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Fallout 76 Power Armour locations: all the Power Armor locations

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Power Armor in Fallout is normally reserved for the Brotherhood of Steel, but its existence predates the bombs. That said, being their uniform of sorts, the Power Armor is seen either as a sign of hope or despair, depending on which side of America they’re in. In Fallout 76, the Power Armor is still where it was when the atom bomb dropped, stored away and waiting for those emerging from the vaults to take them. In this guide, I will show you where to find the various Power Armors that have been found so far in the game.

Fallout 76 Power Armor locations guide

Having that hulking Brotherhood of Steel armour will only protect you so much from all the radiation that’s out there. Those looking for a beginner’s guide to get started with Fallout 76 should have a look at our Fallout 76 guide.

A Power Armor frame in Fallout 76.

All the Power Armor locations

Since Power Armor is an item left in the open world, it is open for anyone to take it. You can of course wait for them to respawn, but knowing where to find them in the first place is half of the battle. Below are some locations of interest should you want your own Brotherhood of Steel uniform. I’ve converted the list to a table, so just search the location you are in to see if there is a Power Armor there.

Region 1: The Forest

LocationDirections to Power Armor
Aaronholdt HomesteadFound in the far north-west of the region, it is close to the border between The Forest and the Toxic Valley, and is essentially a few farmhouses and sheds. On the eastern side of the location, there is a granary silo and shed, and the shed by the road houses the Power Armor Frame. You'll need to be able to lockpick or find the corresponding key. This key is located near an awning that has on the north side, which has a body in it.
Black Mountain Ordinance WorksInside the locked down interiors north-east of the site. Requires the relevant key found nearby. This houses the Nuka-Cola branded Power Armor.
Gorge JunkyardInside the locked green trailer in the junk. The lock is a level 3 difficulty lock.
Hornwright Industrial HQHead to the bottom of the basement stairs. Look for two Docking Station vending machines and you should see it in the next alcove.
Kanawha Nuka-Cola PlantInside the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant, which is close to the south-western edge of The Forest. It's also west of Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06. You'll need a key or the lockpicking skill to access the plant and you'll find the suit somewhere within. More details on where exactly this Power Armor is in the plant when we find out more.
Lewis & Sons Farming SupplyHead left of the stairs inside the tractor barn warehouse. You'll find the Power Armor station nearby relatively easily.
Mama Dolce's Food ProcessingAccess the Fujiniya Intelligence base. You'll need the relevant ID card to access the room in the Armoury Closet near the processing plant.
Mama Dolce's Food ProcessingPower Armor Station is inside a booby-trapped warehouse. Look to the south-west of the complex.
Morgantown TrainyardHeading towards Morgantown, there is an abandoned train station. Around this area, you'll find a frame inside a train car near the main station shed with the letters "USA" on it. There are a couple of them, but the one you want has a ramp leading up to it. You'll likely find that this Power Armor will be the one that you'll be waiting to respawn because it's en-route to finishing one of the main quests.
New River Gorge Bridge (West)Power Armor station is locked behind the storage area below the start of the western part of the main bridge.
Point PleasantIn the western forest, you'll find the Moth-Man museum. Close by is Point Pleasant, a small town that houses among other locations a shop called "Bernardo's", with a green truck that's been abandoned and left to its fate of accumulating rust. Jump on top of it, then onto the black canopy to gain access to the roof. You may need to kill some enemies above so be sure to have plenty of ammunition on you. Take the staircase on the right before crossing the bridge on the right-hand path. At the end of this bridge will be the Power Armor, as well as some half-decent swag.
Poseidon Plant WV06Head down to the basement of the Poseidon Plant WV06 and hang a left as you enter the second internal area. You should see a crafting room with other crafting stations, alongside the Power Armor frame.
Silva HomesteadPower Armor Station inside the silo barn. Look for the tractors, two Weapons Workbenches, and a load of hay until you find it.
Wade AirportGo to the last curve-roofed hangar before the runway runs out. This is the northern end of the airport, near some ruins.
Wade AirportRaider armour that is locked behind a Level 2 lock. The blue trailer it is behind is also booby trapped, so make sure you disarm the Plasma Mine.
WV Lumber Co.There are two large Power Armor stations in the metal warehouse near the stairs. Look for the ice machine and Nuka-Cola machine if you want reference point.

