Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s hardcore mode brings somnambulistic haemophiliacs

If you fancy playing an RPG as a sleepwalker who can find themself in different places when they wake up, then must find their way navigating by the sun before they starve to death, Kingdom Come: Deliverance now has you covered. Developers Warhorse Studios today patched in a ‘Hardcore Mode’ making the medieval RPG more like a survival game, hiding UI elements like the health bar and compass while making existence tougher. Most interesting to me is Hardcore Mode mandating players pick two negative perks, ranging from a tapeworm to the aforementioned somnambulism.

Oh, and a new trailer gives a look at the upcoming village-building paid DLC.

First, here’s the blurb on hardcore mode:

“The HUD has been significantly altered and simplified. Map navigation and compass have been reworked so that players have to navigate using landmarks. Fast travel is disabled and overall survival (staying fed and rested) is more difficult. Combat is a lot more realistic and fairer to your opponents. There are harsher penalties for using damaged items, so taking regular care of your equipment is a must. And because public health in 1403 is not at its best, your existence will be more troublesome due to the addition of certain permanent ailments that can optionally further scale the level of difficulty as you see fit. Hardcore Mode targets repeat players seeking new challenges, but also new players who would like a more realistic experience.”

Yeah but ‘realism’ can do one.

See today’s patch notes for more details on hardcore’s changes and perks. A claustrophobic haemophiliac who panics and hits softer when their helmet is down but bleeds more when stabbed sounds tough. But mostly I’m interested in sleepwalking giving a small chance to wake up somewhere else – possibly even in a secret area. Dovetails nicely with the navigation changes, that.

God, every time a game adds a hardcore mode, a certain song gets stuck in my head for a few days. You may as well suffer too:

I assume that’s how players clamouring for hardcore modes see themselves too.

As for Kingdom Come’s first proper DLC, From The Ashes is due to launch some time in July. It will cast as us a bailiff in charge of building and settling a village. Observe:

Kingdom Come has 30% off in the Steam sale right now. The game is on GOG too, but GOG’s summer sale has passed.


  1. HiroTheProtagonist says:

    I’m down with that travel/map system, but “permanent diseases” feels like pointless faff that we were sick of when Far Cry 2 tried it a decade ago. Either way, looks pretty neat.

  2. Ham Solo says:

    The linked RPS article is a bunch of nonsense, though. There is plenty religious zeal displayed in the game and being openly anti religous would get you killed back then. There are some soft critics and fans of “Jan Hus” in the game, but even Hus with all his social status was killed in the end as a heretic in a show trial to dissuade his followers. This is just one small example, but the article has many more untruths and crazy unproven theories. “Historians could be wrong so we have to change everything because it could turn out to be wrong in the end”. Just stop it.

    • dsch says:

      This comment made me go read the article. PSA: It’s a good critique of the game’s pretensions of realism and the ideal of “realism” as such.

  3. April March says:

    Sure, devs claim historical accuracy, but the mustache the guy in the header is sporting is at least 150 years too early.

    • A_Rude_gesture says:

      The devs claimed a lot of things that turned out to be bullshit, but the funniest claim was that they strived for historical accuracy. They decided what they wanted history to look like and then found outdated and thoroughly discredited hypotheses to support that. Not a shred of what modern archaeology and history describes the time-period is to be found in the game.
      Also, let me (a poor blacksmith’s son) just walk to the square and enter “Ye Olde Weaponnes Shop” or “Ye Olde Armour Shop” and buy myself the regalia of a nobleman.

      Social mobility was apparently, according to War Horse, quite fluid during the time-period…though actual mobility if (again, according to the devs) you were a woman was very restricted, so you couldn’t leave the house without a man accompanying you. Which is naturally why they would be more inclined to sleep with men if the men were disgustingly dirty(yes, that is a perk in the game. As we all know; Women like nothing more than a disgustingly dirty man because…y’know…the game was made by 12-year old boys or perhaps the alt-right/incel-crowd).

