What are we all playing this weekend?

If wishes were horses, cockroaches would… ride rats? Summer’s reaching that point where stuff just happens, strange and incomprehensible stuff, and all you can do is nod and say “Okay then” as a dozen lads the colour of boiled lobsters chase an inflatable crocodile down the road singing Ace of Base. Summer: if you can make sense of it, you’re weren’t there.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alec: Do you know, I still haven’t sat down and gotten to know The Defect, the third Slay The Spire character. This is an outrageous oversight that must corrected forthwith, so this weekend I shall OH NO ANOTHER CHILD’S BIRTHDAY PARTY kill me please
Alice B: I promise at some point I will say I am playing an actual video game in one of these, but that point is not this point. This weekend I’ve been invited to play Nightmare Live. For those of you who didn’t watch one of the best TV shows ever when it was actually on, playing Nightmare Live means I will be guiding a member of the public through an imaginary dungeon. I am excited by this prospect.
Alice O: Now that Yakuza games are starting to come to PC, it’s very relevant for me to say here that I’ll be playing the Yakuza Kiwami 2 demo on PlayStation 4. Research for future work, that. Billable hours, even. Beyond the dadly adventures of Kazuma Kiryu, I’m mostly looking at catsitting a sweetheart, swimming in the sea, and sleeping wherever my husk falls.
Brendan: [Brendan is away, and I quote, “finding true meaning in a deep well.” Well then.]
Dave: This weekend I intend to play a bit more of Ghost of a Tale, especially after reading a bit more about it earlier this week. I’ll also be delving into Orwell: Ignorance Is Strength as a quick win over my almost endless backlog of games – the hours I have left to complete everything are eye-watering…
Graham: I swear to something-or-other, this is the weekend I finally finish Yoku’s Island Express. I doomed that game to an extremely late review on RPS by deciding to write it myself, but I’ve had a blast with what I’ve played of the pinball-platformer so far and I swear – to Alice B this time – that I will write the review next week.
John: It’ll mostly be unreleased PC games for reviews. But, I’m very much hoping to finally finish Abzu with the boy, so we can immediately start it over again.
Katharine: It’s more Ni No Kuni II for me this weekend. Now that I’m in the meat of the game, I’m really enjoying it. Combat is fast and fluid, the English VO is surprisingly great and the music is just gorgeous. Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum has very much won me over with his wide-eyed innocence, and I look forward to enacting more of his sweet-tempered and definitely not maniacal plan to take over the world.
Matt: I’ve been craving an RPG to sink into, so when I saw Final Fantasy 15 going for half price yesterday I decided to see if I could get into my first FF game.

So far, I can’t! The first quests are about killing X numbers of monsters and finding some fish for a cat, though I’m hoping it’ll get more interesting now a plot thing has actually happened.

Or maybe I’ll just end up playing Slay The Spire and Overwatch.

Matthew: I’m being dragged over to horrible, hot London so very few games for me. May finally give Slay The Spire a go – I keep seeing people talk about it on the RPS staff Slack and I feel like a terrible fraud, nodding and chuckling to their anecdotes and jokes without a single idea of what anyone is talking about. I don’t want it to become one of those things I anxiously avoid, like the 20 years I spent never saying ‘kettle’ because I couldn’t remember if it was pronounced ‘kettle’ or ‘cattle’.
Nöa: If I have time during my weekend mini-vacation, I may dip into Ghost of a Tale because mice are just so darn cute (especially the minstrel kind in patchwork hats).

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. latedave says:

    Probably trying to finally finish a Mortal Empires campaign for me, it does sadly suffer like all Total War games do from removing a lot of the tension at the end when you’re just a giant steamroller. Also battle tech now it’s been speeded up and some stellaris

    • napoleonic says:

      You say “removing a lot of the tension”, I say “allowing me to exult in my superiority”. Poh-tay-to poh-tah-to.

  2. msterofthe says:

    I want to properly understand the stealth mechanics in Objects In Space. I was intrigued by that game since I first saw it covered here and bought into the early access as soon as I could. Judging by the Steam store description, they have a clear goal in mind and nothing too ambitious planned, so I’ll trust them.

