Thief Of Thieves adapts a heist comic from Mr Walking Dead, and is out this month


Y’know, ‘based on a comic from the writer-creator of The Walking Dead’ is not usually something I would come running for, but I just took a look at the launch trailer for heist game Thief Of Thieves and suddenly I’m paying attention. Stealth + XIII-style faux-comic panels captions + supercool music = HELLO.

Marketing is always trickery, but give it a watch and tell me you don’t feel a little tingle despite that:

No idea how all those big floaty words and split-screening is going to work in practice, of course, plus we have to fold in the additional complication of this being an episodic game. The oddity there is that the episodes – four in total, at least for what they’re calling ‘Season One’ – are due out weekly. The first and second eps are released as a double-bill on July 16th, the second on the 23rd, and the fourth on July 30th.

I’ve never read the comic this is based on, so you’ll have to tell me if it’s any cop or not, but the shtick here is that you’re apprentice criminal Celia, cutting her teeth on a range of thievery jobs while making what sound like Telltaleish story decisions in between ’em.

Devs Rival Games are also shouting about their cast, which includes Cissy Jones, aka ‘er out of Firewatch, and, er, the voice of a briefly-seen CGI fishman in Star Wars: Rogue One.

Again, the first chunk’s out July 16th – no price or pre-order links yet, but here’s a Steam page if you want to wishlist.


  1. Synesthesia says:

    Ah! That’s the hand from Fiasco’s logo!

  2. Babymech says:

    “Y’know, ‘based on a comic from the writer-creator of The Walking Dead’ is not usually something I would come running for” – so does that mean you hate good comics, or just that you hate exercising, or is it both? Invincible? Outcast? Oblivion Song?

    • welverin says:

      Yeah, don’t let a dislike of The Walking Dead get in the way of at least trying some of his other stuff.

      Also, it’s important to note, while Thief of Thieves was his idea, he does not actually write it himself, other people do that.

    • skeletortoise says:

      FWIW I read a great deal of the Walking Dead and was surprised to find it worse than the show by a decent margin, and I don’t think the show is exactly brilliant. So, given how obnoxiously overrepresented it is as a property, I don’t blame Alec for shying away from things advertising a connection to it.

      I’ve also read a little Invincible and found pretty much nothing interesting about it.

    • phlebas says:

      There’s a game based on Invincible?

  3. Massenstein says:

    It is a pretty nice comic, basically the essence of gentleman thief- and heist-stories juiced and distilled. No real surprises if you have consumed any fiction of those genres but it’s very entertaining reading and splendidly drawn.

    edit: Just now watched the trailer and did I hear Patrick Warburton? There was never a better match! If they ever make it into a live-action tv-series, he could play the role too. I’m suddenly super certain Kirkman was thinking about him when creating the comic…

  4. Corwin71 says:

    Robert Kirkman was like a producer on this book. He didn’t have a hand in writing any of it. I hate how often this happens: the big name gets 100% of the credit while the follks who actually create the thing (write and draw it in this case, since it’s a comic) receive nary a mention.

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