      • leontios says:

        You my friend are the kind of person who sticks to a detail that suits your narrative and expand to it so much that you lose track of the your point. At the very least you did so in your comment. I disagree with you because though the developers did mention and as many have mentioned placed significant weight on the historical accuracy of the game if you go through the developers blogs and their interviews you will also see that they describe in some detail at the very least the areas that they focused on. They never said that they made a real life simulation which is what your comments would hint at. Just a far more believable version of an rpg. They perhaps based their belief on the contrast their game made to your typical fantasy RPG a little too much, but that doesn’t excuse the amount of animosity and venom that was directed at the developers by a fringe group of people based on their biases and socio-political views rather than their enjoyment of the game (Which most people werent going to buy in the first place).

        • A_Rude_gesture says:

          In my view, making the conscious decision to NOT base the historical information found in the game in modern historical or archaeological research, but rather on outdated and thoroughly discredited racist and sexist hypotheses of yesteryear warrants critique. Because A: They chose to disregard modern research and B: They are spreading blatant falsehoods.

          Now, if you make up your own fantasy world, feel free to be as sexist and far removed from reality as you want, but if you claim that you are striving for historical accuracy to the point where you tout it as a reason to buy the game, then you better have an inkling about what modern science has to say about the time period.

          Even in the parts where they proudly pat themselves on the back for supposedly doing their research, the weapons and armour parts of the game, they manage a wide range of obvious historical inaccuracies; From the armour being akin to that of a Space Marine (gone are the slim waist of actual finds, which is so often portrayed in medieval art), by way of the lack of crossbows in a time period and geographical area renowned for them, to the fact that someone pummelling you with their bare fists can destroy full plate armour.

          On top of that the actual rpg parts and the freedom of choice for the protagonist(and his ability to affect the world) have been vastly exaggerated (to the point where it might be considered lies) as well as it being a bug-riddled, incomplete mess of a game that falls so far below the gold standard set by other rpgs that playing it just isn’t very fun (as evidenced by the exodus of players from the game).

          But that’s just my take on it.

          • leontios says:

            Here we agree. Yes some of the armour and weapons could have been done better but it is still better than most. Ergo if i am selling something and it is better than my competition i would be an idiot not to highlight it.

            Here we disagree or at least cant agree unless you are more specific. What do you mean that modern research? What exactly doesnt sit well with you and what research are you talking about? Cause without being specific i would be inclined to believe you are of the mind that of “of course there would be an x,y,z non enthnic person there and of course x,y,z person could have had an offspring with a native and therefore we should be seeing more of x,y,z non-native ethnic group in the game and/or offspring to which i would call foul and bullshit or to be nicer about it i;d call it statistically insignificant.

      • Paul says:

        What an ugly and wrong post.

        • leontios says:

          thanks paul.. your comment was very insightful.

          • A_Rude_gesture says:

            What I mean by modern research is the departure from the old hypotheses wherein women were seen as living their lives internally (intra muros, if you want to use an archaeological term) as opposed to men who, according to these hypotheses were living externally (or extra muros). This thinking belongs to an old chauvinistic way of interpreting history, based in gender theories that come from the 19th to mid 20th centuries and has been rightfully thrown of the scrap-heap.

            I suggest reading some of Prof. Roberta Gilchrist’s books which have been instrumental in shedding this yoke of presuppositions that stem from a sexist, if not outright misogynist, way of interpreting our past.

