This Is the Police 2 has a warrant for an August launch

This Is the Police 2

Videogames provide us with a great many escapist fantasies, like home ownership, and the¬†opportunity to travel. Another dream that seems to exist only in the realm of games is a police force sans corruption, or at least the opportunity to run one without embezzling too much cash or threatening to remove anyone’s kneecaps. We’ve long heard sirens on the horizon from tactical police management sequel This Is the Police 2, but now we’ve got the big-wigs to sign off on the papers, confirming that it’s due out on August 2nd – just one month from now.

Unlike the more management-focused first game, This Is the Police 2 adds another major element to gameplay; allowing you to directly control your police force in tactical, XCom-esque encounters, albeit with somewhat more complex goals. Ideally you want to be bringing in every suspect alive and (mostly) intact, but knowing how cynical the neo-noir original game was, I’m expecting this this will be yet another Frostpunk (chilly setting and all), turning otherwise mild-mannered players into cold-hearted despots by the time the credits roll.

In-between the tactical combat, there’s going to be a lot of moral decisions to be made, books to be balanced and investigations done. The original suffered from asking players to keep too many boring plates spinning in-between the exciting bits of interactive storytelling and too many of the story branches terminated in bad endings, at least according to Brendan. It’ll be interesting to see how the sequel tackles the shortcomings of the first game, while adding a whole new major gameplay layer.

This Is the Police 2 is out this August 2nd, and you can wishlist it here on Steam now.


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    Malarious says:

    Yeah… gonna be a hard pass from me. I know some people enjoy playing as the bad guys (and make no mistake, cops are NOT good people) but it just feels like it’s in bad taste, given the political climate and all, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this sentiment. Might as well be playing as a nazi guard at a concentration camp.

    • PeteF says:

      So you are suggesting all cops are not good people and aligning them with nazi guards at concentration camps? Well on the first point I think you have shown what sort of person you are. What do you do for a living? How would you feel if someone said all the people of your occupation are not good people? On the subject of concentration guards I often wonder if I was conscripted back then would I have had the courage to disobay orders with the consequences to myself and my family. Luckily I was never put in this position. What would you have done?

      • dethtoll says:

        All cops are bastards, Pete. Sorry!

        • PeteF says:

          dethtoll – you don’t need to apologise to me. You are entitled to express your opinion (within the appropriate civil and criminal legal frameworks obviously). What is ironic is that the police service is part of the legal and judicial system that defends that right. To be honest I would be more interested in your opinion if you entered into reasoned discussion rather than just providing a prejudiced stereotypical remark.

          • Ghostbird says:

            If you’re interested in reasoned discussion then I’d recommend searching for articles on “police abolition” and “restorative justice”. You’ll find lots of good thoughtful stuff on what’s wrong with the police and the justice system, along with some suggestions for alternative models. The library at is a good place to start.

          • Bull0 says:

            “durr cops r nazis”

            “wtf, how”

            “educate yourself on the drawbacks with our justice system”

            Er no, justify the remarks likening all police to nazis first mate, then maybe people will listen to your other ideas. Notice the arsehole that said that can’t be bothered to back it up.

          • Ghostbird says:

            The arguments are there if you want to look for them, or not if you don’t. How you choose to spend your time is up to you.

          • battles_atlas says:

            “All XXXX are bastards”/”are NOT good people” isn’t an argument, outside perhaps of a playground.

            Anyway, first game was the most self destructively grindy game I can remember experiencing. If it was 5hrs long I would have loved it. Instead I gave up after about 10hrs when it became clear quite how many times the devs wanted me to rinse and repeat some very limited game mechanics, just to get another crumb of story.

    • Bull0 says:

      My brother in law is a police officer and he’s lovely. I really doubt you’re even half the selfless public servant he is.

    • ColonelFlanders says:

      Try telling that to the guy on London Bridge that fought three people with knives armed with only a baton, trying to save the life of a woman who was being attacked. He was stabbed in the head, leg and hand, temporarily lost sight in one eye, and was knocked down. Dude stood back up and squared up to them until reinforcements arrived to assist him.

      Every police force has it’s share bad eggs, but without them we’d all be fucked, and you should be damned grateful that we have people out there that want to protect us.

    • Biggus_Dikkus says:

      wait till you need one

    • spacedyemeerkat says:

      Good grief. That is a ridiculous assertion.

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