What are we all playing this weekend?

Alice is on holiday, which means it falls to me to tell you what the endlessly expanding RPS team are playing this weekend. It still falls to you to tell everyone what you’re playing, however. Let’s get started, because it’s going to take me ages to sort out all the fiddly HTML for all these new people.

Alec: [Alec is fired. This is easy.]
Alice: [Alice is hopefully in a loch and will never be fired.]
Brendan: I’m hopping, skipping and jumping on zombie heads in Dying Light. Yes, I’m a bit behind, but seeing the sequel in action during E3 gave me reason to inspect the original. I like running away from scary things and getting into messy fights with angry men, then running away from them too.
Graham: We bought our kid a Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage, and so the only game I’m going to play this weekend will involve repeatedly rolling toy cars down its sweet circular ramps. In whatever time is left I’m going to continue making a game, because it’s only a few months before this thing is supposed to be playable.
John: [John is fired.]
Katharine: Having gulped down The Red Strings Club earlier this week, I’m now onto my second gaming birthday present: Ni No Kuni II. It really does look like a Studio Ghibli film in game form, but I do wish the opening hour was less ‘running through boring sewers bopping blobs of goop on the head with a sword’ and more ‘fantastical bath houses/talking pigs in planes/witches on broomsticks and belching steam-powered castles stomping all over the neighbourhood’. I know Ghibli aren’t involved in this one, but come on Level-5, show me the goods!
Matt: I’m hoping to round up a full gang of Monster Prom-ers, after (mostly) enjoying the absurdity of pseudo-competitive dating in a college full of hipster vampires, clueless werewolves and pscyopathic sky-princesses in its two player mode.

I’m also looking forward to exploring Plunkbat’s close-quarters jungle map, which ramboed out of the test servers yesterday.

Matthew: Katharine and I have been playing through David Cage’s Detroit. Well, I say play, it’s more like an occasional button press as androids open endless cupboard doors and cops say “you’ve gotta be shitting me!” and the like. We’ll probably finish that and move swiftly on. Then I’m back on Assassin’s Creed Origins which seems to be the biggest open world I’ve ever seen, but somehow still boils down to me pulling lots of guards into conveniently placed bushes.
Alice B: I’ve had an eye on Haimrik for a while, because it sort of looks like someone has tried to turn the works of Shakespeare into an action platformer. Who doesn’t want that? I’ve also been inspired by a brief conversation we had at work about Zeus: Master of Olympus. It’s a city builder by Sierra set in Ancient Greece, and I remembered that if you click on the fleece vendor in your fledgling city-state he says ‘If Euripides, Eumenides.’ Zeus is full of needlessly specific details like that, and I’m going to wallow in them.
Noa: Most of my weekend will be spent dissecting Dontnod’s Vampyr but I may also dedicate some time to Umihara Kawase, a 2015 port of the SNES classic. I simply must master the art of swinging around on a fish hook before I’m old and grey.
Dave: So that Steam sale, then? It could get quite expensive. I’ve already spent a small chunk on a game called Ghost of a Tale, which I had seen a while ago but never realised it came out. I’m also tempted to delve into Where the Water Tastes Like Wine since I liked what I saw at Gamescom last year.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. spacedyemeerkat says:

    Whew! I was starting to think we were going without this week!

    • ninjadeath says:

      I know, my weekend doesn’t really start until WAWAPTW. I was beginning to panic!

      • EmmaGriffin says:

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        • Premium User Badge

          buenaventura says:

          Am I the only one who loves these spam bots? Such absurd comic timing! If it lived on reddit, it would have a million upvotes.

  2. Caiman says:

    Mainly Overload which is fantastic and intense. Winding down with Prey, which I picked up again recently so I can finish the campaign and get onto the interesting-looking DLC.

  3. Morcane says:

    Still Prey: Mooncrash, and trying to not buy anything in the Steam sale. Hardcore.

    • bacon seeker says:

      Just finished it, while I normally hate time limits and escalating difficulty, it was quite fun once I got the blueprint for the hourglass item. Terrible ending IMO, though, which I guess is Prey tradition.

  4. Zenicetus says:

    Diving back into some Battletech after the new patch added a bunch of QoL and balance changes.

