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Fortnite locations - where to land in Season 7 Fortnite map, best loot, chest map

Through grass, sand, and snow

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Fortnite’s one and only map has seen so many major changes and minor adjustments across the past seven seasons, most recently with the addition of a brand new blanket of snow across a third of the island and a smattering of all-new locations. But when there are so many different possibilities when it comes to where to land at the beginning of a Fortnite match, sometimes it can get a little difficult to know where to go.

This Fortnite locations and map guide collates all our knowledge on each of the major locations across the Fortnite map, complete with chest locations, danger and loot estimates, and strategies on optimal paths through the areas and ideal places to rotate towards after you’re looted up and looking for enemies to slaughter.

Fortnite locations guide for Season 7

The key to quickly learning how to play Fortnite well is to create a routine for yourself by landing somewhere repeatedly and learning everything about it. Check out our full list below of every named location in Fortnite (and some of our favourite unnamed ones, too!) and how to perfect the first few minutes of your match no matter where you choose to begin.

If you’re looking for a more general overview on Fortnite, look no further than our Fortnite guide; you can also find links to other areas of our Fortnite series, such as our complete list of Season 7 Fortnite weekly challenges, our Fortnite building and editing guide, and our Fortnite weapons page.

All Fortnite Locations – Contents

Frosty Flights Loot Lake Wailing Woods
Happy Hamlet Lucky Landing “Containers”
Polar Peak Paradise Palms “Evil Lair”
The Block Pleasant Park “Lonely Mountain”
Dusty Divot Retail Row “The Mansion”
Fatal Fields Salty Springs “Tilted Warehouses”
Haunted Hills Shifty Shafts “Tracks”
Junk Junction Snobby Shores “Viking Mountain”
Lazy Links Tilted Towers “Warehouses”
Lonely Lodge Tomato Temple “Westworld”

Season 7 Locations

Season 7’s colossal new wintery biome of snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes also brings to us a number of new named locations and loot-filled areas, and players are still attempting to learn what each of them has to offer. Below we’ve outlined the major points of interest that were introduced back in December 2018, together with our opinions and strategies for each.

Frosty Flights

Frosty Flights always sees a fair amount of attention at the beginning of each match. A large airbase built against the side of a giant cliff, there’s a smattering of smaller towers and loot areas but the location is dominated by the two hangers and a large central facility, which usually contains more than enough loot for a solo or duo.

But of course the real reason for the area’s popularity is that it is by far the most reliable location wherein you can find the new X-4 Stormwing planes. It’s also what enables me to freely recommend this location to start at, despite its proximity to the coast – because once you’re done, you can always just hop into a Stormwing and outrun the storm with ease.

Happy Hamlet

Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing location on the entire map, Happy Hamlet is like a Scandinavian cross between Tilted Towers and Lucky Landing. A large concentration of sizable houses means much of the fighting will take place indoors, and there’s plenty of gear to loot and furniture to break for some early wood and stone.

The very steep angles of the roofs provide numerous locations to hide behind and peek out from, so combat in Happy Hamlet is actually much more vertical than you might have thought. Landing on the south side with your back to the coast also limits the potential directions from which you can expect an attack.

Polar Peak

The site of the infamous and now-vaulted Infinity Blade, Polar Peak is still an excellent peak to land for early loot, if not for materials. The area everyone is drawn to is the northern castle, which, while rather barren at the top, lower down features 10+ chest locations, and so the competition for this particular building is always very fierce.

Therefore it is often preferable to land at one of the smaller stone buildings on the peak, each of which usually contains at least two weapons and some utility items which you can use to rest control of the castle from those who landed there while they’re licking their wounds.

The Block

Replacing the sorely-missed Risky Reels at the beginning of Season 7, The Block is where Epic Games will feature various community-created builds using Season 7’s new and powerful Creative Mode tool. Over the course of the season, The Block will be updated with a rotating cast of accepted builds from various members of Fortnite’s playerbase. Pretty cool, eh?

But why did they have to replace Risky?!

Named Locations

Dusty Divot

Dusty Divot gives you one of the strongest early games possible if everything goes well. There’s plenty of loot in the form of up to 11 chests throughout the crater, and a tonne of cover. But the true power of Dusty is that it’s a phenomenal area for gathering materials. A duo left uncontested in Dusty can easily rack up full wood and full metal by chopping the trees and fences surrounding the compound.

Of course, it’s also a very central, valuable location, which means you’re very lucky if you find yourself alone when dropping in Dusty, no matter the flight path of the Battle Bus.

Fatal Fields

Its southern leaning and largely spread out loot means Fatal Fields is a less popular area than nearby alternatives such as Salty Springs, which can be a blessing in disguise for those who want a slightly quieter opening to a match. That’s not to say you’ll be uncontested here for very long; Fatal Fields is a popular second location to rotate to for those dropping at Salty to the north, Paradise to the east, Lucky to the south, and Lonely Mountain to the west.