            Other examples that clearly show how deeply rooted the game is in old, discredited, hypotheses are:

            *The constant mentions of ethnic demography of the area in question (we now understand it to be less about ethnic or cultural groups, with the exception of the Jewish communities, and more about language). The fact that all three major language-groups (Czech-speakers, German-speakers and the Jewish communities) were given equal rights and considered part of the kingdom shows that ethnicity was not really a part of it. Again, with the exception of the Jewish communities who have always been dealt a bad hand in Europe with very few exceptions.
            *The blatantly racist way Cumans are portrayed, even going so far as to make them dark-eyed and with dark hair, when in fact all evidence points to them being fair-skinned and with light or blonde hair.
            *The discredited and, yes, old, hypothesis regarding feudalism.
            *The way people interacted
            *The way people dressed
            *The way social mobility is addressed

            I could go on, but frankly it would be easier to find the few parts of the game that ISN’T based on discredited and outdated, racist and sexist hypotheses. If you really are interested, you should try to get hold of some modern scientific literature pertaining to the subject matter.

          • leontios says:


            Wow.. So one obscure professor publishes something and that automatically negates all previous publications and actual historical documents from a time period because it suits the unending desire for “change” of some fringe group? I think not.

            Cumans were Turkik.. Seljuk Turks have asian characteristics and were clearly described in historical documents of the time. They drew pictures of them for the love of God and they didnt look like sweedish models. Is it possible that in their expansion they, like alot of nomadic tribes, mixed with the conquered populations and the appearance of some soldiers could have been more less homogeneous? Sure. Was that depicted? TBH i didnt pay attention (yes i actually own the game). I actually might have found it confusing if i saw a blonde blue eye cuman somewhere . I might have even allowed him/her to attack me thinking he is a bandid and not realise until i saw the level of damage his hits put on my character. Because you understand this is a GAME right? Again not a historical simulation and the arena for debates on the social structures of the 17th century so therefore in order to kill the “bad guy” the “bad guy” should be a little obvious.

            Could the women have played a more active role in the game? Sure and there might even have been historical evidence to support that. Does it matter? Not to me thats why i own the game. Perhaps it matters to you and you are free to not buy it.

            Clearly you have an agenda. My only agenda when i am in a site like RPS is to read a good review on a game i wish to purchase to help me understand if this is a game for me and what to expect.

            Not to have to read through the socioeconomic post modernist approach of some person with an opinion of the world that clearly isnt receiving enough attention so he/she need to make a fuss about it.

      • Not Marvelous says:

        This comment led me to a wiki page for the game and lo and behold: there is, in fact, a perk that makes you more attractive to women, and lowers your stealth. It’s called ‘manly odor’. Yuck.

        But there are other gems (not necessarily sexist, but certainly telling). A ‘leg day’ perk gives you strength experience when picking herbs. ‘True Slav’ makes you get drunk more easily. An effect called ‘alpha male’ that you apparently get by going to a brothel gives you a charisma bonus because, and I quote, ‘your needs have been satisfied and it shows’.

        I don’t even know what to say about these.

        Although, a comment may be unnecessary, as I have also learned that their studio has cooperated with the charming ‘totally-not-supporting-Nazis’ team behind Hatred on some promotional stunt. So there we go.

        • A_Rude_gesture says:

          @Not Marvelous
          My personal opinion about the devs is that they had already dreamt up a sexist, racist, chauvinistic version of a late medieval society and then tried to hide this pre-pubescent fantasy by thinking they could cower behind actual science. The fact that they could only find support for this fantasy in thoroughly discredited and outdated research is why the whole game has a whiff of late 19th century about it. It’s more akin to Ivanhoe than any actual depiction of late medieval societies.

          • Not Marvelous says:

            Oh I agree completely.

            Although no particular effort was needed to ‘dream all this up’, these are all commonplace fantasies about the medieval times, particularly in these parts of Europe.

          • SexyHomie says:

            Damn, you must really dislike this game, huh? If you don’t like it, don’t play it, or even better, why should you even care in first place? If it’s that much historically inaccurate and offensive to you, I don’t know why you care about this game so much.
            It’s not like it’s gonna affect historical research on these things.
            If you are getting offended that easily, maybe don’t play it. It’s game afterall. People are still playing it, even tho it might be historically inaccurate or perhaps offensive, so who cares in the end?