    I should spend some more time seeing if there’s anything on the Steam sale I should pick up. Unfortunately, most of what I’m interested in is too recent and either not discounted much, or not discounted at all. Like the TW Warhammer 2 DLCs.

    • Blowfeld81 says:

      Came back to Battletech, too. They finally implemented proper 21:9 support, so that’s a bonus.

      Will try to climb the ladder a litte in Prismata. Since that article on RPS about that game I am quite addicted. The mixture between resource management and card strategy game is so addicting.

      Was hyped for steam sale. Then I deleted 20 titles off my wishlist, as I just do not see myself ever invest time in those (with 50-60 working hours you start spending your game time very efficiently and deliberatly);

      Then I looked at the remaining 50 titles. 15 got a discount that did not give me any incentive to buy. Second sale in a row where I end up buying nothing.

      Wanted to play some Hunt: Showdown, but it is just no fun if none of your friends play that game, too…

  5. Ben King says:

    Graham’s Hotwheels game sounds like the winner this week. I already blew a good bit of money on Paratopic and The Signal from Tolva before the Steam Sale so i may just hold off… but 20%off Into the Breach??? Im enjoying the alternating pace of robot shootings and quiet walking in Tolva, but wish i didn’t have to sit in the menu system to read the lore. Someone get in touch with Big Robot and explain they need to just put the lore in the binoculars scan tool, not the pause menu. The in-fiction reasoning for the re-spawn mechanics is also really appealing to me. Finally I’m STILL working on getting the minimum 7 lasers for The Witness. The Marshland remains an inscrutable wall of endless trial & error with many panels locked away behind one very simple grid… the quarry likewise. it’s been nearly a month of no progress for my dumb person brain and i’m fairly well ready to just look up a rules guide for those systems.

  6. Ejia says:

    Distant Worlds Universe. The UI looks 20 years old, but that’s fine since I like right click context menus.

    It seems to be playing itself, though. I normally like to micromanage everything in a 4X, which leads to a lot of fatigue later on when I’ve expanded a lot. I never seem to find the right balance of micromanagement and automation, and as Distant Worlds starts out with everything running on auto I don’t know yet which bits to turn off so I can do them manually and which ones to leave on so I don’t have to bother with them.

    Also, I’m not really that fond of real-time 4X like Star Ruler and… that one with the Space Bears, I can’t quite remember the name, but it had a nice ship design system.

    Also Also, Katharine, please consider changing your name to Alice. Hey, maybe everyone should!

    • pookie191 says:

      Distant Worlds is the first 4X I have played where it actually feel like you are managing a galactic empire

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      I like you, so I’m going to do for you what, years ago, someone did for me, and share this –
      link to matrixgames.com

      (Assuming the RPS comment box will let me? I guess we’ll find out)

      The very best advice I ever got for playing Distant Worlds was “turn off ALL the automation”. I was wary at first, but eventually I jumped in and it helped a lot. That guide is a great introduction to doing so, and you’ll gradually learn how to do everything you need to get started. Granted I didn’t always get along with the guide’s tone, but it was well worth it.

      Once you’ve played with everything on manual and you know which bits of the game you enjoy and which you want to delegate, it is MUCH easier to find the balance of automation you’re looking for. That was my experience, anyway.

      I’d implore you to persevere, I still find Distant Worlds to be one of the best Space 4Xs, and certainly the one that most feels like you’re running a living, functional empire.

      • Calculon says:

        Yep – but you can’t fix the broken AI – otherwise I would agree – DW:U is probably the best 4x out there.

        B/c the AI is so bad – I just can’t play it :(

    • Katharine Castle says:

      I shall henceforth be known as Kalice…

  7. R. Totale says:

    I’m playing Dragon Age: Origins, which I’m mostly enjoying, but I’ve never wanted a game to have a “skip combat” option more. Also I picked up Celeste and Stephen’s Sausage Roll in the Steam sale so I should make a start on those.

    • pookie191 says:

      Once you figure out the NPC tactics and set them up properly it takes a lot of hassle out of the game

    • NailBombed says:

      Oddly enough I started playing some Dragon Age of the II variety today. Maybe today is Dragon Age day and nobody told me.