I tend never to stay at Fatal Fields for very long, because it’s one of those places that attracts more trouble the longer you’re there. But for a quick start before you rotate off somewhere else, it’ll do the job just fine provided you know where to look for loot.

Haunted Hills

Haunted Hills is evenly split between the cemetery on the north-west coast, and its accompanying haunted castle atop the nearby mountain. The mountain is definitely the more popular of the two areas to land at, as it provides a decent amount of loot in a fairly confined area, and gives you a very nice high ground advantage over any who dropped in the cemetery. But on the flipside of this, the cemetery actually contains more possible chest spawns, and plenty of walls, ruins, and gravestones with which to break line of sight with the castle above.

It’s fairly out of the way, but also a nice spot for a quieter landing. Just don’t expect to be leaving Haunted Hills with a great deal of materials.

Junk Junction

The one person in a hundred who finally decides to land Junk Junction almost always ends up surprised by how many chests are hidden within its myriad scrap piles. It doesn’t reach the same levels as the equally out-of-the-way but much more profitable Westworld, but it’s an ideal starting location for those who want a calmer early game. You’ll perhaps have one, maybe two other people to contend with, but after that it’s plain sailing into the mid-game.

It’ll take a few attempts to get the optimal loot route down, but then you’ll be able to rack up a decent amount of gear and materials within a short space of time – which you’ll need to do, because you’ll rarely find yourself inside the first Safe Zone landing here.

Lazy Links

Probably containing enough loot for a duo but little more than that, Lazy Links is nearly always hotly contested by more players than it can reasonably accommodate. So prepare for a fight if you decide to land here. Nearly everyone lands on the main house roof, and attempts to beat one another to the nearest gun. This is great if you’re the winner, but I prefer to land on one of the smaller buildings on the west side, where I can usually find at least a chest and/or a gun uncontested.

The area surrounding Lazy Links is uncommonly flat with only a handful of trees to break line of sight, so despite its non-central location you’ll often find players drawn to Lazy Links later on.

Lonely Lodge

Since Season 1 the large wooded area of Lonely Lodge has existed far away from the majority of the action on the map, providing cover, materials, and relative quiet for players in the early game. Unfortunately the total number of chests that can possibly spawn there is on the low side for such a large, spread out area, which is why it’s overlooked by most of the playerbase.

The two key buildings are the lodge itself, a cosy spot which usually provides enough loot for a single player to start getting some kills; and the watch tower, the tallest non-player-made structure on the map, which can also house up to three chests and sacrifices cover for a good sniper lookout point.

Loot Lake

Loot Lake has seen a great deal of change over the past season or two, but it seems to have settled down for now. Tricky terrain to traverse and escape from with your health intact, the amount of loot scattered about the lake combines with its central location to provide a popular landing spot for a good half a dozen or more players each match. You’ll usually be able to get your hands on five or six chests, admittedly, but the open space and irritating terrain makes it a real danger zone.

A more closed-off start is provided if you land at the two factories on the west edge of the lake; but only a small number of chests spawn here, which means you’re gambling as to whether you get decent weaponry off the bat.

Lucky Landing

Lucky Landing is another of those coastal locations that just doesn’t provide enough loot to justify its distance from the centre. Despite this, you’ll usually find 3-4 other players all vying for control of this pretty Asian-inspired town, because each of the houses is likely to contain at least one chest, and the whole area plays out like a Tilted Towers in miniature, with players landing on their respective rooftops, digging down and gearing up, and then poking their heads out of windows or hopping from roof to roof in order to win the rights to the rest of the town.

Lucky Landing players will nearly always find themselves pushed north through Fatal Fields, so it’s worth your while to exit Lucky Landing as soon as possible to prevent a situation where players north of you are camping in the fields, waiting for you.

Paradise Palms

I kinda see what all the fuss is about with Paradise Palms, but at the same time I kinda don’t. It’s clearly modelled after Tilted Towers, with its multi-storey buildings and open roads compacted into a relatively small space; but with less than two-thirds the number of chest spawns as Tilted, it shouldn’t be as popular as it is.

But it is. And because it’s so popular, it’s bloody dangerous to land there. When I do land there, I tend to hit the south-eastern-most houses first, because people tend to focus on the large skyscraper on the west side, and that’s where most of the fighting tends to take place. If I get decent gear there, I’ll head through the rest of Paradise Palms and try to win it all for myself; if not, there are plenty of rifts to the north and south with which to expedite your escape.

Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park offers some of the most chaotic and death-filled early games outside of Tilted Towers. Eight houses and one shop surrounding a flat, open expanse in its centre, the general aim of landing at Pleasant is to beat everyone else to your chosen house roof, loot everything you can, and then hop from one house to the next with your head on a swivel for nearby players.