        • A_Rude_gesture says:

          Wow! Where to start? The very fact that you think Gilchrist is an obscure professor representing some fringe group puts your complete ignorance of the subject matter on display. That’s like saying Einstein was an obscure scientist.

          What you would’ve known if you had the slightest idea of how modern archaeology and history interpret our past is that she spearheaded this new way of thinking that is now the commonly accepted way of studying gender in a historical setting. She did this by proving that the commonly held hypotheses, again, based on sexist and racist thought from the late 19th to mid 20th century, was complete and utter nonsense.

          That is why modern archaeological and historical thought have moved away from such ludicrous and easily disproved junk-science that is not based in reality. You would know this if you had any experience of these academic disciplines.

          As for the historical documents you so casually refer to; What might they be?
          I could easily refer you to the proto-feminist Christine de Pisan’s masterpiece “La cité des Dames” which was written during the exact time frame of the game (it was finished in 1405). This book actually started a debate at the university of Paris as to whether it would be wiser to let women rule.
          However, I’m not so sure you would be able to produce similar documents.

          Your statement about the Cumans is a blatant lie (though one that might fit a racist narrative).
          *The name Cuman in Turkic languages means: Pale yellow, yellowish gray.
          *In East-Slavic or Polish their name is Polovtsy, meaning: Pale, light yellow or blonde.
          *By the Rus they were called Sorochinetses, derived from the Turkic languages and meaning: Yellow-haired
          *The Germanic languages calls them Folban, Vallani or Valwe all meaning: Pale.
          *According to Adam of Bremen and Matthaios of Edessa they were referred to as: The blond ones.

          And the very fact that you defend your position by claiming it would be confusing to see a blond Cuman in the game, exposes your racist way of thinking. Blond and blue-eyes = Good guys. Dark hair, eyes and skin = Bad Guys, is what you are saying. There is no other word for that than racism.

          What is extremely funny is how you go through a complete set of mental gymnastics in order to defend both your own and the game’s sexist and racist narrative. On the one hand you claim to base your defence of it in actual science and on the other hand you claim that science doesn’t matter because it’s just a game. Which one is it?

          Yes, I have an agenda, that is true. I am a trained archaeologist and historian and it is my duty to stop far-right fringe people like yourself and Daniel Vavra from hiding your hateful rhetoric behind the sciences of history and archaeology, which in this case happens to be my area of expertise. I dare you to find a single archaeologist or historian that still subscribes to your outdated and frankly ignorant view of our past and who isn’t an, as you put it, obscure scientist belonging to a fringe group. The reason being that all hypotheses are peer-reviewed and thus contra-factual and unsubstantiated hypotheses are quickly dismissed.

          The latter part of your comment portrays your real emotions, though; You feel you are entitled to a safe space and since RPS actually engages with its readers and provokes them into thinking about things in a different way, you are now whinging because they wouldn’t let a completely false, racist and sexist narrative presented by the game stand unchallenged.

          Fantasise all you want about women being attracted to disgustingly dirty men, that if you pay for sex you are an “Alpha-male”(incidentally also a completely discredited and refuted hypothesis), that women were kept indoors and were slaves to their husbands will, that the bad guys all look “foreign” and that people at the time and in the geographical location depicted were divided along racial(speaking of discredited hypotheses) lines.

          There are plenty of places where you are able to vent that little fantasy of yours (perhaps the Incel community is more your crowd?)
          But don’t pretend it has got anything to do with what actual science tells us about it. Because it doesn’t.

          However, it does say a lot about you, and indeed the devs, that people in the year 1403 were more open-minded, less sexist and less racist than you, who are living 615 years later. But I guess ignorance and hatred is a historical constant.