    It’s an interesting little game, I quit after it crashed a few times (I was warned about this) but it’s been updated several times since, so I hope those problems are gone.

    • Vilos Cohaagen says:

      I also bought it and I’m sitting on it while I play Star Traders:Frontiers to give it time to mature. I don’t want to burn out on it in Early Access.

      Star Traders:Frontiers is amazing and eating all my gaming time. The branching plotlines and inability do everything/help everyone is amazing. You have to make some great/tough choices.

      It reminds me of the Witcher in that way and is a powerful incentive to replay it. Plus the development is moving at an insanely cool pace.

  3. Evan_ says:

    I got very rich in GTA Online so I’ll get to see if more or less enjoyable it gets without the urge to grind.

    I’m trying to get myself to learn playing Objects in Space. I love retro, space sandboxes and Silent Hunter. Dunno why this one is so hard to start for me.

  4. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    So Brenden’s playing Fallen London’s SMEN story then? I’ve got a character working through that, it hasn’t lived up to the hype for me. The idea that the big grind of SMEN shows what an obsession it is for your character is rather spoiled by the fact *everything* in lategame FL is a massive grind. And by the time I’ve completed said grind for a certain stage of the story I’ve forgotten the lore that came in the previous stage of the SMEN story.


    This weekend will be more MGS5. I’m enjoying it more now I’ve calmed down about the mission scores – I seem to get a B whether I knock out & fulton every guard without being spotted at all or if I get into a massive firefight, so what the hell. Maybe I’m just too slow when doing the former approach for the game’s liking.

    • DEspresso says:

      Or Brendan has literally fallen into a well. Send help?

    • teije says:

      I abandoned Fallen London at that point too. Just got too grindy and there was very little else to complete. No complaints, had a great time building up my character and enjoying the ambience.

    • welverin says:

      Speed is by far the most important factor in getting high scores in MGSV missions.

      If you do want to get high scores I highly suggest waiting until after you’ve played trhough everything once, you’ll know what you need to do and be much better equipped to do so. Also, be aware you don’t need to accomplish each objective on one playthrough, so you can make multiples runs to accomplish all of the things (as long as my memory hasn’t failed me).

  5. Lars Westergren says:

    I just finished Prey: Mooncrash which was fantastic. Crate & Crowbar podcast talks a lot about it, and there is a pretty good Youtube video raving about how good it is.

    link to crateandcrowbar.com

    link to youtube.com

    I think it was Dominic Tarason that really got me interested in it first though, so thanks Dom! Thom.

    Now, maaaybe I should try to beat Cultist Simulator. Or start on Vampyr. Or maybe Pillars of Eternity 2 now that it has gotten a bunch of solid patches.

    • caff says:

      Well, I picked up Mooncrash thanks to your comments on it last week, and Dom & Walker’s comments on it too – so thanks, everyone, for suggesting this ingenious brilliant mod for an already brilliant base game.

  6. LennyLeonardUK says:

    Cities: Skyline for me. I took the opportunity to pick up some of the game’s DLC in the recent Steam Summer Sale (Mass Transit, Natural Disasters and Green Cities) so I am intrigued to see what mechanics and scenarios they may add to an already fantastic base game.

    Other than that I am still plugging away at Ni No Kuni 2, one of my favourite JRPG’s of recent times.

    I may also dabble in a spot of Stellaris if the mood takes me. I picked up the recent story pack DLC but still haven’t given it a spin.

    And of course I will puncture all this with the World Cup semi finals today. I’ll be the first to say it (here): It’s Coming Home!!!.

  7. Lomaxx says:

    Subterrain, which i bought during summersale. Gameplay is slightly shallow and repetitive, but the desire to find and research new equipment keeps me motivated and busy. Basically you just run around, kill “zombies” and loot stuff from boxes. Every now and then a very simple towerdefense event occurs.
    Meanwhile you try to manage hunger, thirst, sleep, toilet-visits, infection, health, automated resource-gathering, research, production, repairing, weapons, powercells and oxygen-/thermal-reserves.