    • jezcentral says:

      DAO was my first Bioware game. I started on Normal, and got to a sticking point where a spike in combat difficulty (being ambushed by bandits in the back alleys of Denerim) meant I switched to Easy. Ever since then I played every Bioware game on Easy. One of the best gaming decisions I ever made.

  8. Kitsunin says:

    PC version of Through The Ages. I’ve heard it’s a good board game, but gosh. For my money, it does Civilization far better than Civilization. I mean, it’s much lighter on content and detail, but even heavier on tight strategic gameplay. The way it handles military is the most interesting part, I’d say.

    • Kohlrabi says:

      The great thing about TtA is that it forces you to make interesting and non-reversible decisions. You cannot be master of everything. Civ on the other hand allows you to get every tech and go down every path, so there is not much interesting stuff to decide, only optimizing some numbers, and lots of busywork.

    • napoleonic says:

      Its designer, Vlaada Chvatil, is easily the best board game designer in the world at the moment. You should check out his other games.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Actually he’s already one of my gaming group’s favorite designers; we regularly play Dungeon Lords. I didn’t realize he is the designer of TTA until the tutorial though!

    • eddparsons says:

      Thanks for the recommendation, just picked Through the Ages up and it’s seems great

  9. icarussc says:

    Hitman. I’ve been waiting for the Steam Sale for a month, ever since I got a working video card and finally played that free Sapienza demo they out out. I never realized that this is just a very clever and flavorful puzzle game. I expect to spend much of Saturday blowing through Paris, probably when I ought yo be filling out reports instead …

  10. pookie191 says:

    Adding more to my 3300 hours in Fallout 4 and demolishing parks in Jurassic world evolution and rebuilding them from scratch again

  11. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Okay, help me out, crew: what is in/on Alice B’s ice cream?

  12. Imbecile says:

    I’m also playing no no kuni 2 and am kinda disappointed so far. The dialogue is cheesy, and the enemies and combat are forgettable and fairly trivial.

    It looks lovely, but when the best bit is the harvest moon lite that’s bolted on to the RPG you know it’s far from perfect.

    Also rocket league, which is perfect.

  13. Iamblichos says:

    I’ve gone back to Dying Light, trying to finish it ahead of DL2 coming out. I made it to the scene in the middle where the big fight happens (no spoiler), and the way it was set up irritated me so much in terms of game design I left and never came back. I have provisionally reconsidered… but dang, is this game grimdark. Worst of human nature perennially on display. I feel like I need to Clorox the house after playing for a bit.

    • Minglefingler says:

      I tried Dying Light again during the week and quickly remembered why I’d given up on it the first time. Mission design that wants you to go to an area at night but makes you traverse half the city when it’s dark, instead of allowing you to wait in the safehouse that’s right beside the place you need to get to. Zombies spawning behind me on a tiny roof as I’m killing the one zombie that was there when I made my approach. It’s a shame really, there’s a lot of good stuff in the game but for me there’s too much else that stops me from enjoying it. Hopefully you’ll have more patience with it than me!

      • Iamblichos says:

        Yeah they are very proud of their day/night dynamic for sure. I have found on this playthrough that the devs have resolved some of my issues from the first time through, but you’re right, parts of it are very frustrating indeed – the ridiculous respawn rate being high on the list. I’ve had zombies spawn in the shed and fall out on me as I’m killing the first ones that fell out of the same shed!
        It’s nuts. I’m trying, but who knows how it will go :D

  14. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    It has already in part involved Rummaging through my Steam wishlist during the sale and seeing which games are available on itch.io or GOG (and buying a few) because it pleases me to give the little guys some love, as well as to be an infinitesimal pain in the marketing neck. Not sure if I’ll have time for it this weekend, but The Signal From Tölva is now a distinct possibility thanks to said rummaging.

    • MondSemmel says:

      If you like to compare sales by various services, I recommend importing your Steam wishlist to isthereanydeal.com. You can optionally set prices and discounts at which you want to be notified per mail, or directly check the list once in a while, seeing the current prices in all stores at once.