Region 2: Toxic Valley

LocationDirections to Power Armor
Black Bear LodgeGo inside the red barn with the fallen tree embedded within it. You'll know you have the right one if there is a chevron road sign nearby.
ClarksburgSome raider armour is in the upper mechanic's room near the green trunk. Head to the brick tower (it's an engine repair shop), making sure to access it by climbing the roof and the fire escapes. This takes a little bit of platforming to get, but it's worth it.
Crashed Space StationOn the south-eastern corner of the area, on the upper-ledge of the crater, you'll find  it standing outside a shack. The shack itself has a Jangles the Monkey inside of it, so if the monkey is there and the armour isn't, then you'll need to wait for it to respawn.
Eastern Regional PenitentiaryInside the mechanic's warehouse in the middle of the prison yard.
The CrosshairRaider armour is found standing in a narrow alcove that's just above where the cooking station is.

Region 3: The Ash Heap

LocationDirections to Power Armor
Abandoned Mine Shaft ElaineThere is a Power Armor station just east of the curved-roofed locker room.
AMS Testing SiteHead inside the large warehouse. You'll find it in the corner Power Armor station. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
BeckleyLook for an Armoured Personnel Vehicle (APC) towards the southern end of the central wall. It's inside of it.
Belching BettyThere is a small hut with a Fire Marshall Protectron inside near the mine entrance, which also contains the Power Armor.
Big Bend Tunnel West 1Around halfway between Lewisburg Station and the Big Bend Tunnel West, you're looking for a derailed carriage from a military train.
Camden ParkRaider Power Armor is found in the Raider camp that is inside of the roller coaster. Watch out for traps as you enter this area.
Garrahan Mining HQThere are multiple Power Armors in this location, mostly in the room labelled a "Testing Control and Assessment" area. You'll know the one as it has terminals and lab equipment. Look at the main laboratory table for two armours, near the Tinker's Workbench for another, and next to the overturned yellow crate trolley for a fourth. A fifth is also a quest reward for the quest "Miner Miracles".
Mount BlairLook for a rusty pickup truck inside the garage. There should also be a bulldozer in the same location.
Mount Blair TrainyardThe Power Armor station is by the entrance door that has a green metal staircase next to it. Look near the Tinker's Workbench to find it.
Red Rocket Filling StationThe Power Armor station is outside the wire fence near two big red fuel tanks.
Rollins Work CampThe Power Armor station is attached to the outer exterior of the camp. It's south-west of the orange and white trailer.
Striker RowInside a rock alcove near two road barriers. It's southeast of the area with the caravan and flag. You'll find some robot scraps nearby.
The Burning MineInside the mine, there is a room with a huge red door across from the Weapons Workbench. It's inside of that.
The Rusty PickSome Raider Power Armour is behind a Level 2 locked door inside the mine on the eastern end.