  8. Quickly says:

    Illustration looks legit more fun of a concept than most games I’ve seen this year.

  9. Grim Rainbow says:

    Im playing saving up for a new pc. Once that happens i wanna go back to dayz, stellaris and play eye of the beholder trilogy and xwing and tie fighter. Morrowind and civ 4 will be in there too. I should really play a new game. Maybe xcom.

  10. Pharaoh Nanjulian says:


    Dead Island co-operative…

    Dare I also intend Shadow of Chernobyl with LURK?

  11. Spacewalk says:

    I’m taking a ride in Victor’s Van since I’ve finally found the time for it since I got it in the Steam sale, like, a week ago.

  12. Killy_V says:

    – The Division, I passed lvl 30 tonight thanks to random internet bros,
    – Battletech cause GIANT MECHA fights
    – Slay the spire, just finished it for the first time in 6 month after 74 tries, I feel like a boss v0v
    – Some Overload cause this game is fun af
    – And I’ll respond to EVE online pings because pewpewing other dudes in the face with other dudes never gets old

  13. elsparko says:

    I actually finished Dark Souls (Remastered) for the first time yesterday. The information that Gwyn can be parried was a life safer.

    Now of course I’m facing the agonizing decision of what to play next again. I could finish up Dark Souls 3’s DLCs but I find that game much more difficult than DS1.
    I also underwent character creation in DS2 but it seems to control strangely and I get the impression that it’s not gonna be very fun.

    Sticking out from the tip of my huge heap of shame are also the original Planescape Torment, Gothic 2 (nostalgia rerun with the Atariar Edition Mod), System Shock 2, Nu Prey (w/o DLC) and FF XV.

    In other news I moved over a 4k Display from my work setup to my gaming PC. I dig the crispness and enhanced visuals on older titles but e.g. FF XV really burdens my system on 4k. I got a GTX 1070 Ti and from what I read my choice is now to max out details on 1080p and still suffer upscaling blurriness or I go with low details and the native resolution.

    • hijuisuis says:

      Have played DS1 and DS2 and loved them both. They are different ice cream varieties though, and u would suggest anything but more dark souls after you just finished one. I also think DS2 won’t hold up if you go straight in, definitely worth playing some day though.

      System Shock 2 is mindbendingly good if you can tolerate older games.

  14. Creeping Death says:

    After picking it up in the sale I’m going to continue through Hellblade. So far it’s been very interesting but surprisingly very buggy. From doors not opening to mid cutscene dodge prompts not working and even the fact that when I load into the game my character very visibly spawns a few feet off the ground and hangs for a second before dropping.

    It’s all caught me a bit off guard as I don’t remember anyone talking about bugs when it first came out (and I shudder to think that what it was like then before multiple patches).

  15. shrieki says:

    stalker dead air.

    and game-guru making my own silly pseudo games :)

  16. Ben King says:

    I managed to buy NOTHING in the steam summer sale so I get 100 points towards working on my backlog. Finished Subnautica last week which was darling except for the very strange subtext that if *SPOILERS* the scientific method doesn’t get you what you want and threatening and killing someones family doesn’t either, then perhaps locking them in prison for a VERY LONG TIME will work just fine. *END SPOILERS*

    Still gathering up enemy bases in The Signal from Tolva which is still fun unless I inadvertently run into 6 enemies instead of 3 in which case I’m automatically dead. I started Undertale but my girl Nnedi got hung up on her first combat with 2x enemies… tips? Also still STILL ticktocking between making headway and hitting inscrutable walls in the Witness. I’ve unlocked the mountain but damn if I don’t really want to get a couple more lasers still. The Marshland remains largely locked away and stubbornly inscrutable, and there are some real head-scratchers in the old city… Maybe I’ll finally start on the Dishonored expansions.

    • SBLux says:

      I bought nothing too!… well almost, I caved in with 3 hours to go and bought Assass Oranges. It looks fantastic but has crashed multpile times within the first hour of gameplay, which is very dissappointing.

