Gone Vroom is Gone Home but you are a car for some reason

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There’s not much of a need to add to this news hit. Today, on the ole Itch.io site, I stumbled upon yet another great Ludum Dare 41 entry. If you remember, 41’s theme is two game genres that should not be compatible. Jon Remedios took this to one of its most bizarre conclusions: that the walking simulator genre requires a good driving simulator that is not, itself, a driving simulator but rather a walking simulator where you are a car. If you think it sounds like that might not work, well, you’d be right. Especially if that car if forced to experience life trapped within the walls of the rural Oregon home of the Greenbriar family. That’s right. It’s Gone Home but you’re a car. You’re a car in the Gone Home house. Welcome to Gone Vroom.

Jon and his wife did the VO on this. “Yes, I did spend money to make this,” the developer brags on the game page. I guess no one told him to pump the breaks.

“What in the world lol” — Steve Gaynor, one of the creators of Gone Home

You can download Gone Vroom and dig into its emotional mystery for free. Right here, right now.

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If you don’t have time to fire this up, I recommend this Let’s Play video:

Remember, DORKLY did fix the game previously by finally adding a gun to it. Gun Home was the definitive version of Steve Gaynor’s vision… until now.


  1. Decimae says:

    The game looks funny, but that youtuber is incredibly obnoxious.

  2. milligna says:

    “I recommend this Let’s Play video”

    Good lord, why? Spite? Sheer cruelty?!?

  3. Darth Gangrel says:

    When I read that headline I was thinking that Silent Hill 4: The (V)Room would be more fitting, but I guess this works too (or doesn’t work, as the article implies).

  4. Chillicothe says:

    “Now with meaningless blatant nostalgia for your first car, too!”

  5. emotionengine says:

    Isn’t this kind of thing normal for you folks in the States? link to theonion.com

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