Region 4: Savage Divide

LocationDirections to Power Armor
Beckwith FarmAlong route 105, there is a small rock outcrop. You'll find a raider blockade with the Raider Power Armor inside.
Blackwater MineThere's a Raider Power Armor station outside of the mines. Look for a metallic garage near the two pump cylinders.
CliffwatchAnother Raider Power Armor set can be found at the foot of a spike with a skull in it. It's just outside the wall on the cliff edge.
Emmett Mountain Disposal SiteLocked behind a level 2 terminal, this is just after walking through the entrance to the disposal site mine.
Federal Disposal Field HZ-21This Raider Armor set is inside the main facility. Look for the caged room to find the Power Armor station that houses it.
HuntersvilleThis is a rather sad tale of a fallen brother from the Brotherhood of Steel. You can find his final resting place by the roadside graveyard to the southeast of town.
HuntersvilleThere's another Power Armor station behind the metal garade near the two Super Mutant cages full of meat.
Johnson's AcreAnother Raider Armor set is on the high peak with the three skeletons on it. It's just east of the cabin that you'll find in the area.
Lucky Hole MineA chained door is close to the interior entrance area of the mine. In order to access it, you'll need to find a hole to drop down into it, which is near a sleeping bag.
Middle Mountain CabinsSome more Raider Armor is standing outside of the middle cabin left of the entrance steps. There should also be some heads on pikes.
National Isolated Radio ArrayThere's a level 2 look that hoses the Power Armor. It's a side area of the main warehouse with the two flags either side.
New Appalachian Central TrainyardLook for the carriage with "USA Star" on its side and see if there is a ramp that goes into it from the side. It's in there.
Pleasant Valley CabinsThere is a makeshift arena of sorts which also seems to be part of the shanty town in the area. It's in the middle of this arena, but be wary of traps as it is a former raider territory.
R&G StationThere is a green trailer near the signal tower that has a level 1 lock barring access.
Ripper AlleyThere's a small lookout off the road in a rock alcove with lots of bones and candles littering the place. It should be outside of that.
Seneca Gang CampNear a cooking station, this Raider set should be on some metallic flooring near a yellow machine. If it's not there, then you need to wait for it to respawn.
Site Alpha This Power Armour is similarly also inside a storage area near the Tinker's Workbench.
Site BravoThe Power Armour is inside the Storage area that's right next to the Tinker's Workbench.
Site CharlieThese nuclear sites are all built similarly as the Power Armour is inside the Storage area that's right next to the Tinker's Workbench.
Soloman's PondPower Armor station is next to the pond pump on the concrete base. You should see it from a distance.
US-13C BivouacLook at the tents for one with three blue barrels just outside of it. The Power Armor should be inside.
Wendigo CaveThe Raider Power Armor set is near two dead bodies at the foot of the tunnel, accessed via a step that can only be dropped down to. It's down there, but you'll need to find another way back up.

Region 5: The Mire

LocationDirections to Power Armor
Big B's Rest StopA Power Armor station can be found around the back of the gas/petrol station.
Camp VentureIt's standing on the Brotherhood of Steel plate, by the two Power Armor stations in the middle of the base.
Crevasse DamRaider Armor is locked behind a level 2 locked green trailer in the loading bay.
Dolly Sods WildernessLook southeast of the lodge with the abandoned truck outside of it. There is a tree and tree stump, as well as the remains of a block campfire. It should be near that.
Dyer ChemicalHead to the Sewers Interior area, which has a Power Armor station leading to the Sewer Maintenance Facility. It's at the base of a large room.
Hawke's RefugeAnother Raider Armor is found in the north-west of the main cavern. Look for the wooden platform.
Sunday Brothers' CabinIt should be standing in the wooden barn along with a host of workbenches.
Thunder Mountain Power PlantIn the Power Armor station near the loading bay.
Thunder Mountain Power Plant YardThis armor piece can be found on a table inside the tents outside the main power plant.
Treehouse VillageThis Raider Armor can be found on the eastern edge of the living room, close to a distillery.

