First-person grappler The Free Ones swinging out in July

I remain fascinated by games which want to tell us emotional, introspective stories while also whipping us through levels at breakneck speed – games like Valley and A Story About My Uncle. Soon to join that list is The Free Ones, a first-person platformer about refugees and former slaves escaping the island they’re trapped on, which involves a whole lot of swinging around canyons and under skytrains on a splendidly unrealistic grappling hook. And why not? The game’s due to launch in a fortnight so, for now, come see the trailer below.

To be honest it, I’m in this so much more for the swinging than the story. My adoration of virtuagrappling and zipzooming is no secret. But, y’know, it’d be nice if the story turns out nice too. I dream of a day when chatty drama-focused so-called ‘walking simulators’–which aren’t even walking simulators, okay–all involve grappling hooks. And if everything involved grappling hooks. Sling your Hyperloop; give me Hyperhook.

The Free Ones is due to launch via Steam on July 12th, priced at $15. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are planned. It’s made by Farsky Interactive, the studio founded by the fella behind the undersea Minecraftbut FarSky. Farsky have been posting development progress videos on their YouTube channel, for those who want to see more.


  1. FroshKiller says:

    Oh dear, that is some unfortunate voice acting. The swinging looks fun, though!

    • Maxheadroom says:

      Watched the trailer at work with the sound down and thought it looked pretty good.

      Seeing your comment made me dig out some headphones and give it a 2nd watch and its pissed all over my enthusiasm.

      Its technically not the performance thats bad so much as it makes it sound like a daytime cartoon for pre-schoolers. All that over inflection, and probably something about listening to your parents and not touching a hot stove (i dunno, i turned it off before the end)

  2. lancelot says:

    Oh bleeping bleep, what has Valve done now? If I click on the developer link on a store page, for some developers it gives the old /search/?developer=… page, for others it gives the new “Developer/publisher homepage” /developer/…, where it’s impossible to find anything. It shows a few large thumbnails at a time, and I have to click through ten tabs to browse the complete list.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      I like the old way more too; it was more straightforward to browse everything the company has put its finger on; now you have useless gigantic thumbnails of just the titles they sell more.

  3. VN1X says:

    Is this a joke? Everything from the setting, art, mechanics to the level design has been lifted wholesale from A Story About My Uncle. This could double as a remake for that game. What?

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