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Monster Hunter: World PC Iceborne details, Behemoth PC release date, free updates

More monsters to slay.

Featured post Rathalos flying away from the new world and heading to the frozen tundra of Iceborne.

By the time you read this, Behemoth will probably have dropped on PC, but there’s even more exciting updates announced for Monster Hunter: World inbound. While the console versions will be getting a large number of the free updates first, they have been confirmed as coming at a later date to the PC version. All of this will drop at some point in the coming year, before the main new expansion – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – which was announced at the same time. This new expansion will include a slew of new monsters to slay, as well as a host of other goodies for you to craft and new moves for your weapons. This guide will go over all the details we know so far for Iceborne, as well as details for the free updates that are coming to PC for Monster Hunter: World.

In order to prepare for the new expansion that will be coming at some point, check out our extensive Monster Hunter: World guide to get up to speed with the basics, as well as all the more in-depth strategies for item crafting and individual monster fights. While the free updates are still happening for the base game, we should probably begin with the hottest news and show everything we know about .

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne details, release date

Capcom announced on 10th December 2018, Capcom have detailed the big expansion to Monster Hunter: World, which will be called “Iceborne”. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion – Autumn 2019. The new expansion will take us to a frozen island and continue with the story where the main campaign left off after the defeat of the new Elder Dragon, with the trailer showing one of the iconic monsters flying away from the island towards this frozen tundra.

The new expansion will have new monsters for you to slay, as well as new equipment to craft, new moves to hurt monsters with, and new quest ranks to achieve. Capcom have said the expansion will be the size of “previous G or Ultimate instalments” in the series, but in translation to those going in new to Monster Hunter with this game, this means that it’s going to expand the number of monsters that you can slay by a sizeable amount. This will be made available as DLC for the main game, with the price and other information about the expansion coming in the spring of 2019.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has been dated for Autumn 2019, though it’s unclear if this is a blanket release schedule for all platforms or if the PC version will be released at a later point. We’ll probably have caught up with the free updates by this point, so it’s entirely possible that it’ll be a simultaneous launch.

Geralt of Rivia, taking on a Rathalos.

Upcoming and current events, free updates

USJ Event

On PC specifically, there is currently the USJ event quest which has a relatively low requirement of Hunter Rank (3 star), which requires you to defeat three Great Jagras. Each one is a different size and all are really easy to take down on your own if you’ve upgraded your equipment to High Rank gear. This quest was originally an exclusive to attendants of a real-life event at Universal Studios Japan, but has since been made available to others. You can create the High Rank Azure Star Blade and the Palico outfit with the Azure Star Shards you get for completing the quest.

To upgrade the item beyond the original form however, you’ll have to complete a quest in which you must defeat an Azure Rathalos and a Dodogama. This is at a higher hunter rank (7 star), meaning you should probably be at the point where you’ve defeated Xeno’jiiva before tackling it. This quest doesn’t seem to be live yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for when it is. When you do complete it, you’ll be rewarded with some of the materials you need to upgrade the sword, as well as craft the Azure Star armour set.

Tempered monsters

Currently live is the Arch Tempered Vaal Hazak, which requires Hunter Rank 50 to even attempt. You’ll get some incredibly high-rank materials for killing it, including some materials to make the Vaal Hazak Gamma set and the Death Stench layered armour. The Arch Tempered Teostra, which was announced on 20th December to be coming to the game from Friday 4th January 2019 at 00:00am UTC, lasting until Monday 17th January 2019 at 23:59 UTC, which will net you some of the materials needed to make both the Teostra Gamma armour set and the Dante layered armour.

Coming Soon

During the recent briefing, Capcom announced the final wave of free updates that will be coming to Monster Hunter: World in the time between now and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. So far, only the console versions have been dated, but Capcom have stated that the update will be dropping for PC players at a later date.

First are two new Arch-Tempered variants will be arriving, with Kulve Taroth’s most annoyed form being a limited time event. She will have a new set of attacks when she enters a new “fury” state, as well as reward players with brand new Rainbow tier materials – which are better than your regular gold tier items and can make significantly better gear. Nergigante is also getting an Arch-Tempered version in Spring 2019 and it is considered to be the last main title update when it drops.

