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Assassin's Creed Odyssey guide: how to fight, which gameplay mode to choose, exploring Ancient Greece

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The Ancient Greek world in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is honestly a colossally sized place. Set during the conflict between Athens and Sparta, there are a fair few returning features, such as sailing, but it also retains a fair few of the the big changes that were brought with Assassin’s Creed Origins. There’s plenty of new features as well, like romancing NPCs and dialogue choices. In this collection of guides, we will cover the basics of combat, which gameplay mode to choose, the multiple side quests, skills and sailing explained, and dealing with the mercenaries.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey guide

Taking place during the Peloponnesian war, some time between 431-404 BC, this was the war that had wide consequences with the outlook on Ancient Greece, with Athens taking on Sparta. There was a treaty signed in 421 BC, but this was soon rendered void by ongoing conflicts in Peloponnesus. But with the realistic setting that includes large scale battles, there are also plenty of side quests, mythological beasts to slaughter, and even buried treasure to uncover.

Choosing your difficulty

When you begin the game, you’re given a choice of difficulty for combat, but you are also given the between guided and exploration mode. Exploration mode is the intended way to play the game, providing players with clues, as well as any interesting places that are marked with a question mark for you to discover yourself. Guided is much the same, though quests have waypoint markers and it is a lot more generous with the hints, usually telling players the location of where to go in a lot more detail. The guided mode is more like Assassin’s Creed games of old in many respects.

Kassandra has a choice on whether or not to kill this buffoon bandit.

Choosing your destiny in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

You take on the role of either Kassandra or Alexios – both are mercenaries that can either align with Sparta or Athens, and your choice is permanent. The other thing about both of them to know going in is that they’re a descendant of King Leonidas, the famous Spartan king depicted in famous works that romanticised his endeavours, such as Frank Miller’s 300. So if you’re wondering why that Spartan Kick is so prevalent in the footage leading up to the game’s release, now you know – it’s in the blood.

Much like the Greek mythology of old, your actions govern your fate. Several key choices are hinted at throughout the story and will permanently impact the kind of missions you’ll be able to accept, your allegiances with either Athens or Sparta, and the outcome of the war as a result.

Some decisions have long-lasting effects that can affect dialogue choices further into the game, how certain people perceive you, and even affect entire areas after some time has passed. Assuming nothing will happen because of your actions is not something to ever entertain the thought of, so make your decisions carefully, being as well informed as possible.

Exploration in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Exploration is rather self explanatory, but there’s one thing I feel I need to emphasise. I know this is the most utterly boring thing in Ubisoft games, but climbing stuff to get to viewpoints reveals a lot of information, such as settlements and quests. At least this time however there’s some rather… interesting things to climb. That giant statue of Zeus you see in the beginning of the game, you can climb that. Yes, you can climb around all of it, you dirty scamp!

Always scout ahead with your eagle before heading into a new area. Summon Ikaros with V (PC), or pressing up on the d-pad (Xbox and PS4 controllers). You’ll be able to zoom in and look at enemies and treasure, as well as any objectives in the area. Anything flagged will stay up until either dead or you’re too far away. If you’re playing the game in Exploration Mode, this will be key to finding objectives.

Finally, when travelling long distance, have your horse auto-travel to a location rather than doing so manually. This is done by setting it to automatically follow roads, then pressing the objective/way point prompt on screen. It can go to any quest markers or way points that you place on a map, but keep an eye out for enemies. You can fire arrows while travelling this way, independent of your horse.

That’s everything I have for you so far. I’m still working my way through this massive open-world to have as many guides for you as is physically possible, so keep an eye out for constant updates to our guides, such as the one for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey side quests for example.

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