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Our PC Games of the Year 2018

It'll take you all of 2019 to play them

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This year’s list was compiled by collecting votes from Alec Meer, Alice Bell, Alice Liguori, Alice O’Connor, Brendan Caldwell, Dave Irwin, Graham Smith, John Walker, Katharine Castle, Matt Cox and Matthew Castle.

We put together the collection using the same method as last year: each voter was given ten points to spend as they wished. They could give ten games one point each, or one game all ten points, or anything in between. This system is useful for a couple of reasons. First, it means people focus their points only on the games they loved, rather than padding it out to find an arbitrary ten. Second – and most significantly – it means that a game that one person loved can still find a place on the list instead of being muscled out by a more mainstream game that three or four people merely liked.

Everything on this year’s list received two points or more, and every game that received two points or more made the list. The games which received one point but narrowly missed the cut were Minit, Quarantine Circular, Dragon Quest XI, Megaquarium, Two Point Hospital, Frostpunk, Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kindom, Unforeseen Incidents, Fe, Dead Cells, Thronebreaker, and Ion Maiden. You can consider these honourable mentions.

Return Of The Obra Dinn and Into The Breach were originally tied on points for the top spot, but we settled the dispute with some discussion and some tactical voting. Both games were voted for by 5 people.

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And that’s it for another year. The advent calendar will return…

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