Conan, hats and prison-breaks for $12 on Humble today

Humble Monthly

Run, jump, grab a thousand gubbins, escape from prison guards and hear the lamentations of their women – sounds like a fun weekend. Humble have just unveiled their next three ‘early unlock’ games for their Humble Monthly subscription service, and it’s an impressive little trio. $12 gets you Funcom’s survival sandbox Conan Exiles, Gears for Breakfast’s Mario-esque platformer A Hat In Time and Mouldy Toof’s jailbreak sim The Escapists 2 now, plus a bundle of mystery games at the end of the month.

Hardcore survival sandboxes aren’t normally my cup of tea (unless they’re offline and also S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) but in the few hours I’ve sunk into Conan Exiles, I’ve had some fun. Having PvE-only servers and allowing you to quickly get into the fun parts of barbarian fantasy (wearing very little and stabbing things with sharp pieces of metal) helps, and exploring is a joy because of a Breath of the Wild-ish free-climbing system. The game got a major patch yesterday, and there’s more free content on the way, which you can read about here.

As brilliant as gaming on PC is, one thing we do miss out on more often than not is 3D platformers, especially of the Mario 64-esque variety. A Hat In Time isn’t quite the full three-course banquet that Mario Odyssey is, but it’s one of the best collectathon platformers you can get on PC, with the promise of more worlds coming as free DLC later and a well-stocked Steam workshop full of user-made levels, powers and hats to wear.

The Escapists series as a whole has always flown under my radar. I’ve been vaguely aware of the existence of these games, but I wasn’t sold on trying one until I saw the Escapists 2 trailer below, featuring the most British prison-break fantasy possible. It’s one I’m sure many of us had as kids; sneaking your way out of a (slightly renamed for legal reasons) Center Parcs holiday village. There’s also a chunky pile of DLC available separately, including quests to escape from a medieval dungeon and an oppressive circus.

As for me, I already have two of those three, so here’s hoping there’s something else for me in the end-of-month bundle. You can grab the Humble Monthly early games over here for $12, and everything there is free to keep. The subscription also gives you access to the Humble Trove, an additional library of DRM-free games, including The Sexy Brutale, Satellite Reign and The End is Nigh.


  1. mitrovarr says:

    Not surprised Hat in Time is in there. Since it was published by Humble, it seemed almost a given it was going to end up in a monthly at some point. Still, glad to see it,

    • Premium User Badge

      Malarious says:

      Wish they would disavow JonTron though. Sucks that such an otherwise wholesome game is tarred by association.

      • geldonyetich says:

        Ugh, the JonTron thing is such a furor. I’ve seen that incriminating interview, and he was basically backed into a corner and forced into a position he didn’t really have.

        The man is perfectly within is rights to be on board with immigration reform. Many perfectly reasonable people are. That doesn’t mean he’s a KKK supporter or foreigner hater. But the ignorant can’t split that hair.

        • kitten says:

          link to

          “That incriminating interview”? Which one?

          • geldonyetich says:

            Yeah, pretty much the Destiny one.

            The thing is, a lot of the racist-seeming things he ended up saying were because Destiny repeatedly set the tone of the conversation to one he knew he could win the easy emotional appeal on.

            Thus, when JonTron tried to meet him halfway, the stuff he ended up saying was not intentional. He ended up getting worn down and making an argument he was not really there to make.

            Honestly, I don’t think this was a deliberate intention of Destiny either, it’s just typical Internet sophomoric arguing. Moving goalposts and false interpretations are how young pseudo-intellectuals prove their chops.

            But JonTron picked a bad debate in a lousy forum, and this obvious misunderstanding is what he’s stuck with, for lack of the Internet-going public’s patience to tell the difference.

        • Martel says:

          Well, except that he’s said some pretty blatantly racist things far outside of the scope of “immigration reform”. Maybe not in that specific interview you’re referencing, but he definitely has.

        • mmandthetat says:

          “Immigration reform” is a euphemism for what you’re really talking about and you know it. Just go ahead and argue that it’s not a big deal that Jontron’s racist. There isn’t any doubt at this point that he is.

      • MajorLag says:

        For fu… the guy had exactly one line of dialog in the game. Get over yourselves.

        If you’re going to boycott it have a *good* reason, like that artist who claims not to have been paid.

  2. geldonyetich says:

    Conan Exiles is a pretty solid survival sandbox action game, and I’m glad to see it’s about to get a second wind… just wish I had saved myself the money and had not bought it already.

    I’m getting some rather powerful incentives to stop buying games right now.

  3. Laini says:

    A Hat in Time is really good fun (bar that annoying stealth level). It’s just really inventive and charming, there’s always something new cropping up and it’ll take centre stage for a level and then never be seen again because here’s some other silly new idea.

  4. racccoon says:

    Even though I thought I snapped a bargain at getting conan exiles for 18.u.s., this does prove one thing, it pays to wait out the always over hyped game releases. Conan exiles sit’s around un installed as I thought it kind of crappy and error’ed, at least it’s not a mountain of cash wasted these days just a trickle. I have become more preserved from new game releases as the need to be a first buyers is no longer a need, when i do buy new it only happens to a very very select few games these days.
    So, wait it out, it doesn’t hurt one bit.
    Happy days! :)

  5. Rince says:

    You can play Conan offline, right?

    And A Hat in Time looks adorable and super fun.

    Guess that’s time to unpause my sub.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      There is a solo mode, but you’re probably going to want to tweak some settings because it’s balanced for multiple players. There are PvE-only servers though, so you can just join a town, help them defend against monster-sieges and so on. Or just do your own thing.

  6. MajorLag says:

    I played A Hat in Time recently and for once I actually didn’t want a game to end at the 10 hour mark. It’s adorable and doesn’t take itself too seriously, the platforming is solid, it isn’t afraid to mix up the gameplay, there’s an anti-frustration mechanic in the boss fights, and even though it is a collectathon it has more collectables than are actually necessary to 100% the game.

    I love it. Made me feel like a kid again and supplants Mario 64 as my favorite entry in the genre.

  7. Dust and Cobwebs says:

    I’m tempted, but I’ve heard that the mac port of Hat in Time is pretty shoddy. (No achievements, no mods, a distressing number of “crash on title screen” reports, etc.) I don’t suppose anyone here knows if that’s still the case?

  8. FinrazielNL says:

    I love that the trailer for the escapists 2 managed to sneak a rickroll in :P

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