Here’s how Rocket League’s Rocket Pass will work

rocket pass

Last month, Psyonix detailed some of its summer plans, including a rather beefy feature update expected to hit Rocket League in July or August. It’s got progression in its crosshairs, and as well as changing levelling and XP, there’s a whole new system designed to dole out rewards as you level up, keeping you in an infinite loop of leaping cars and explosive goals. Yesterday, the developer broke down exactly how the ‘Rocket Pass’ is going to work.

It’s a time-limited progression system, with each pass coming with unique rewards that unlock as you level up. Whenever you level up, you’ll earn a pass tier, and the more of them you earn, the more rewards you’ll get your hands on. Several passes a year are planned, “with an emphasis on new, unique content for each pass.”

Psyonix reckons that it will take around 100 hours to complete every tier in a pass, though that could change if there’s a bonus XP event. Think of the other things you could do in 100 hours. You could make thousands of cups of tea, or you could get through 1% of a Marvel Netflix series. The estimate also doesn’t include pro tiers, which are a premium thing. Yes, more microtransactions!

You can upgrade to a premium pass for $10, netting you some XP boosts to let help you get through the tiers faster. Premium pass rewards include customisation items, car bodies, keys and assorted premium tat. You’ll also get access to the aforementioned pro tiers, each of which will reward you with a random painted or certified version of a premium item you’ve already unlocked.

At the moment, it looks like the system is going to be a little aimless, just running away in the background while you level up. It won’t have any challenges associated with it, but Psyonix is open to making it more goal-orientated.

We are being careful about introducing “challenges” as we don’t want to disrupt the competitive balance of Rocket League by encouraging users to hunt down specific stats like Saves or Assists. That said, we are considering safe ways to give players specific goals for future Passes, like playing matches in specific game modes, or achieving shared team objectives.

Rocket Pass will arrive late this summer.


  1. mitrovarr says:

    Wow, I wish I played rocket league, so I could quit it in disgust.

  2. Dogahn says:

    I just got rocket league and this changes nothing for me. Do I need it to keep playing rando arcade style, no. Does it limit my ability to play, no. Do I get free things for playing more, yes.

    I’ll take this over more loot boxes every time.

  3. SaintAn says:

    I love this system with the checklist of things to do, but it shouldn’t be a paid system in games that you have to buy, especially if they already have microtransactions. FFXI got this system like 5 years ago and I absolutely loved it. But adding a subscription to a non-MMO game that costs money is disgusting. I was about to buy this on the Switch so I’m glad I saw this article.

  4. jdeuel says:

    I am very much anti microtransaction, but if people wanna spend their money on cosmetic things that do nothing for them then by all means let them. I’ve played this game for well over 800 hours and my car is a simple stock red / blue Octane, default boost, default trails, default name plate. Turns out having a schiwtz new boost doesn’t make you any better at the game.

    • Beef Diesel says:

      Sounds like you’re a plain octane badass. Why would you not customize your car? answer: for the edge.

      I do not get edgelords making a conscious decision to use a plain car.

  5. eljueta says:

    It’s so non-intrusive I didn’t even notice it was there. While I recognize the dangers of these systems, especially for kids – because hey, hats! – They don’t change the game for me. There should be a way to lock them off from kids though.

  6. SomeDuderr says:

    While I don’t blame companies wanting more money, there’s something… disgusting about how blatant they are about it.

    These subscriptions are fast replacing lootboxes. Wonder what the next trend will be – classic “expansions”, like we had to buy in them good ol’ days?

  7. ludde says:

    Ugh, this sounds like garbage. The micro transactions are already slightly irritating, but this is approaching freemium levels.

  8. Basil says:

    This game came out in 2015 – why give them hate for funding continuous development with cosmetic only options?

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