      And IIRC you can specifically set which stores you’re interested in buying from. For instance, the site helped me discover that Hadean Lands was currently discounted to 50% on itch.io (to 6$ + VAT, though see below), i.e. even cheaper than it’s ever been on Steam.

      (Separate tip for itch.io: Using a VPN with a non-EU location removes the annoying popup with “if you’re ordering the game from an EU location, you have to pay VAT”… no comment on whether I actually endorse this advice.)

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        I tend to favor the “pay what you want” type schemes like itch has (I occasionally think a game is worth more to me than the dev is charging) over hunting down best prices, but that sounds like a great resource regardless. Thanks!

  15. JimTheReader says:

    Arx Fatalis, the first game by Arkane Studios. It’s a bit mazelike and appropriately dark for a game set underground. I haven’t got very far into it and had to consult with a walkthrough when I reach the part with gem trader.

    It’s very linear so far. I expect there would be some good-evil choices to be made later if it’s anything like Dark Messiah or Dishonored.

    I maybe cave in and finally buy Life is Strange this steam sale.

    • ToomuchFluffy says:

      I’ve also just started playing it a few days ago and I’m admittedly also having some trouble with its puzzles and I’ve only invested a few hours so far. How did you get the gem dealer-papers signed in the end? It was a bit cofusing for me, since I had woken up the guard captain – who was supposed to sign the papers – earlier and when I got back down there he was still waiting for me and I had to kill him. It was nice to see that there was a mostly hassle-free alternative. Well, mostly, since I invested nothing in Strength, didn’t yet have a bow and haven’t yet invested enough in Stealth, so I was basically terrible at everything ;-)

  16. ajaxthemad says:

    I registered at RPS after many years just to express my appreciation for New-Alice’s sharing the Euripedes/Eumenides joke. It took a few passes, but it was worth it.

    For this weekend, I’ll be enjoying more Portal Knights with my 5-year old son if he manages to go the day without accruing further “consequences” related to poor bladder management. It’s technically a bit of a mess, but an asthetically pleasing 3D sandbox that is a nice escape from more samey Lego franchise games (and lacks the control challenges of Minecraft Java edition in survival mode.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      This is the first time I’ve heard that Euripedes/Eumenides joke, and, other than already being signed up here, I enjoyed it in similar fashion. :)

  17. Lars Westergren says:

    3 day weekend due to Midsummer in Sweden yesterday.

    I fired up Assassin’s Creed: Origins, I just wanted to see that beautiful scenery again, do a quest or two, see if the DLC was any good. I suddenly realized I had a headache, 4 hours had passed, and that I had yet again been caught in the “lets maximize player engagement” eternal skinner box reward loop of the Ubisoft open world game (a little xp here, Sanu perception increased, a new quest, an achievement so close, a new area or a scap of lore to discover). So I uninstalled it.

    I’m playing Cultist Simulator a lot, and I’m loving it to bits. Ok, it also have that addictive loop of the game I just complained about, or a say, clicker game, but I know there is an ending to find in there somewhere if I’m clever enough. And that for me is one of the key differences between a single player game, and a MMO in disguise.

    Also Prey: Mooncrash. Arkane is no longer one of my favourite studios. They *are* my favorite studio. There were so many clever mechanics and levels in the first game, but I only had enough time to play it through one or two times. Here you get to play a smaller level over and over again, and creativity and player skill is really rewarded.

    I’m also doing a Coursera program in game development with Unity and C# which eats up a lot of spare time. But I’m 65% or so through it. The last 20% is a capstone project, do your own game from scratch. There is so much I want to try, but I need to keep my ambition down here I feel.

    • Morcane says:

      Which course are you doing on Coursera and how do you like that one? There’s a few, I might be interested in following one as well.

      • Lars Westergren says:

        It’s “C# Programming for Unity Game Development” by University of Colorado. It’s a very basic program, but it will definitely allow you to do some simple Unity games. You make clones of Asteroids and Breakout from scratch in the first two courses.

        They claim the first two courses are for people who are new at programming. But if you are completely new to it, I suspect it would be very overwhelming with all the new concepts to learn at the same time. I would recommend a year of programming knowledge first, ideally C# or Java. The difficulty level of course 3 and 4 ramp up considerably.

