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The Division 2: everything we know, release date, trailers

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 showing at E3 2018 was uncommonly detailed. We saw more of the game’s Washington, DC setting, we were given details of the new high-level classes, and introduced to the brand new raids.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the game, plus any news of its announced release date and what players can expect based from the various trailers.

When is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s release date?

During the Microsoft E3 press conference this year, it was mentioned that the release date for The Division 2 will be March 15th 2019. Ubisoft also later confirmed at their own press conference that there will be a year’s worth of free DLC that adds new story details, some new locations to loot and explore, and more quests. There will also be a beta for the game which you can sign up for.

What is new in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2?

The focus of the team at Ubisoft seems to be on an “endgame first” mentality. Ubisoft detailed this in detail on their official site. At the end of the campaign, players choose one of three classes which unlock new weapons, mods, skills and perks. Each one will have a signature weapon associated with them. The three “Specializations” revealed are:

  • The Sharpshooter: A sniper based class that comes with a .50 calibre rifle. The skills and mods are said to “change the tide of a firefight even from afar.”
  • The Demolitionist: Comes equipped with a grenade launcher and specialises in blowing stuff up, thus “disrupting enemy plans and entrenched positions.”
  • The Survivalist: Has a crossbow that fires explosive bolts, along with tools and skills that “leave little chance for enemies to recover after being hit.

These classes are not fixed, so you’re able to switch out if you want to play a different style and progress for each one is saved to that character. This comes in handy since there are now 8 player raids, allowing for you and a squad of friends to go in and cause carnage. Whether this means there will be more to be unveiled in the future is anyone’s guess at this point. It’s important to note that raids are not the same thing as The Dark Zone, which is set to make a return.

Further little details came from the demo that Brendan played at E3. Upon approaching the area, there was a button prompt to allow for a flare to be launched, alerting allies to the area to assist in taking back the location. They don’t have much health however. There is also now armour on top of your normal health, so you can take a few more bullets before needing to heal back up. This is done with first aid kits which also restore health, that can be stocked up.

Where is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 set?

During the game’s first proper showing at Microsoft’s E3 Briefing, The Division 2 is set in Washington DC in ruins. As with the previous game, the virus that crippled New York made Washington DC suffer a similar fate. Shortly thereafter there were riots, mass shootings, and eventually civilians left to their own devices by the military. However communities have sprung up as safe havens from the chaos outside.

It’s now set in the summer months, 6 months after the outbreak began, and it seems that there are murmurings from what the trailer dubs “a corrupt state”. As members of The Division, players are tasked with preventing a second civil war. Ubisoft have also said that the entire map is 20% bigger than the previous game and Washington DC has apparently been recreated in its layout. The downed plane that was seen in the Ubisoft conference was surrounded by a red zone, painted on the ground in the digital overlay HUD. It was marked as an area under the control of an enemy faction known as the “True Sons”, which are apparently one of multiple different factions fighting for control of the city.

How does Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 play?

The biggest slice of the game we’ve seen was the walkthrough complete with Ubisoft’s trademark “voice communication”, featuring mostly level 30s – indicating this is post-game footage. Much like the original, there are safe zones and areas where enemies are running rampant. This demonstration took place around the now derelict Capitol Hill, complete with a ruined Air Force One as one of the control points.

At one point, one of the allied characters launches something called a “Seeker Mine”, which travels across the water to blow up a couple of enemies and later on a drone is used to distract the enemy and a mine that launches miniature rockets to strike foes. Enemies also have some interesting gadgets on their hands; shown when one ally gets shot at by a sticky substance, rendering her immobile and requiring the player to shoot it off of her legs. Players can still revive each other if they are brought down by the enemy.

What are Raids and will the Dark Zone come back?

During the post-show livestream of the Ubisoft conference, some more details were shown, such as being able to rescue hostages from one of the enemy factions and that the game is still open world despite the rather scripted footage. As for things like The Dark Zone, they confirmed that they were back and being reworked. One thing that was a little more apparent is that instead of having bullet spongy enemies, they take damage appropriately. So yes, if you shoot someone in the head, it will have the desired effect. However there are now tougher enemies with armour that shatters as they take damage, thus blurring the illusion a bit more.

As for a bit more detail on what a “raid” is exactly, if you have played World of Warcraft then it’s a similar concept. You and a group of allies go into a sort of dungeon-like area filled with harder enemies and better goodies to loot, culminating in a big boss fight. It sounds like a decent fit for The Division, with certain key locations around Washington DC potentially reserved for these endeavours – maybe even an adventure inside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

For right now, that’s all that has been revealed, but be sure to check back in the coming months. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are bound to be showing more about the campaign and even what’s in store for the first year of free DLC.

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