Gamer Network is looking for backend web developers


Since its inception Rock Paper Shotgun has run on WordPress, a blogging platform built upon the very best web technologies available in 2003. That could soon change with your help. Gamer Network – the corporate overlords that own us, Eurogamer, VG247 and more – are looking for backend web developers to help unify the sites onto a single new platform. If that sounds interesting to you, read on.

As a brief breakdown of what the job entails, you would need to:

  • Write correct, maintainable code that solves business problems.
  • Build scalable web services/applications within our platform and deliver them to the business on schedule.
  • Collaborate with peer developers to build technical specifications for platform projects.
  • Work with the team to discuss and critique engineering decisions together; participating in activities like pair programming and code review.
  • Ensure the continued correctness and performance of code through automated testing.

If you understood what any of that meant, hop on over to the full job posting to find out more about the location, requirements and how to apply.

Come, join us, and maybe with your help one day RPS can have a CMS that doesn’t break when we sneeze too hard.


  1. milligna says:

    “We should make it more like Kinja surely!”

  2. BaaBaa says:

    “…the very best web technologies available in 2003”

    Lol, it reads a bit like “Look, we did the best we could at the time, alright? Give us some credit for not choosing MySpace.”

  3. jezcentral says:

    Does this mean that all the logging in will stop? Oh, happy day!

  4. zulnam says:

    Python and React? That sounds like a full-stack position more than backend.

    I hope you don’t expect to find anyone under £50k yearly.

    • pipja says:

      I bet they are looking for a full stack developer for 45k a year. :/

      Just fact of life *is a full-stack code monkey himself*

    • mrmonkington says:

      It’s what we’re calling a platform role in that, yes, it’s a backend job but more generally it’s about tools and frameworks, which includes supporting some frontend tech.

      It’s certainly not full stack and it’s sandwiched between ops and product (who actually put sites together). You have to advertise with ‘backend’ in the title for SEO innit.

      Re: salary, we’re just keen to meet bright, interesting developers regardless of experience and will work out if/how they fit, and pay accordingly. FWIW, it’s a really nice team to work in, though I would say that ;)

      • ColonelFlanders says:

        That last paragraph translates as “you won’t be getting anywhere near 50k, but we’ll let you use Facebook at lunchtime”

        • AngoraFish says:

          I’ve yet to see a job ad using weasel words like “salary commensurate with experience” that didn’t, in fact, mean something closer to “we have a non-negotiable salary cap, but that doesn’t mean we won’t pay you even less if you’re enough of a sucker to low-ball us on your salary expectations.”

      • LostInDaJungle says:

        As someone who is well qualified for that job – Seriously? So let me get this straight. I just have to know dev, ops, continuous deployment, automated testing, 5 languages and a handful of recent frameworks at a level where I can spec and design a platform around all of them.

        That’s a senior level position, not a “backend developer”. Either you’ve gone crazy with the magnetic buzzwords set you got for Christmas, or you’re looking to get senior management at developer pay levels. This is the type of job people come to poach me for, not something you advertise to your readers.

        I have Senior devs working under me that couldn’t begin to check all of those boxes. I’m not even being salty about it… It’s just true. At best, you’ll get a dilettante who knows enough about all of those technologies to get past an interview but not enough to design a stable long term platform for “billions” of hits.

        Just being honest, if I needed a job, this is exactly the kind of ad that is a huge turnoff. It screams “We don’t really know what our platform is, but if you come on board we’ll wing it and try to work you into the ground.” Last time I saw a req like this it was for a small shop that sold vintage jeans… And I almost died laughing. The owner (who had reached out to me) seemed puzzled why I wouldn’t accept $40K less to work at his “cool” shop, and even through my refusal to even discuss the position started throwing out things he wanted to “do” (AR, Marketing (spam), and 1 billion features for a shopping cart) with a team he expected to be three people.

        Another thing… What is your workflow? Are you Agile? Do you Jira? Source control? You would hire someone who didn’t know Git or SVN? Those are all very important things to a dev. The fact that they aren’t even mentioned is problematic. You either don’t have the processes in place, or you do, but don’t think they’re really all that important. Those things protect your devs from being at the whim of management, and we seek out good processes as much as good projects.

        I mean… Best of luck. But as someone who would be a target audience for this ad, and as someone who has heard the horror stories from my peers, this is exactly the type of ad we either complain about or laugh about.

  5. BombJovim says:

    Damn, any position for a Web Designer?

  6. Roest says:

    More nag screens please.

  7. Adrian Heine says:

    I think having to move to UK somewhat limits the audience here. Anyway, consider using as editor :)

  8. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Well, neat. I mean, I’m vaguely qualified but already in a stable position. Also I’m American, so Brighton’s a bit of a schlep.

    But it’d be nice to see some updates. WordPress is fine and all, but I’ve seen the writers here expressing some annoyance with the CMS and the comment system, and I expect both could use a bit of an overhaul.

    Best of luck with the hiring and dev work, everyone.

  9. Jernau Gurgeh says:

    If there is no reference to Scotch egg consumption in the footer of the new website, and we are not informed of the current Hivemind Throbometer reading, then I’m afraid that’s you and me done RPS.

  10. Premium User Badge

    alison says:

    Wow. These comments are not doing much to combat the stereotype of software developers being arrogant jackasses. 18 years professional experience here, worked in management, tech leadership and as a grunt. Rest assured there are still some of us in the industry who don’t have such an overinflated sense of self-worth. If I was in England I’d check it out. I’d like to walk to the beach on my lunch break.

  11. mpk says:

    I can do marquee tags in HTML do I get the job

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