  17. charmless says:

    buyers remorse after the steam sale…
    I did get a trackir gadget and if I apply myself I will see if I can set it up to control my POV within Euro Truck, Train Sim 18, Rise of Flight/WOFF or even Elite:D. I have plenty of games that would benefit.

    • inferno493 says:

      I use TrackIR for flight sims and it makes a world of difference. The setup can be a bit cumbersome, but it really increases the immersion. Short of getting a VR setup there is really no comparison to using it vs buttons or keypress to adjust your views.

  18. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    There will very likely be some Overwatch since, after reading assorted words on this website and seeing that there actually are a couple characters with fun-looking movement, I finally decided to purchase a copy. As per usual, I’ve played some Lawbreakers, and, time allowing, might sneak in one or two more hours of that this evening. Just to complete the set, I’ve also re-installed Quake Champignons and will try that out. I expect to enjoy the movement but to have a terrible time of it the moment unimpeachable aim or map control becomes useful, which should make it easier to be pleasantly surprised.

    Meanwhile, Mirror Drop has been nice, and I’ll continue working through those puzzles.

    • Ben King says:

      Yay for Mirror Drop! I like that one as well, although I never completed the puzzles. Once I realized I could really tickle my brain by working towards a minimum number of moves I burnt out some fuses in there…

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Hahaa! That does indeed sound like dangerous territory. I’m still working on a “just try to get through, and keep a chunk of brain on the lookout for the secret thing/action” playthrough for now.

        There was one level in particular, with a diagonal tube you can look through from multiple sides, which totally threw me for a loop when I encountered it. Coming back to it a couple days later, I somehow blundered my way through, and I’m still not quite sure why what I did worked. Fortunately, the couple of levels following it seemed much more brain-friendly, albeit still in need of some new approaches. There’ve been some really neat concepts along the way!

    • Seyda Neen says:

      Good luck with Overwatch! I’d be curious to know what your favorite characters end up being if you like movement abilities the most.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Thanks! I’ll definitely leave a comment or two about that for one of these weekend thingies, once I get into it. Right now, I’m looking forward to trying Hammond and Lucio, and possibly Deathfist. Wait, is it Deathfist? That doesn’t sound quite right… Surely not Deathface, as great a name as that would be. The dude with the big fist wot punches people up real good and punches himself up walls and things. He looked fairly fun in another video I saw.

        As it stands right now, though, I only ended up having time for Quake, by which I was indeed pleasantly surprised (probably because it was mostly/all bots I was playing with). Its movement with me as a newcomer was generally pretty mundane yet reasonably paced and satisfying, with an outlier being that the rocket jumping feels great. I also ended up chatting with a more experienced player who was quite friendly and gave me some hope for the movement becoming more interesting once I get some more complicated concepts under my fingers. Then there are apparently some “cpma characters” which imply a movement/control set from a Q3A mod I’ve never used but am a bit excited about.

  19. MegaAndy says:

    My 8Bitdo controller’s stick wore out so i have been attempting to make my own thumbstick with my 3d printer, version 2 just printed and so will get it fitted now. Then Rocket League to test obvs

    Pic of it link to imgur.com

  20. jerseyBastion says:

    I did try Neverwinter last week but the graphics were so bad I had to stop. It was like playing on an original PlayStation.

    I’d like to try out Cities: Skylines or Planet Coaster, but I fear they’re not compatible with the half-hour chunks I can manage at a PC. So it’ll be Civ 6 on the iPad. I’m terrible at it!

  21. Zenicetus says:

    The new Fallout 76 doesn’t sound like my thing, so for nostalgia I decided to start a new Fallout 3 campaign.

    I’m using the Tale of Two Wastelands mod that runs FO3 inside the New Vegas engine, to get around compatibility issues with Windows 10. The way the NV mechanics mesh into FO3 took some getting used to, with armor stats handled differently, maybe some balance issues. But it’s still fun. It’s been so long since I played FO3, that I can’t remember half the quest lines and it feels relatively fresh.