          • leontios says:

            @A_Rude_gesture Interesting. So on further read since my studies were unfortunately not related to archaeology it seems i stand corrected. Cumans were not exclusively turks or even necessarily asian. Though i have admit that what i found was not much consensus among historians i did get the sense of what i said was partially correct meaning that being nomadic they would have mixed with all the races they would have come across along the way. So it makes sense that a cuman could be asian, turkik, blonde blue eyed (though i read that the facial structure would set them apart from western or southern europeans) etc.
            Of course unlike you i neither have an agenda nor am dogmatic so when someone takes the time to write me something i will go through and evaluate both the text and myself and own knowledge.

            Now i honestly dont recall saying that dark people must be the enemy i believe that is the dogma speaking again. I merely stated that its a game and perhaps it would be easier to have an easy friend or foe recognition. Perhaps if it is was a game set in Africa and the protagonist was native fighting against the colonial powers (a game which i probably would buy,,, gotta love an underdog) in that case i would expect that the majority of the foes would be white.. See how that works? No patriarchy, no social agenda, no focus on a specific race or creed. Just a game. Though i have a feeling and correct me if i am incorrect that yourself you are not much of a gamer. Perhaps replying to comments and looking for the next person to call racist or incel (my wife found that amusing….. projecting much?) and in general to point the finger at is more of a game to you than any of the titles listed on this website.
            Just a feeling cant really base it on something other than what i read. After all we do not know each other and this interaction is too brief to draw any concrete conclusions (well i speak for myself anyhow).
            So please feel free cause freedom of speech is important (you hear that moderator) and respond if you must, highlight how somehow someway some word i used definitively proves that I or others like myself (aka the majority) are the evil in the world that needs to be rooted out by knights in shining armor (or is that too patriarchal) with the dreaded 3 letters etched on their chest plate.

  4. cibron says:

    I couldn’t help but observe that the horse had ear armor. IT HAD EAR ARMOR! I’m sold!

  5. leontios says:

    Since the moderator didnt like the description i gave to the article linked here i’ll just say that i found it unfair and biased.

    So i will repeat myself and restate that i think Alice did a great job with this article. I enjoyed her light writing style and the focus on the actual game. Keep it going.

    Lets hope that i;ll get to see this comment still being here in a couple of days time.

    • A_Rude_gesture says:

      Since I wasn’t able to reply in the other thread, I hope it’s ok if I reply here.

      It’s nice of you to acknowledge your ignorance regarding the subject matter. Perhaps, in the future, you will base your statements regarding history in actual science?

      While I agree with you that there is debate regarding who the Cumans were and what the etymology of their name is, I think the fact that we have so many independent sources alluding to them, in their own local language, as being blonde and fair-skinned that even if the name Cuman would’ve been derived from the word for a drinking vessel, it doesn’t negate the fact that others defined them by their physical appearance.

      When it comes to your sudden loss of memory in regards to you stating that it would be confusing to see a blonde, blue-eyed Cuman in the game since the enemy, according to you, should be easily identified, well. That rests on the presupposition that the difference between the foreign invaders and the populace in the region were visible traits.

      By defining the Cumans as having dark hair, dark eyes and darker complexion, you also define the appearance of the local populace as NOT having these features. This is factually untrue and simply part of a racist way of thinking and so I reiterate my point: You want the good guys in the game to stand out from the bad guys and you want to achieve this by having the bad guys being dark-haired, dark-eyed and of a darker complexion. That is prejudice and racism.

      Your argument about Africa is completely irrelevant. We are not talking about a hypothetical game set in 17th-20th century Africa, we are talking about an actual game set in Europe in the year 1403. You cannot juxtapose and then try to conflate the two, that is dishonest and close to a straw-man argument.

      In regards to your attempt to delegitimise my points by suggesting I am not a gamer and just someone who just hangs around message boards to insult people; You couldn’t be more wrong. I am an avid gamer and have been for over 25 years.
      I am, however, also an academic and I cannot tolerate racist ideology hiding its ugly face behind thoroughly discredited science, misrepresenting it as the position my disciplines currently take on the subject matter.

