Contagion VR: Outbreak breaks into Early Access with free demo

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Back in 2014, we covered Contagion, a multiplayer co-op zombie game that was dark as all hell and equally hard, but with delightful twists and incredibly well done maps. As Craig said of the game at the time, the levels aren’t huge but they’re incredible densely designed, and built to be slowly explored. Well, Contagion is coming to VR now as Contagion VR: Outbreak, and I can’t imagine a better pairing. There’s no need to rush through this world, and thank god, because rushing and the current state of VR don’t work that well anyway.

So a slower, bleaker zombie shooter with multiplayer, that feels more like Resident Evil 2 than Left 4 Dead? Absolutely, you’ve sold me. There’s a PVP mode for online play, and a number of single player campaigns, based on different characters and their stories at various points in the same outbreak.

There’s also a free demo you can load up now. Take a look at some gameplay here:

Right. So. I like everything about that. The moment you drop a weapon and pull out your cell phone was weirdly cool for me? That you have this form of inventory management that’s equally immersive? You have to pull your flashlight from your vest but that’s also where you return it to, and otherwise you don’t have light? I did the limitations slash possibilities for the kind of design. You have to have at least one hand free to open doors but you don’t want to open doors without a really decent-ass weapon so… that kind of tension draws me in. I think I could go without every single drawer in the bathroom and kitchen being openable only to have nothing inside. I know me. I’ll search every single drawer in that entire city, because what if I miss one cool thing?

Buy the Early Access version of the game or download the demo on Steam.


  1. Kefren says:

    I only play singleplayer, and quite enjoyed Contagion. I keep meaning to install it again and give it another go – I got a few nights of entertainment out of it last time. This also looks great, and illustrates what VR does well, which is two things. One is being immersed in a place that is lifesize, not just small images on a screen, and it’s all around you. The other thing is the controls – using your hands to do stuff rather than a controller or keyboard and mouse. I thought Oculus Touch made a huge difference compared to the Vive wands, and I loved the naturalness of bending down to pick something up off the floor, then maybe examining it up close, turning it as if I held it, then throw it away or holster it or swing it as a weapon. I kept forgetting I was playing with software and hardware – instead, really feeling that I was ‘in’ the environment. Zombies would fit that well. :-)

    • AmberWalsh says:

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  2. Jokerme says:

    Don’t expect too much from this developer. They have an incompetent management and can’t take criticism. They banned many people on Contagion forums just for asking questions.

    Early Access is especially alarming. They will probably take your money, fire all the staff, and leave the game in an incomplete state, then start looking for new artists for their next game.

    • FrostPix says:

      Do your research first before saying crap like this. There are new developers on this that is fully dedicated on making this game a great VR game :P Think and research before making crap up next time.

    • treat says:

      Monochrome seems to have an awful culture surrounding community management in particular. I’ve dealt with Tatsur0 (the studio’s founder and president) numerous times since the Zombie Panic: Source days and he’s always been overly defensive, argumentative, disdainful, aggressive, and hellbent on having the last word. Many developers, testers, forum moderators, etc. seem to follow his example, as well. It’s the Phil Fish school of public relations around there, which is a far more pathetic form of conduct for a studio than it is a single guy. I’ve always firmly bet my hand on things going horrifically pear-shaped should Monochrome ever end up working on something with a lot of hype and publicity behind it, and I still do.

      That said, Zombie Panic: Source, Neotokyo, and Contagion were all good or great games in their own right. Tatsur0 might be a dickhead, but he knows how to direct a team in making a solid, polished game.

  3. VictorBurgos says:

    Thanks for the news update! For everyone else. We are hard at work pumping out a few hotfixes. It’s Early Access. If you don’t like bugs, please don’t make the purchase for a good while (or just hold out until Full Release!)

    Stay tuned for updates on Discord: or Twitch: where I am usually live streaming development of the game daily.

  4. Premium User Badge

    ooshp says:

    Definitely giving this a go once I’m back in my VR lair, stupid house-sitting. Really need Valve to hurry up with those Knuckles though.

  5. racccoon says:

    VR is such a waste of game devs time effort money and everything, they should stick making normal games and they may get somewhere. VR is for robots, VR has not been under much health research and is currently proven to be making monkeys money out of human guinea pigs. gl to you pigsy’s out there..:)
    here’s some facts

    Quote “Reddit user Abore reported persistent eye after using the Oculus headset. “My left eye has been giving me shit due to the Rift,” he said. “Specifically the muscles behind it. Definitely eye strain and it persists hours after I take the Rift off. I’m taking a week off to let it recover.”

    link to
    The crunch of it is its your eyesight so its up to you if you want to buy VR.
    I’m just the doom and gloom awareness guy.
    At least you can not say you weren’t told about the negatives to look for, there are many other positives using VR, in medical research, robotics, military, and space. :) glg

    • Stromko says:

      Prolonged sessions can cause weird symptoms for a little while but eventually you get used to it and it’s fine. There are no permanent effects or any severe effects that aren’t readily and immediately apparent (IE nausea or headache from certain movement types that you personally aren’t comfortable with).

      The VR space is very short on lengthy or deep experiences right now. Skyrim and Fallout 4 VR just aren’t suited to the platform, it doesn’t enhance the games beyond an initial ‘wow’ factor and after that you’re just playing through the same old content in a less convenient package.

      Sad to say the game I’ve probably spent the most time in VR with is VR Chat, probably because it was just comfortable and easy and had a lot of variety of things to experience. There’s a lot of immaturity in the community though, it’s a bit like dealing with Redditors in real life except half of them are under 15 so even more bigoted than average.

      • Premium User Badge

        Damocles says:

        Why are Skyrim and Fallout not suited for VR? I have played both with Oculus and they have been clear improvements over base games.

        Graphics and immersion are not the only factor, both offer gameplay benefits in VR. Skyrim’s bow is especially well done, it feels very natural and requires actual skill compared to traditional controllers. You can also do some things that are simply not possible with the mouse, such as targeting two different enemies with spells.

        Fallout VR’s major benefit is the basic gunplay. Aiming pistols with touch controllers works well and it’s fun to throw grenades around corners.

        Personally I have played these with thumbstick motion and have not experienced any ill effects.

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