Summer Games Done Quick 2018 rakes in $2.1 million for charity

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Every six months, the Games Done Quick Nerd Olympics allows us to witness the best and brightest and funniest and most highly-specific gamer heroes absolutely devastate titles ranging from the modern AAA to the retro to the entirely forgotten. These speedruns decimate the rules of the game while a live audience cheers our heroes on to victory. The fact this event benefits excellent foundations is always the best part, with sudden prompts that allow you to vote on game changing events by using your dollars. This year, the Bloomington, Minnesota event for Summer Games Done Quick raised a record $2.1 million for charity.

Doctors Without Borders are surely thankful that so many people want to see Celeste get broken in front of a live audience.

Among the highlights of the event for me (at least what’s been posted on the official YouTube channel so far) I recommend checking out the following:

And of course they blasted through my baby: Prey (2017)

Shame we have to wait six months until the next round. We should do this every weekend until we run out of games.

You can still donate to the SGDQ cause by clicking here. Doctors Without Borders still needs our help, even after we’re doing watching speedruns of The Noid 2.


  1. Suits says:

    1000$ anonymous donation. 1000$ anonymous donation. 1000$ anonymous donation.
    ad infinitum. seems legit

    • Ludux says:

      Implying what, exactly?

      • brucethemoose says:

        Money laundering, I assume.

        That would actually be a pretty sound scheme, depending on how the donations are made. Anyone with half a brain would randomize the donations a little though.

        • MattM says:

          I donate anonymously because I don’t want my real name said on screen and don’t want to think up a replacement handle. “Anonymous” is the default when you don’t put in anything. I’m not actually anonymous to MSF itself. Round numbers make sense for donations, why would I donate $124.56

          • brucethemoose says:

            Well you’d donate 900, then 1300, then 100 so on…

            But yeah, I thought they were using some wierd anonymous payment method. That would be a pretty obvious red flag to law enforcement, now that I think about it.

        • Premium User Badge

          phuzz says:

          Isn’t the point of money laundering that you get part of the money back? Which won’t happen if you donate it all to charity.

          “But what if they’re not donating all the money they receive?” Then that will be really flipping obvious to the local authorities (I’m assuming US, so the IRS), who can just pull the records from PayPal to see how much money was donated, and reference against how much the charity actually received.
          If you can think of a really easy way to commit a crime, chances are someone else thought of it ages ago, and the authorities are on the look-out for it as well.

          • brucethemoose says:

            You’d presumably have someone inside either charity.

            But yeah, the PayPal payments throw a wrench in the whole thing. For a second, I thought payments were made via some anonymous method of their own.

          • cafeoh says:

            @brucethemoose If you then proceed to steal the money from the charity from within, then it’s not exactly laundered money.

  2. Spacewalk says:

    That’s a lot of Peggles.

  3. Tacroy says:

    I definitely recommend watching the TASBot Celeste run when it’s up, it was intense.

    That being said someone’s already put one of the best parts up here: link to

  4. bambieyes says:

    There’s always all kinds of baseless accusations floating around GDQ, like the staff taking a cut from donations or this whole event being a money laundering scheme or whatever else your imagination is capable of producing. It’s funny, though, because all it takes to disprove those is to try and actually donate, since the third-party website that they use for payments (a small start-up called Paypal) clearly shows that your money is routed directly to MSF. I guess you could accuse them of money laundering too?

    • Excors says:

      There are other sources of donations too, like Twitch subs and bits. I remember seeing some comments a while ago (like here) that sub revenue during the events went to the charity, but outside the event went to the GDQ organisation. But comments here (two years ago) suggest that changed and now “All subscriber money we receive goes to a charity”. It also seems unclear whether Twitch takes a significant cut – Twitch has done some extra donation stuff in the past, but I don’t know if they’re still doing that.

      Is there anything official (i.e. not random forum/Reddit posts) that clearly and fully describes the current situation around donations? I think it would be helpful for donators to know where their money is actually going, and to let them choose the most efficient way of donating, and might also prevent some wild theorising.

      (That Reddit thread also notes that the charity pays the GDQ organisation, somewhere on the order of $200K per event, so that’s how the expenses are covered. Presumably the charity is responsible for making sure all those expenses are legitimate, and if you trust the charity enough to donate then you should trust them to oversee the expenses sensibly; you don’t need to trust the GDQ people directly. Fundraising is always expensive, and spending $200K to raise $2M sounds like a better ROI than the average for charities, so it seems a good use of money.)

  5. Umberto Bongo says:

    Isn’t it great that people can all enjoy playing games however they please? Speedrunning isn’t my thing either but being snarky about it is a bit of a childish way to behave.

    • SomeDuderr says:

      Because snarkiness is all we have left after disappointment, “””””irony””””””, anger and being generally disillusioned with everything that this hobby involves.

  6. Apologised says:

    Best Runs that I spotted so far were:

    Metroid Zero 100% items race
    Super Metroid 100% map completion (because Oatsngoats has literally speedrun every other catagory at a GDQ now) mostly for the commentary.
    Monolith run for introducing me to Monolith
    Mario Maker Blind team relay Race.
    The Celeste race for actually having the game devs on the couch as the commentators*.
    Jungle King Tar-chan for simply being Jungle King Tar-chan
    Somebody providing proof that there are levels after Toxic Caves in Sonic Spinball
    Bangai-O speedrun. Repeat: BANGAI-O SPEEDRUN.

    Lots of lesser known games in general got runs at SGDQ this year. CV:Bloodlines, LoZ: Oracle of Seasons, Cool Spot, Hagane, Goof Troop. etc

    WAAAY better than this years AGDQ I thought.

    *That said, Celeste was GDQ baiting from the start. Not a knock, we got a great game out of this. But it was clearly tailor made for GDQ.

  7. Shinard says:

    I’ll happily recommend the Amy run, for the runner alone – Dan from Foldable Ideas, a rather excellent film analysis YouTube channel. He’s fun to listen to, and the game’s enjoyably janky, so… yeah! Good run.

  8. caff says:

    Twas an excellent festival of speedrunnering.

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