      I note that you conveniently left out the sexist narrative you were defending earlier (perhaps your wife didn’t find that as funny as the Incel remark?) or are you just looking through all the sources you’ve amassed, preparing them for a future comment?

      Nor did you respond to whether or not your current defence of the game’s faulty and, quite frankly, disgustingly sexist and racist narrative is based on scientific evidence or if it’s based on the parts where you excuse this by claiming it’s just a game?

      Either way, I can’t help but notice you tend to leave the things you previously thought important enough to mention out of your more recent comments.

      I do have one final question: Why do you find it so important, regardless of how you defend the game’s narrative, that your fantasy is based around racism and sexism? What is it that appeals to you about it so much so that you bend over backwards to come up with a defence for it?

      • leontios says:


        You sure you didnt specialize in 12th Century France, cause you sure sound a lot more like a member of the inquisition rather than a normal person having civilized discourse.
        “Repent sinner, confess your sins” Admit that you (you people could work here as well) are racist, bigoted, x, y, z ludicrous adjectives that you base just from the fact that I (and many many others) enjoy playing a game that you consider embodies ———-(insert whatever progressive jargon you want in this space).

        Friend, i get it.. you dont like the game.. you dont like what it stands for and i will save you the cognitive dissonance my breaking down the argument into bits and pieces to demonstrate how ludicrous your overall thesis is. This is not the medium for long back and forths especially with a trigger happy moderator and you are not open to discussion since you spent so much of your life polishing your armor, sorry forgive me NOT tolerating racist ideology hiding its ugly face behind thoroughly discredited science, misrepresenting it as the position my disciplines currently take on the subject matter. Sure narcissus tell us more about your one man crusade against the sexism , racism infidels of the gaming world. Get over yourself narcissus.

        It doesn’t matter how clever the argument or how many references (if any, i dont know i didnt really try) i would offer you. It would make no difference if i explained how you took bits and pieces of what i said and gave me the old “so you are saying…” whilst bombarding me with facts (ill take your word for it) that make little to no difference to the overall point.

        I mean i clearly gave you a vice-versa example and you basically (and eloquently might i add) told me that it’s irrelevant. Why? Because it doesnt suit the narrative you want it to suit?

        Point is simple friend. Game is sexist – offends x,y,z people is not perfectly following the current historical data on the position of women or the ethnic make-up of x,y,z ethnos? Great let it bomb.. Let it not sell a copy.

        But if the game is good it will sell even if certain game reviewers forget to review the game and go on a tangent about their personal beliefs and how triggering this game is for them even if you fill the comment section with facts and figures with its historical inaccuracies and blatant x,y,z adjectives.

        You know why? Because WE DO NOT CARE! Gamers clearly wanted a less generic fantasy game that gave us more of a medieval taste with good graphics , good story and great mechanics. We barely got any of those and we still bought the damn thing. You know why? Because we dont care about your agenda. We dont wake up in the morning asking ourselves how can i be a victim (or a knight in shiny armor in your case) today.

        So rant over. I am certain none of this will get through to you and that it will for sure get cut my the moderator for not being excellent enough (cause calling me racist, sexist, incel is fine) but its ok. The point is there and i;ll let others judge.

        PS: i will predict your response if any:

        1- Yeah but i said x,y,z and you didnt say anything (yes so did i and you didnt so i;d call us even dont you agree?)
        2- So you are saying (because dogma dictates you do that at least once)
        3- Patriarchy, racism, sexism lots of isms
        4- F,G,R (i got tired of using x,y,z) facts (unsourced mind you) further demonstrate that my original T,K,A (still not using x,y,z) facts are super duper
        5- something about my sex life again (because why not, its always a valid argument).
        6- Cats rule , dogs drool (because its true).

        PPS: Moderator i really wonder if you are an Algorithm (fat chance RPS) or a person. If you are a person can you please replace the “be excellent to each other” to “be what we consider excellent we wont tell you what that means you;ll just have to guess”. It would be far more accurate.