To celebrate their one year anniversary, Capcom also announced the Appreciation Fest, which will decorate the main hub with appropriately birthday-themed trinkets, as well as set new quests for you to embark on in order to get themed rewards. Since the Appreciation Fest has been detailed to the console release date, it’s unlikely the PC version of this will occur at the same time, perhaps being saved for the anniversary of the PC release date instead.

Right off the back of their collaborations with Devil May Cry, Mega Man 11, and Final Fantasy XIV, there’s one more collaboration event being planned. This time it is for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and it will see Geralt of Rivia being suddenly transported to the new world. Completely new cut-scenes will be rendered, with Doug Cockle reprising his role as Geralt, as well as brand new quests that will be influenced by The Witcher III’s quests.

Behemoth release date, free update PC version release dates for Monster Hunter: World

Behemoth has arrived and you can find out how to kill it in our Monster Hunter: World Behemoth guide. This was added alongside a PC update roadmap which also detailed some Arch-Tempered Monsters to hunt, as well as a Universal Studios Japan collaboration.

The previous monster released was Lunastra which is a permanent addition to the game and we will go over her hunt in more detail in our Monster Hunter: World Lunastra guide. This will be another permanent addition to the Elder Dragons you can hunt in Monster Hunter: World, and is another returning monster. This is a variant on the Elder Dragon – Teostra, which is found in the Elder’s Recess, only this one is blue. This is unlocked at Hunter Rank 16, so after defeating Xeno’jiiva. The huntsman will ask you to kill a tempered Teostra to begin this story arc, which you can find out more in our Monster Hunter: World Lunastra guide.

Deviljho appeared on the 6th September 2018 update, along with a new mantle and some other goodies. This large monster is a bit of a nasty one, roaming the various maps in the game in a similar fashion to that persistent irritation that is Bazelgeuse. You can find out all about the giant crocodile in our Monster Hunter: World Deviljho guide. Kulve Taroth is now also live, with more information about the event later in the article.

When is Kulve Taroth coming back to Monster Hunter: World PC?

This event is no longer live. We’ll update when Kulve Taroth is returning.

Kulve Taroth was a limited time seasonal event encounter rather than a permanent monster that will be added to the game. As announced in the Steam Community forums, it last ran from 30th November 2018 from 00:00am (UTC) until 17th November 2018 at 23:59 (UTC).

When it is available, you’ll also need to be of Hunter Rank 16 or above to even qualify to fight her when it is available, as well as complete an optional side quest. This means you’re likely to need to beat Xeno’jiiva first, so if you’re not at that level yet you need to be quick. As for how you fight Kulve Taroth, I’ve knocked up the Monster Hunter: World Kulve Taroth guide with more information.

The Gathering Hub in Astera has been decorated for the winter event. Palicos have snowman costumes and the human staff have winter coats. Fireworks are being lit in the centre of the ship.

Winter Events

This event has now concluded.

Winter has arrived in the New World, so it’s time for a bit of a party. The festivities only last until 23:59 (UTC) on 17th December 2018, but you’ll be able to collect Winter Star Tickets every day by completing objectives. These range from simply completing events or challenges, to hunting certain High Rank monsters like the Black Diablos. You only have 24 hours to complete each set of objectives at the bounty collection with the objectives changing up every day as long as the Winter Event lasts.

You can then use them to create the Orion Alpha set, which isn’t exactly the best of the armour sets on offer, but it is appropriately festive. There’s also a Snow Set Alpha for your Palico which turns it into one of the snowmen – complete with adorable mittens. There isn’t a minimum rank technically in order to get Winter Star Tickets, though realistically speaking you should probably be able to hunt High Rank monsters.

A Palico wearing the Mega Man full armour set.

Mega Man Collaboration Event

This event has now concluded.

This event is to coincide with the release of Mega Man 11 and allows hunters of Hunter Rank 13 or higher to take on the “A Rush of Blood” quest in the section dedicated to event quests. This is just a fight between you and two high rank Odogarons in the arena, so if you want to know how to beat them, head to our Monster Hunter: World Odogaron guide for strategies and the materials you can harvest from them. The one thing of note though is one of the Odogarons is significantly smaller than the other one. For me, this made the right much harder because despite not hitting anywhere near as hard as the larger one, it is far more nimble. That said, it is entirely possible with the right load-outs to complete this quest solo and it is rocking a classic tune to boot.

Hunter dressed as Dante from Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry Collaboration Event

This event has now concluded.