Region 6: Cranberry Bog

LocationDirections to Power Armor
AMS Corporate HQNot another one! There's a Brotherhood of Steel soldier slumped by the Vertibird wing in the main road junction.
AMS Corporate HQThis is also by the vertibird in the main road outside the HQ.
Appalachian AntiquesLook at the front porch between the two white chairs.
Big Bend Tunnel EastThere's a Power Armor station outside the tunnel entrance, near two barrels and inside the tarp tent.
Bootlegger's ShackThis Raider Armor is standing by the truck cab alongside the western wall.
Drop Site V9Standing by the concrete defences outside the concrete hut. There's another dead Brotherhood of Steel soldier outside...
Drop Site V9Yup, this one is next to the previous one by the concrete hut near the other Power Armor.
Firebase HancockBetwen the two trailers by the battlements.
Firebase LTIt should be standing outside the tent to the east, between the wall and the rear of the tent itself.
Firebase MajorOutisde the tent and inbetween the off-road vehicle and the wall with wires and tires.
Fort DefianceA sad story as a Brotherhood of Steel soldier is found left of the main entrance.
Fort DefianceAnother sad story as a Brotherhood of Steel soldier is found on the steps close to the main entrance.
Fort DefianceYet another sad story as this Brotherhood of Steel never made it over the defensive wall of the Vertibird Tail.
Fort DefianceHead to the upper floor, accessible via the Laser Grid or the elevator, there is a Power Armor station.
Forward Station DeltaRight of the metal steps, there's a Power Armor station there.
Glassed CavernThis one died a hero, as the Brotherhood of Steel soldier is at the entracnne to the Scorchbeast's cavern by the fork in the railroad tracks.
Glassed CavernThe last casualty of the Brotherhood of Steel is on the ruined metal stairs right of the entrance.
Kerwood MineIn the mine caverns, it's standing ankle-deep in water, south of the Industrial Trunk.
Lost HomeOn the roof of the shack to the west, there's a sleeping bag on the roof.
Quarry X3Outside by the lamp post. There's a trailer hut nearby.
RobCo Research CenterInside th RB-2851 chamber in the main Robotics Technology Facility, you'll see it in the curved alcove inside a Power Armor station.
Survey Camp AlphaUnder the tarp, there's a Power Armor statino.
Survey Camp AlphaThis is just getting depressing now. Another Brotherhood of Steel soldier slumped on the lower wall.
The General's SteakhouseThere's a garden shed at the far end, outside the allotment near the river. It should also be full of garden Gnomes, which makes you wonder where the Steak comes from.
Watoga Civic CenterBetween two Brotherhood of Steel flags inside the Civic Center. Look for the wooden board in the western part of the building.
Watoga Civic CenterThere's also one by the Vertibird on the roof of the residential tower building.
Watoga Emergency ServicesThe numbers keep piling up. Another Brotherhood of Steel soldier is locked behind a level 2 lock in the laboratory.
Watoga Emergency ServicesOn the roof between the barrels and crates around the corner from the elevator.
Watoga High SchoolOn the roof of the school which is accessed by the stairs outside.
Watoga Shopping PlazaEast of the Drumlin Diner, on the cracked corner sidewalk.
Watoga Transit HubLocked behind a level 3 lock, there's a generator room and armoury behind the information desk.

Things to remember about Power Armor

When you come across a Power Armor Frame, you should take it. These are found often next to Power Armor Stations. Should you come across one, if you transfer armour plates that you are unable to equip into your inventory, you can enter the frame and lock its ownership to you. After this, you can exit the frame and put it into your inventory, or allow it to be transferred automatically to your inventory after a short amount of time. Power Armor gives you a strength bonus, as well as some resistances to damage and immunity to fall damage. If you want to know all the stats for all the Power Armor, as well as all the perks that some of the parts grant you, head to our Fallout 76 weapons guide.

Just be sure to stock up on Fusion Cores as they guzzle fusion energy like modern mobile phones and lithium batteries. If you should run out of juice, the Power Armor will just weigh down on you, meaning you’re slowed down dramatically, as well as disabling V.A.T.S. and the use of the torch. To get more fusion cores, either craft them or find Fusion Core Generators at larger locations.

Power Armor is great, but it only gets you so far. Perks Cards are the main thing you should be focusing on understanding as they’re a drastic departure from how they worked in previous Fallout games. You can find out more about in our Fallout 76 perk cards guide. Diseases and mutations are also introduced in Fallout 76, so get the full scientific breakdown on both in our Fallout 76 diseases guide and Fallout 76 mutations respectively.

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