        • A_Rude_gesture says:

          I’m sorry if me questioning your motives for defending racism and sexism makes you feel uneasy, but perhaps that’s the cognitive dissonance you were talking about? That is; You feeling the need to defend a racist and sexist narrative and then coming up short when asked why.

          I have never once asked you to repent. I have, however, asked you on what basis you defend the narrative of the game, which you proceeded to do by first claiming that is was based in what science tells us about it, which I disproved, and then saying that it is just a fantasy game, which is why I asked you why your fantasy requires racism, sexism and a skewed view of history.

          The fact that you call for civility while simultaneously calling me an inquisitor, narcissus and then having a little alt-right rant about knights in shining armour, just goes to prove how you are clutching at straws.

          And speaking of clutching at straws; You claim to be able to break down and show how ludicrous my argument is, then swiftly go on to say that you will spare me. Please don’t.
          Please break it down and tell me why I’m wrong.
          Unless, that is, you are unable to and what you really mean by saying you would spare me, was really about you sparing yourself further humiliation. I think I know which one it is.

          How can you possibly claim that no matter what references or sources you produce to back up your views, they would fall on deaf ears? You have not produced a single shred of evidence in support of your argument, so how can you make that assumption? Or is this another case of you trying to avoid having to actually produce something to back up your claims?

          I’m sorry…did you just complain that I gave you too many facts when I disproved what you were claiming? Was it unfair of me to base my argument on the evidence currently available?

          Yes, you gave a hypothetical example separated by centuries and a continent. It is as pertinent to the discussion as trying to explain the US Civil War by using the agrarian reforms in the Soviet Union to illustrate it. It is irrelevant and nonsensical.
          Perhaps you could instead illustrate it by…oh, I don’t know, looking at the actual history and societal structure of the geographical area during the time-frame? Or are you once again “sparing” me?

          You say:”Point is simple, friend. Game is sexist”
          Which leads to the very simple question; Why do you feel the need to defend it? It’s not based on facts, so that can’t be the reason.

          I agree that there will always be a market for sexist and racist game-narratives amongst certain people; But in what way is it wrong for a reviewer or, indeed, someone like me, to question that narrative? Especially when the game lauds itself as striving for historical correctness to the point where they use it as an argument to buy their product?

          So, your response to my question as to why you find it so important to defend a sexist, racist and factually untrue narrative is, and I quote: “Because WE DO NOT CARE!”?
          That’s a bit of strange answer, don’t you think? If nothing else because you clearly care enough to try your hand at defending it, without much success admittedly, over several posts in this message-board.
          You even cared so much that you admit to the game being well below sub-par when it comes to game mechanics and playability, but still went on to not only buy it, but defend it.
          Am I to presume that you bought the game, not for how good it would be, but because it has a racist and sexist narrative? It certainly looks like it.

          What I can’t understand is why you are whinging about being called a racist and a sexist? If you want the bad guys to look “foreign” because you believe in some antiquated and discredited racist version of history despite the facts disproving it…well, silly, then you are a racist. And if you defend a factually untrue sexist view of history; Guess what? Yup, then you are a sexist.

          As for the Incel comment; I was not suggesting anything regarding your sex-life(of which I have no interest) but rather that you seem to share their misogynistic and racist views. Hence my belief that the Incel community might be a more supportive platform for you when you express these far-right views.

          An added little bonus for you is that if you vent these ideas on the aptly named “Intellectual Dark Web” you’ll not run the risk of meeting the rest of humanity who have left the dark progressed into academic enlightenment.

          Anyway, I look forward to you “breaking down the argument into bits and pieces to demonstrate how ludicrous your overall thesis is.” and presenting the evidence, that you’ve now had plenty of time to gather, in support of the racist and sexist narrative that you so fervently try to defend.

          Unless, of course, you can’t.

  6. Tachanka says:

    I love how people are still arguing about this. There are magic potions and a teleporting horse. It’s surely a low-fantasy game ;)

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