        I can see that those new to programming are struggling in the forums. The lecturer rarely has time to explain *why* you should use something, he just says “You should always use Properties” or “You should use Events and an event manager”. Which makes sense if you have programmed for a while, but I suspect if you are new it just looks obfuscated and convoluted.

        I took the program mostly for fun, and I enjoyed it. I think if I put another 6 months into learning Unity and working on a prototype I could end up with a “real” game. But if I really wanted to make a career of it there looks like there are much more advanced courses and programs. But then I suspect you would need to dedicate 40+ hours a week to them instead of the ~10 for this one (more if you are a new/inexperienced programmer).

  18. Umberto Bongo says:

    Picked up Synthetik for £7. Shame it’s not been covered beforr on here, it’s a great little roguelike but in the vein of the Crusader games. Tough as nails, too.

  19. josemesa says:

    Recently got into Mount and Blade Warband for the first time. Played through Native and am now doing my first Viking Conquest play through, the added mechanics/expanded world is definitely a welcome change.

    Just picked up this older title on GOG, Patrician 3. It’s not something that usually catches my eye but it did. Came out back in 2003 but does anyone else have any fond memories playing it before I dive in?

  20. crankypants says:

    I think Dave will be interesting to follow at RPS, based on what he just wrote.

  21. Boardwalker says:

    More Star Traders: Frontiers.

    Can’t get enough of this turn-based, space adventure sandbox.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Star Traders is tied for my most pleasant gaming surprise this year, and I doubt that will change. Very grateful to RPS (I think it was Sin, specifically? Probably) for pointing it out to me. I’ve never found anything that does the whole freelance space captain thing how it does, and I ADORE it.

      Plus, their update schedule and commitment to never breaking save compatibility is frankly mind-boggling.

      • Boardwalker says:

        Yeah their development cadence is the best I’ve seen. Just this week they updated the game 3 times with fairly significant changes/ improvements. Looking forward to seeing this game grow even more by its official release.

  22. Minglefingler says:

    Battletech, just picked it up in the Steam sale and I’m enjoying it so far but I’m a bit nonplussed by the lack of a quicksave. I’ve read that F10 is the quicksave button but it’s yet to work for me. I played through Event(0) yesterday and really liked it, I’d certainly be interested in seeing the concept used in a longer game. Oh and I’ll be reading some more of Memories of Ice as my reading list seems to consist solely of Malazan these days.

    • josemesa says:

      Ah! A fellow Malazan reader. First read-through? Thoughts?

      • Minglefingler says:

        Yeah, first time for me. They’re really good books,if a bit bewildering to begin with. I’m not sure whether I really like them or love them yet. I mean, I still have no idea what Oponn or Shadowthrone were up to in Gardens, that stuff with Iskaral Pust’s servant in Deadhouse Gates seemed wildly coincidental and I’m not sure if there’s been a retcon regarding Dujek.
        That said, I bought Deadhouse as soon as I finished Gardens and Memories of Ice was purchased around five minutes after getting through Deadhouse. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the Chain of Dogs and Coltaine is a character that made a huge impression despite his relatively few appearances on the page. I could go on for ages here (which tells me something) so I’ll end by saying that Anomander Rake turned out to be a far more interesting character than I first assumed and was one of the highlights of Gardens for me.

        • malkav11 says:

          It’s a big ask, but if you go through and reread after finishing the series the first time, a lot of stuff will jump out at you that didn’t mean anything to you previously.

          • Minglefingler says:

            There’s a chance of that happening some day, a slim one mind you.

          • Evan_ says:

            When lazy to re-read there are always audiobooks.

        • kud13 says:

          GotM was written a while before all other books and it has a few glaring inconsistencies with the rest of the series (referred by the fans as GotMisms).

          In terms of Opponn, it’s kinda simple (and non-spoilery): Oponn is the embodiment of randomness, so they just create chaos and influence luck (either towards good or bad).

          They don’t really have an agenda. They’re just doing stuff for the lulz.

          • Minglefingler says:

            Ah, cheers, that makes sense. No wonder Rake doesn’t like them.

