Watch 5 minutes of the gory Resident Evil 2 remake

Resident Evil 2

Do you want to see more of Resident Evil 2’s floppy-haired Leon as he runs away from zombies? Of course you do. After a few years of waiting, Capcom’s gory remake finally made the rounds at E3 this year, and gosh does it look flashy. This isn’t a 20-year-old game with a fresh coat of paint, but rather a proper remake. Point your eyes at the new trailer, below.

That Leon sure does like to watch people get sliced in half. And who keeps sharpening the bottom of these gates?

Anyway! It looks rather flashy, doesn’t it? Grisly too, of course. And here’s what the Raccoon City Police Station looked like in 1998:


Quite the improvement! Despite the visual transformation, Capcom says it won’t be changing too much, though thankfully the tank controls are gone, replaced by modern third-person shooter controls. That won’t please everyone, but they’re wrong.

Last week, Capcom announced that we’d be able to return to the zombie-infested streets of Raccoon City on January 25, 2019.


  1. HiroTheProtagonist says:

    While it looks gorgeous and much more playable, I can’t shake the feeling that this will get dogpiled by the old fans for removing the fixed camera and adopting a more RE5 style of gameplay. REmake 1 was a fairly big hit mostly because it preserved the old gameplay while simply touching up the paint (and providing alternate controls), it’ll be interesting to see the reception on REmake 2 for taking this direction.

    • Jokerme says:

      It’s not anything like RE5, not even RE4. This remake does feel a lot like it should according to what I’ve seen and heard from many RE fans who played it.

      Fixed camera angles are nice and all but it’s not exactly rocket science to make something that feels a lot better using improved camera angles like behind the shoulder.

      So far RE2 looks and feels like an amazing remake. Everything that made original trilogy good are there and then some, but you can’t satisfy everyone. Some will cry about the camera, but who cares really if the game is good.

      • Jalan says:

        That combat (not just the over-the-shoulder perspective) is pinging the RE4 radar pretty hard. While I haven’t played this demo personally and thus can’t say with absolute certainty that it is like RE4’s combat exactly, I’m content for now to go with what I can see and compare against what came before it.

        That said, with the combat aside (and the adoption of RE7’s item UI, by the look of it) – it does look like it’s something distinct enough that justifies the time taken to remake it and not just up-res backgrounds and call it a day.

        I’m not going to jump ahead and say the game’s amazing because I’ve not played it (in context of the remake, I should be clear) – I’ll say it looks quite fantastic and I hope it proves itself to be worth the wait though.

        Also, to the point being agonizingly beaten to death (not in this specific comment thread, but in general) about fixed camera angles – it worked (arguably) with the RE1 remake because almost all the spaces were designed to elicit a sense of confinement to the player and when they remade that game, they didn’t change them much (if at all) in terms of scope. In RE2, that did change (whether players want to acknowledge it or not) and it made the camera feel more like a hindrance than a way to heighten the experience one would get playing the game. The weird mindset that survival horror needs static camerawork to be effective just doesn’t hold weight anymore – when game designers started making environments larger, the camera needs to be accommodating otherwise it’s just something most would consider obnoxious at this point in gaming history.

      • Massenstein says:

        As an old fan of the series, I don’t miss the wonky camera or bad inventory management at all. What bothers me in the new one is the super-generic zombie design. Angry faces, stock growls, blah. :/ If they didn’t want to use the old style, they could have at least tried something completely new.

        So I’ll probably skip this one, unless there’s mod support.

        • Jokerme says:

          They look anything but generic to me. Do you want aliens?

          • Massenstein says:

            I’m nostalgia-ridden fart so I want the expressionless shamblers from the original games. The angry faces of basically all modern zombies make me think of zombiewalk parades.

  2. Synesthesia says:

    I’m giddy for this one. Can’t wait!

  3. DarkFenix says:

    RE2 was one of the defining games of my teenage years, and this remake looks incredible. I’m super hyped for it.

  4. SomeDuderr says:

    Looks a bit too dark to actually enjoy playing, but this may be either for cinematic purposes or, hopefully, an adjustable visual option.

    Either way, of all the RE games I’ve played, RE2 and RE4 are my favorites – 2 because of the setting (The mansion felt too limited), 4 because of the gameplay.

    So now they are combining the gameplay of the 4th with the setting of the 2nd. Wonder how it’ll work out.

  5. int says:

    Yes. Walking while shooting! Such a weird thing to be happy about.

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