  22. MrFuture says:

    I grabbed Doninions 5 during the steam sale and have been sucked in.

  23. geldonyetich says:

    I played a bit of Elite: Dangerous to see what has changed. The more it changes, the more it stays the same.

    Friend of mine really wanted to co-op Dying Light, to the tune of even buying me a copy. It’s quite the open world, zombie-killing, parkouring sandbox. Rudimentary crafting and excessive, bad dialogue abounds. But I can’t fault the game much on its fundamentals.

  24. pookie191 says:

    A mix of Battletech where I hopefully wont be hit with the save game ruining bug I got last time and Fallout 4 as usual.

  25. malkav11 says:

    A bunch of people I know were starting to get into Guild Wars 2, or back into it, depending, so I was feeling the urge to work on Living World Season 2 (yes, that’s how behind I am)…and then ArenaNet behaved like utter cowardly prats and I’m not so excited about playing their game anymore. :/

  26. Dave Mongoose says:

    I’m continuing to work my way through Fallout: New Vegas + DLC (midway through Old World Blues atm).

    I bounced off NV when it first came out because of the slow and relatively linear start, but I’m very glad I’ve persevered this time – the faction system is awesome and your choices and character build genuinely feel like they make a difference to how you experience the story.

  27. Shinard says:

    Cuphead and Shadowrun: Hong Kong! Both utterly stellar. I had my doubts about SR:HK, but they’ve been comfortably assuaged. I’m as invested in my crew, their stories and our missions as I was with Dragonfall, and that’s all I ask. Just a crew of interesting, well-written unique characters and a sequence of complex missions allowing multiple angles of approach, tailored to allow each member of said crew to shine. Barely anything. The decking is still rubbish, though.

    And I’m 4 bosses in in Cuphead, and having a fantastic time. I do find the actual knockouts a little anticlimactic – I’d like a bit more death animation, please, – but that’s a minor nitpick against everything else. Looks amazing, sounds amazing, feels amazing. Beating each boss is such a thrill.

    Oh, and I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s coming home.

    • icarussc says:

      Absolutely loved SRHK, and easily best of the three, IMHO. That Kindly Chen … Decking is better, but yeah, not the best.

      • Shinard says:

        I’d still back Dragonfall, but only barely. Partly because I actually prefer the decking in Dragonfall to Hong Kong. The real time stealth element just feels really clunky to me, so even if Dragonfall is just standard Shadowrun tactics – eh, the Shadowrun tactics system is fun. Maybe a turn based stealth system ala Invisible Inc would be best.

  28. Thulsa Hex says:

    Just about to continue my semi-regular Divinity: OS co-op campaign, which will be a nice reprieve from the “record-setting” 40°C++ SoCal heatwave.

    Also just picked up Stardew Valley on Switch. It’s a great fit for handheld, but I’m slightly regretting not getting Hollow Night instead because I think it would be a better fit for me at the moment (and it sounds great).

    Hopefully more Silent Hill 2, if I’m not too tired at night (it needs to be at night for proper spook levels).

    What I did not expect to be playing:

    Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS). It took me over a year (on-and-off) to get through FE Fates: Birthright. I was honestly a bit burnt-out by the end, so I’m not sure why I slot in the Awakening cartridge right after. In any case, I’m glad I did because I’m finding it incredibly enjoyable. The characters are way more fun, for starters, and the pacing is much better. I’ll be done with this one in no time.

    Mad Max. An 11th-hour Steam sale purchase. Recent internet discussion flipped the “it’s time to play this” switch in my head, and it was only $5, which is a steal. It’s a lot of fun, more than a bit weird, flawed, and pretty all at once. A bit of the Road Warrior vibe to it. Open-world fatigue might set in before the end, but for now I’m having a Good Time. Shame it got buried on release (Warner Bros. scheduled it for the same day as Metal Gear Solid V!), coz it seems like a solid 7/10 romp.

    (This is too many games, help.)

  29. Phantasma says:

    Wanted to build a few houses in Sims 4 but the newest expansion introduced two bugs that make the game very hard for me to enjoy (borderlining unplayable), so waiting for another hotfix.