  23. Darth Gangrel says:

    Since I’m on vacation, I’ve been going through all my demo DVD discs from Swedish PC Gamer, which are from 2005-2009 and now I only have 7 demos left to play: Cry of the Infected, Kung Fu Panda, Penny Arcade Episode 1, DMC 4, Dracula Origin, F.E.A.R. 2 and Hellgate London.

    Going through them I noticed several that I’d never heard of and that probably no else remembers, but since they’re only demos I’m more open minded/tolerant than I usually am.

    About a third of the demos I downloaded wouldn’t start, because of technical reasons (Call of Juarez didn’t start, because the license had expired), so it was easier to get through all of them than it sounds.

  24. theworm says:

    I’ll still be working my way through Prey but I bought Subnautica in the Steam sale even though I’m not that really into survival games – bought it because it looked gorgeous and interesting, and so far it is!

  25. Ghostwise says:

    Tried to play some Project Zomboid to get a sense of what it’s like, then realised I didn’t actually have time to play today.


  26. kiank37 says:

    In less than 24 hours I will be going to Israel to start my month long vacation so I’m having to say bye to my PS4 and PC. That being said, I was able to finish Far Cry 5 which had one of the worst endings ever. And I got stuck on Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon DLC and I think I’ll just watch the playthroughs of the rest of the DLC’s for that game. On the PC I was able to get through chapter one of Life is Strange and most of chapter two and I must say that I love that game a lot. I cannot wait to play it when I get back. I was also able to finish Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle even though the final boss battle was super tough. I love the feeling you get when you complete a ton of games. I wasn’t able to completely starve myself from video games this trip so I’m taking my Switch, DS I, and 3DS. On the plane I will be playing Stardew Valley, starting Mario Tennis Aces, Fire Emblem Warriors, and maybe a bit of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And of course, on my 3DS I’ll play a little Pokemon Ultra Sun. What a weekend.

  27. Kaeoschassis says:

    This weekend, courtesy of GOG, I will most likely be replaying a gem from my youth that I had long since conceded lost to me – Metal Fatigue, which just recently got re-released there. If you haven’t heard of it I don’t blame you, for whatever reason it was largely lost to obscurity, but for my money it’s a fantastic RTS that deserves way more love than it ever got.

    Would honestly love to see it get a little look-see on RPS, actually. It heeded the lessons of Total Annihilation better than pretty much any other RTS of its era, has some great quality-of-life stuff, and does some really unique and fun things, like seperating the battlefield into three map layers that are all running simultaneously, and of course, letting you build giant custom-made robots.

    Up there with Terra Nova – which got its second look not that very long ago – I feel it’s one of the games of its age that most deserves another chance, and I sincerely hope this re-release will give it just that.

    • fuggles says:

      Oh wow, missed that! Love metal fatigue, especially as they called one faction rim-tech (snigger).

      The tri-level thing never really worked, too mad. The mech combat and animations are superb and it really deserves a sequel or remake.

  28. DanMan says:

    Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

    I read that as Hot Wheels Ultimate Garbage at first.

  29. kud13 says:

    On the one hand: football. Both watching the World Cup, and playing for my rec league team.

    On the other: I’m coming to the end of the Zerg campaign in the original (un-remastered) Brood War. Killed the Overland yesterday, and only 3 missions to go.

    Then I’ll probably move on to a re-play of Alpha Protocol, before starting Vampyr

  30. caff says:

    Good to see more faces in the WAWAPTWAPWAWPTPAW line up!

    I was really disappointed with Vampyr, so I’ve given up with it. I found it tedious and the characters boring, and it just didn’t feel like London to me.

    I’ve picked up a couple of indie titles in the Steam sale – Beckett and Omen Exitio: Plague. Both were recommended here (the latter by Sin’s excellent Unknown Pleasures column) and I have high hopes.

    Plus I’ll carry on with Mafia 2 (I do recommend this if you have a 4K screen, it still looks great and runs so smoothly). And more Rocket League as I have a horrible addiction to that game.

  31. Seyda Neen says:

    I just bought Inside in the Steam sale, so I’ll be playing a bit more of that, OR I’ll completely ignore that for a playthrough of Morrowind I’ve just started. Doing a Dunmer near-pure mage, with sides of light armor and short blade.