Currently there is a collaboration event with Devil May Cry that allows you to unlock the Dante Alpha set. In order to get the full set, make sure you complete this event five times. It requires a hunter rank of 14 or higher to access the Event Quest “Code: Red”, which tasks you to hunt an Anjanath, Odogaron, Rathalos, and a Teostra in the arena. I highly recommend that you head into this with three other players and take advantage of the slope in the far corner of the arena if you’re a dual blade wielder.

Once you’ve gathered three Mega Man Tickets, you’ll be able to create a sweet pixel Mega Man costume that costs 1000 research points. Since you only obtain one ticket per time doing the quest, you’ll need to do the “A Rush of Blood” event quest to grab more of them.

What we know about Behemoth in Monster Hunter: World

Behemoth is coming on 21st December 2018. As a collaboration between Capcom and Square Enix, the Behemoth update comes with some new armour, emotes, references to Final Fantasy, and a new Elder Dragon in the form of Behemoth. While not a siege battle like Kulve Taroth, this creature is perhaps the toughest single monster in the entirety of Monster Hunter: World to date. This will be a permanent addition for the regular version of the monster, while the “extreme” version is a timed event (Thanks to Luis E Morales Falcon for the clarification).

Behemoth lore and quests

Behemoth is a bit of a series staple in the Final Fantasy series. It first appeared chronologically in the series as a boss in Final Fantasy II, but also featured as a regular enemy later on. It also saw first appearances in the US as a mini-boss in Final Fantasy IV and in Europe in Final Fantasy VII. They’re often regarded as one of the tougher fights, with some even casting magic that reduces HP to single digits.

In order to find it, if the update drops, you’ll need to complete a quest where you must find visitors from another land in the Wildspire Wastes, before defeating a larger variant of the Kulu-Ya-Ku in the region. This quest is repeatable. Upon completing that, there will be a special assignment where you must defeat the Behemoth, which thanks to several factors is a much larger task than any other single Elder Dragon, with the possible exception of Kulve Taroth.

Behemoth strengths and weaknesses

Its head is the weakest point as all weapons do the same damage, though the tail can also be very weak to bladed weapons. Its head and front claws are breakable, while the tail is severable. However, despite this, there are some specific properties for attacking the head which we’ll get to in the strategies portion. Dragon weapons tend to do the best damage, while fire and thunder are the worst elements to use against it. Ailments on the other hand are highly encouraged, as it has no special resistances to any of them.

Behemoth strategies

Bring as many flash pods and flash bugs as you can to this fight and coordinate when you’re going to use them. Like Final Fantasy games, the fight against Behemoth will include little text boxes that warn you of when Behemoth is about to cast certain spells. One of which is Charybdis, which will summon tornados. These can quickly escalate into chaotic situations where there are too many tornadoes around, so use a flash pod when the prompt says it is casting Charybdis.

Another big move it can use is Ecliptic Meteor. During the battle, it will try to use various spells. One of them is Comet, which slams a rock into the ground from the sky. Unlike standard meteors, these don’t explode, and unlike Ecliptic Meteor, these are more useful to you. Pay attention to where the Ecliptic Meteor’s impact zone is, it’s characterised by the red circle. Make a dash towards the nearest comet that has landed in the area, positioning yourself so that upon the Ecliptic Meteor’s impact, the shockwave will just destroy the comet you’re hiding behind. You can also use the Final Fantasy XIV update exclusive jump emote, but the timing is very precise. Nothing else will work, not even teleporting back to the camp.

As you’ll be teaming up with others, you’ll need to assign roles, one of which will be a tank role to try and gain Behemoth’s enmity. This is done by repeatedly poking at it in the head, either with melee weapons or ranged weapons, while your teammates get the greater amount of damage with relative safety. Status effects can reset the aggro, so if you’re the designated tank, make sure you’re the one that’s bashing its head to regain it as soon as possible. It can also tail swipe, so try to hack off the tail as soon as you can, as this will severely reduce its range.

So those are all the monsters that aren’t in the PC version so far, but what about those Elder Dragons that are? Quite a few have materials that are advantageous to farm before the new monsters appear in the PC version. You can check out our two complete lists of available weapons and armour that are available in the game in our Monster Hunter: World armour builds guide and Monster Hunter: World weapon tree guide respectively.

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