledge, to create a pretty convincing post-apocalyptic West Virginia.

Read the comments and you’ll see in-depth discussions about water towers, ferris wheels and West Virginia University almost certainly becoming Vault Tech University. At some points it just devolves into a history lesson about the state, which is just as interesting.

As detailed as the fan map is becoming, Bethesda is obviously going to be taking a lot of liberties to cram the whole state into the game. Let’s not forget about that whole nuclear war that we can probably assume changed a few things, too, even if the bombs didn’t drop directly on West Virginia.

We’ll find out exactly how close the map is when the game launched on November 14. In the meantime, here’s everything we know about Fallout 76.

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  1. Woland77 says:

    If this game doesn’t go up into the panhandle (Wheeling, East Liverpool) I’ll be disappointed. Also, some precursor to The Pit would be a nice reference (Pittsburgh is *right there*). There’s a real-world Hazardous Waste Incinerator in East Liverpool that would be a fine setting for something (although it’s technically in Ohio).

    • Premium User Badge

      Drib says:

      Isn’t it like a century before anything in the Pitt happens? More than that?

      • Woland77 says:

        Yeah, it’s definitely hundreds of years before the DLC, but the city had to become “that” before the game started. It would be interested to get some sense of how that happened, even if it’s just something like chasing a group of slavers off to the north.

  2. Michael Fogg says:

    There’s clearly quality worldbuilding going on there, shame it’s going to be used for this online-only spin-off title.

    • NailBombed says:

      Wait for someone to try and tackle FO’76 into a single-player mod. It’ll probably happen. At least I hope so – not at all enamoured with online-only survival Fallout malarkey.

      I don’t play Fallout to be ganked constantly by Sn4rkyMcD0rkfac3 / 4ltR1ght@aNdWh1t3-BiTchez. I play Fallout to wander the wasteland on my lonesome and bring justice/vengeance to the land with my Wazer Wifle!

      • Iamblichos says:

        All of this. I’ll be giving it a miss despite being a massive FO3/4 fan until they have some form of single player enabled. Bethesda just doesn’t want my money.

        • Nauallis says:

          I think they’ve – in this case Todd Howard – made it pretty clear (in public, at E3, during the reveal) that they intend to keep single-player as a primary gameplay mode. While it’s probably prudent to take that with a grain of salt, the previous Fallout games have been single-player only, so I don’t see why they would just totally dump what obviously works and is massively popular. I’ve never seen Bethesda pull a bait-and-switch like that.

          My concern is whether or not the multiplayer will include friend-only or invite-only filtering. I would assume it will, but modern games have left out obvious features before…

          • Zenicetus says:

            I would take that statement with a big truck-load of salt. It’s been confirmed that there will be no NPC’s in the game, only other players. So if you opt to be alone and block out the multiplayer element (assuming that’s possible), then who are you going to interact with, in “traditional” Fallout fashion?

            I guess you’ll have kill this, fetch that quests from the disembodied Vault overseer, but that just turns the game into a monster shooting gallery and walking simulator. Without NPC interactions, quests, and story line, it sure won’t be much of a singleplayer Fallout game. Not for me anyway.

          • Nauallis says:

            Yeah, fair point. I was hoping that the “no NPCs” comment was bluster and hyperbole – that at least there would be survivor settlements and shops (possibly even followers), but I suppose it’s not realistic of me to take one comment at face value and not the others…

            I’ve essentially been imagining multiplayer, relatively unrestricted, larger Fallout 4, which sounds awesome.

            If you’re right though, yikes. That’s got all sorts of awful implications.

  3. Bing_oh says:

    Well, I’d be shocked if they didn’t include the Greenbrier…it’s perhaps the most famous secret underground government installation in the US (besides maybe Cheyenne Mountain/NORAD).

    • Woland77 says:

      It is in the video reveal I saw, at the end where the robot is walking around. My guess is that’s where Vault 76 is. It makes sense that it would be a stand-in for the Greenbriar vault.

  4. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Country roads… ♫

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