    Then i thought, maybe a new campaign in Warhammer 2 but the still atrocious turn times in Mortal Empires and the (by now six months old) reinforcement bug quickly sapped my will even before reaching the title screen.

    Jurassic Park Evolution? But i already have five stars on every island and beside unlocks there’s still fuck all to do.

    So in reality i’m browsing the Steam sale again although i’m not even in the mood for a new game.

    Actually really thinking about taking a break from gaming for a while. A first in… 28 years.

  30. juan_h says:

    Still playing Divinity: Original Sin. After a modest bit of Googling, I have at last discovered that on Linux the “show me where all the tiny, nigh-invisible objects on the ground are” key is apparently X rather than ALT as it is on Windows. Don’t ask me why. Also, don’t ask me why this incredibly useful feature isn’t documented in the manual or why–if it is indeed there at all–it’s so hard to find (or possibly just poorly named) in the key-bindings screen.

    Otherwise, things are going reasonably well. I think I can just about take Boreas if I stock up on consumables first. I may also take another whack at Bracchus Rex now that I’ve got a smattering of fire-resistance gear.

  31. sunahe says:

    I’m trying out Destiny 2, because it’s free and I don’t care what people think and even now my friends are like “it’s a clicker” but hey, what’s the alternative, is it to have a kid, that would be like The Sims but even more expensive and you get none of the fun and what if grows up to be a drug addict, so I’d rather shoot some not-krogans and watch some numbers grow, and omg that loading animation is so neat.

  32. fish99 says:

    Have barely touched a game since finishing Dark Souls Remaster over a month ago, but I’m getting an itch to maybe play something Fallout related (not F76). Honestly though it’s too hot for gaming, 27 degrees indoors without even turning my PC on, and the World Cup isn’t done yet. I do fancy another run through the main story in the original Destiny, but my aging PS4 would probably melt.

  33. Rainshine says:

    Relaxing from a long week. Been playing Through the Ages off and on (TTA is a virtualization of a board game that was on Summer Sale for Steam). I’m pretty happy, as it both saved me buying the new version of the physical game for four times the price, setup and cleanup is easier, scoring is easier, and the finding two other maniacs who both like that sort of game and have the time to play it in one sitting is gone. So yay!
    Maybe try some Divinity:OS again — bounced off the first and second times. Maybe reinstall Freedom Force?

  34. Chaoslord AJ says:

    It’ll be Warframe for me and also I bought a Playstation to catch up on Bloodbourne and Horizon Zero Dawn and stuff.
    Recent PC releases this year don’t cut it for me to be honest: Part 2s (can’t bother with Pillars), scam remasters (NWN, DS), early access (paying for an unfinished product), bad ports and all that.

  35. mitrovarr says:

    Mostly Overwatch here. I’m also playing a bit of Portal Knights, so I can try to get a little use out of last month’s humble monthly.

  36. SBLux says:

    I just reached 150 hours in Rimworld and I am finally starting to get the hang of it! My colony is doing great but I am totally stuck until I find a way of acquiring plasteel.

    I bought Assass Oranges and was excited to play it but it has crashed so many times I am not sure whether to persevere of refund (I see refunding as a last resort).

  37. Premium User Badge

    Big Dunc says:

    I’ll hopefully be playing Subnautica again whilst at the same time trying to prevent my ageing pc from melting under the strain of running it in 30 degree heat.

  38. kud13 says:

    Prior to buying Vampyr, I made myself a silly promise that before playing it, I’ll replay “Alpha Protocol” to see if it was as good as my 2011 self thought (back then I replayed it like 5 times back to back)

    So I’ve been working my way through the first of the planned 6 replays. Actually doing okay once I started recalling how the systems work, though since I’ve been hopping between ops, I now have 3 boss battle levels lined up in a row…

    I’ve also been meaning to continue my replay of the Wings of Liberty campaign, so might put some more time into that.

    Only one more week of World Cup throwing a wrench into my summer, and then I can go back to not caring about TV for another 2 years.

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