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Fallout 76 server maintenance: When will Fallout 76 be offline?

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As Fallout 76 is an online game, there are going to be times where you can’t play it because Bethesda are doing things to it. Since information is only ever published in certain areas of the internet, you may not see the advance notices, meaning that a night’s plan may be ruined. Nobody wants that, so in order to avoid disappointment, I’ve put together this page which will have any information regarding any planned maintenance days, along with all the times and dates in your area.

Fallout 76 server maintenance

If Fallout 76 is indeed working at the time of reading, or indeed if it’s not and you wish to put together your own list of things to do, take a look at our Fallout 76 guide hub for everything you need to know. Alternatively, you can

When is Fallout 76 down?

Fallout 76 is now online. The previously scheduled downtime was on Tuesday 4th December 2018 at 09:00 EST/06:00 PST/14:00 GMT/15:00 CET. This update will apply the latest patch that will include the following updates:

  • Performance and Stability fixes, namely uncapping frame rates and fixing a bug where high frame rates cause movement speed to increase.
  • Maximum stash box storage increased to 600lbs from 400lbs. This is to test the waters for a bigger limit to see if it changes the stability of the game.
  • Balance changes for enemies, bosses, and weapon drops.
  • PVP updates – namely how the Cryolator weapon affects other players depending on how many times they are hit.
  • Many other bug fixes.

Upcoming features for Fallout 76

After a patch that came into effect on 19th November 2018, there seem to be a few smaller updates planned for the game. These include:

  • Stash Limit Increase – They are aware that the limit on items stored in the stash boxes is a problem: “We hear you loud and clear. We will be increasing the stash limit in the coming weeks. The current limit is there for technical reasons, to cap the number of items the game is tracking in the world, including every container and stash. We believe we have some ideas in both the short- and long-term that will address the size without risking stability, but this is one we need to take our time on to make sure it is done right.”
  • Push to Talk for PC – There are times where having voice communication on all the time or none of the time just won’t do for Fallout 76 players. “After listening to all of your concerns, we have made progress on getting this into the game and it will also be included in an update in the next few weeks.”
  • Ultrawide Support – Some monitors are just that bit wider than the typical 16:9 widescreen format and the result can be very jarring indeed. This is apparently coming soon and they’ve seen it in testing. “It looks awesome.”
  • FOV Slider for PC – This one makes me happy on a personal level in that I can play Fallout 76 without having simulation sickness rear its ugly head, since it’s rather difficult to modify a .ini file for an online game without getting banned for “hacking” the game. “We know this is a popular request for our PC players – look for an FOV slide soon.”

Bethesda also went into some detail about the year ahead.

“We teased in our launch letter some of what’s to come next. In addition to constantly making fixes and changes, there will be new content and game systems that add to the life and experiences in Appalachia. We’ll see new Vaults opening, new ways to easily improve your C.A.M.P.s, ways to create, team-up, and faction-based PvP, and many more free add-ons we haven’t talked about yet. In addition, you will see articles each week that highlight new events, content, and features we’re excited to share. We look forward to growing Fallout 76 with you.”

What that stuff will be, we’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime you can always go out and explore the huge amount of stuff already in Fallout 76, while at the same time going to our Fallout 76 guide hub as your faithful companion for everything you need to know.

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