    • dropbear81 says:

      Morrooblivion version or vanilla morrowind?

      • Seyda Neen says:

        Original Morrowind, but not strictly vanilla since I’ve got a few mods going. I didn’t think Morroblivion was ever completed.

        • brucethemoose says:

          It was.

          We got so many previews over such a long period that the release was generally overlooked, which is kinda interesting.

          • Premium User Badge

            particlese says:

            Ohhh, interesting indeed. Good to know it’s released, thanks!

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      My second Morrowind character was a hand-to-hand destruct-o-dunmer, and I seem to remember it being quite a lot of fun to play. Lots of nice robes to be had, and I still have a fondness for the way one learned and created spells in that game. Using them was fairly all right, too, of course.

      • Seyda Neen says:

        Morrowind’s robes are the BEST. Indeed, the spell crafting system is super flexible and makes the magic my favorite of any Elder Scrolls. It’s super OP of course, at least until you reach the expansions when every single enemy has either 100% reflect or 100% magic resistance. That’s what that short blade is for. Hand-to-hand isn’t a bad idea either, though. Might be a bit more fun than the generic “mage with a backup sword” build that I’m doing.

        • Grim Rainbow says:

          I wanna replay Morrowind. I never got around to the expansions but completed the main epic mission. My fav game. This time I just wanna play a merc not do the main mission but do odd jobs and do Blood moon expansion.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          I don’t remember how effective hand-to-hand was, even after leveling up, but it was awfully amusing to me at the time. :)

  32. geldonyetich says:

    I’ve restarted my Fallout 4 run for the third time in these recent days of play. It’s not been good for reaching that elusive endgame content, but what can I say? My characters get boring.

    I installed a mod to double my perk points gained with levels in this latest character. Hey, I’m playing on survival difficulty, so I earned it. But, more importantly, it lets me play with more fun perks I previously had to skip over due to vital necessity perk picks. I’ll reach the end of this slog yet, I just had to cheat a bit…

  33. username7 says:

    I’m playing the last case of Phoenix wright: trials and tribulations today, hopefully can finish that. :) I bought aviary attorney from the steam sale and have the fourth Phoenix wright game lined up, so … There is a lot of lawyering in my immediate future.

    … I am also going to try and maybe play more night in the woods. It’s … Sad. I got to act 2 and just couldn’t really continue. But I will probably get a bit of it played if I have any time.

  34. Herzog says:

    Getting more into duelling in Quake Champions. Hope the Tribolt will be nerfed in the next patch… very annoying weapon especially on Blood Run. Just finished my last placement match. Now in Gold Tier 2 – may the grind begin!

    Also more Vermintide 2. That game is just so much fun! Hope to finish Skittergate on Veteran.

    Last but not least I got Bayonetta in the Summer Sale. It is weird. Very weird.

  35. hijuisuis says:

    1.Only allowing myself games I haven’t yet finished in the steam sale.

    2. Never Alone – finished it in 2 days. Amazing as an experience of another culture, edu-videos were great, but oh gosh that platforming was not well executed by the end when it got a little challenging for me.

    3. KOTKR 1 – replay. Took me 4 hours to get it working, but oh wow it’s already awesome, imo the best representation of the feel of star wars in any game.

  36. SaintAn says:

    I’m playing a lot of Switch games.
    Mario + Rabbids.
    Darkest Dungeon.
    Golf Story (it reminds me of the old Nes game Paperboy)
    Pokemon Quest.

    I need to finish Vampyr. I have a habit of stopping games I like before I finish them to give me a reason to replay them again later.

    And a couple of Deep Space 9 episodes I watched recently make me want to play Rimworld, so I may return to that.

  37. juan_h says:

    Divinity: Original Sin. On the one hand, I am fascinated with this game. On the other, it is filled with innumerable little annoyances. I like the game a lot, or so I tell myself. I certainly can’t seem to stop playing it. But if I really tried to write about it I’m not sure that I could produce anything other than a long list of petty grievances.

  38. hfm says:

    When I’m not watching the world cup.. :( Sweden, I’m going to be making progress in Enderal.

    Enderal is SO.. DAMN… GOOD… I have to say I’m liking it a lot more than Skyrim’s campaign. Story is really good, world building is good, voice acting doesn’t have the same actor/actress playing multiple chars, design of the architecture and terrain is good.. And the pièce de résistance is how much more in danger I always feel over Skyrim. Well.. it’s getting a little easier now that I realized that mediation world was skill trees, I kind of missed that at first and had over 20 something or so points built up before I started spending them.

    Really digging it..

  39. fish99 says:

    Not a lot … World Cup and all that.

  40. Dervrak says:

    An old blast from the past I picked up in the Steam summer sale, the enhanced editions of the complete Baldur’s Gate series. I had forgotten just what great games these really were. Far superior in atmosphere and story than most of the RPG’s out today. Sure the pathfinding is still God awful and inventory management can be a chore but I’m having a great time all the same.

  41. Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

    Have not had much time for games lately, and as such have not started Prey Mooncrash yet. I have been playing bits of The Last of Us: Left Behind, which is excellent so far. I had forgotten how unnerving the zombies are.

  42. Det. Bullock says:

    Trying to either finish Descent II (at first I thought I might end it over the weekend since I have only four missions to go, but after the second to last boss there has been a remarkable difficulty spike so it’s not a sure thing) or going forward with either Tomb Raider 2 or Bastion (both have merits but also things I find a bit irritating, especially TR2).

  43. Aardvarkk says:

    Thanks to the Steam sale I found myself back in Deus Ex: Mankind Derived. I also bought a golf game, purely on impulse.

  44. dropbear81 says:

    Bingeing on Pillars of Eternity II:Deadfire. After I got over the initial learning curve of the sea combat, I just decided ramming boats and boarding them worked a treat. Otherwise I’m enjoying the storyline.

  45. White Prime says:

    Please do forgive me for this, but has anyone ever replied ‘Your mum’ to this question?

  46. Jargoyle says:

    Lava, with a smattering of Ride 2 for good measure.

  47. ZApe says:

    I’m having more fun with Prey Mooncrash than I possibly could have imagined.
    The rougelike elements take the Prey’s immersive sim goodness and fill each playthrough with thrilling do-or-die problem solving.
    Prey is one of my favorite games of the last few years, and it may be hard to return to the base game after the intensity offered by this dlc.
    Absolutely worth the $20 price tag, and then some.

  48. nifft.batuff says:

    He is really enjoying the moon…

  49. Crafter says:

    I have just finished Wolfenstein 2 on my newly bought PS4 pro. I know I know, such an fps belongs with a keyboard and mouse but I can’t be bothered to take the time to assemble one.
    It did not resonate with me as much as the first one did. Instead of the tale of broken people struggling against a monstrous world, this time it pushes the campy factor to 11.
    Only the USA matter in this sequel, which is even weirder since your base of operation is a submarine and you engage on both of the US coasts.

    The main antagonist is almost comic relief in its batshit crazy evilness.

    It also uses some very tired tropes I am not going to discuss in order to avoid spoilers.

    This all sounds very negative, but I had a very good time.

    Although, whereas I was very enthusiastic at the idea to play w2, I don’t really care about w3 after this one.

    Also, aside from the narrative concerns, I really hope that FPS find a better way to integrate non shooty elements in the game.
    Both Doom (16) and wolfy integrate elements that are completely orthogonal to their shooting gameplay.
    It does not have to be an issue, doing something else can help pacing by giving some respite. However, playing hidden objects in a level is not complimentary at all to the rest of the game, it is just a cheap way to get people to play longer.

    This weekend : Splatoon 2 octo expansion and Hollow Knight : the Switch is on a roll these days !

  50. Killy_V says:

    Having a great time with The Division, will continue to some Battletech, next week I’ll travel to Africa for work so no more beefy pc, but much older laptop will see me playing some Blade of the Shogun and Vaporum

    • fiendling says:

      I am very much enjoying Division myself. Whereabouts in Africa are you traveling to? It is the second biggest continent and as a South African, I am always amused when people just state that they are going to Africa.

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