Each house contains at least one chest, though I find by far the best houses to land on for loot and a few moments of safety are the south-west houses overlooking the football pitch. From there, I can head in a clockwise route through each of the other houses, usually meeting three or four other players on the way. If you survive into the mid-game after landing here, you’ll hopefully have a nearby rift to the east which you can use if pushed by the Storm.

Retail Row

If the major hot-spots such as Tilted Towers and Paradise Palms are a little much for you, a nice alternative is to land in Retail Row, which provides enough cover, loot, and rotation options for a safer but still action-packed early game. The chest locations of Retail Row are all clustered around the edges of the town, so the path most players will take while looting is to circumnavigate the outside, moving quickly from house to house, or shop to shop, spending as little time as possible looting and keeping an eye out for like-minded players.

I used to land on the western-most house, and then move south and then east across Retail; but nowadays I prefer to land on the eastern side, where the competition is less immediately fierce and the opportunities for looting are still plenty. Just remember that Retail is also an extremely popular second or third location to rotate towards.

Salty Springs

Salty Springs is another very central and popular drop spot, particularly the larger of the two west houses, which holds up to four chests across three storeys, and usually sees the most action early on. With plenty of wood to farm, a number of surrounding high ground opportunities (including the colossal peak to the north, which holds the possibility of three chests and an overlook of Salty and Dusty together), and nearby apples for recovering after your fights, Salty is not only a popular spot to land at but also one which sees near-constant movement throughout the game thanks to its location on the map.

Shifty Shafts

Shifty Shafts is the messiest location on the map behind Containers. Comprised of a cavernous underground area divided into corridors by wooden planks, and with multiple openings on the surface through which one can peer down from above (or vice versa), it’s hard to find a spot in Shifty where it feels safe.

By far the strongest concentration of loot can be found in the two houses to the west, which also provides some distance from the rest of the area and the possibility of a tactical retreat uphill towards the Frozen Lake. But this means you’re also unlikely to be alone landing there. But finish off those nearby quickly enough, and you should be well-equipped for a timing attack on Tilted Towers.

Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores was where I landed all the time while learning the game, and as such still holds a special place in my heart. Located on the western-most point of the island, the five houses of Snobby Shores each contain between two and four chest locations and plenty of floor loot, making for a well-equipped solo or duo, though squads might struggle to get fully kitted out from Snobby alone.

The major drawbacks of landing at Snobby are that it’s far from the centre and you’re likely to be pushed by the Storm before long; and it is overlooked by both Viking Mountain and the Evil Lair, so you’ll need to be careful of incoming snipes from those two peaks. You should also take particular care to listen out for rifts from Viking Mountain.

Tilted Towers

For the most part, the general popularity of a location in Fortnite is determined by two things: the quantity of loot, and the proximity to the centre of the map. Tilted Towers wins out big time in both regards, and resultantly is by far the most popular and hotly contested location on the entire map. With a staggering 37 possible chest locations, each individual tower provides enough loot across its multiple floors to kit out multiple players at once. Particularly popular are the Castle Building (with the battlement-style roof), the Clock Tower, and the large rectangular Brick House in the town’s centre.

Your best bet when landing Tilted is to land on a rooftop weapon, break down into your building for safety, kill anyone left in your building, heal up if you need to, and then gradually move from building to building, looting up and spying through windows for other players to take down. It’s not uncommon for winners of Tilted to leave the place with ten or more kills in the first few minutes of a match.

Tomato Temple

I rarely willingly land at Tomato Temple, but it’s a nice spot for those who are looking for a calmer start to their games. One of the smallest and most neglected named locations on the Fortnite map, with only 5 possible chest locations, Tomato Temple is actually much more vertical a location than one might expect, partially because of the tall temple that dominates its centre, and partially because a large chunk of it is below ground level (though still open to the air).

In my experience, the majority of fights which break out in this area of the map are actually centred on the hill to the south of Tomato Temple, and in the tunnel beneath it. From these hills you can not only gain an advantage over players still in Tomato Temple, but you can also spot inhabitants of Containers, Wailing Woods, and the depots just above Dusty Divot.

Wailing Woods

Wailing Woods is by far the largest named location on the Fortnite map, and for those who knows its secrets, it can be the source of a very profitable early game. Small areas of chests and loot are dotted throughout the wood, which means a player can curve round the forest, staying behind cover, finding decent loot and reaching maximum wood very easily; and then they can just leave if they wanted.

But the bulk of the loot in Wailing Woods is to be found in the centre, and in the underground complex beneath that central point. Filled with loot and metal aplenty, this complex is also home to a network of teleporters which instantly transport anyone who steps into it to its sibling teleporter elsewhere in Wailing Woods (it’s also very easy to trap these teleporters, so I’d recommend staying away from them). Just behind the west teleporter, you’ll also find one of two Infinite Rifts on the entire map, which, unlike ordinary rifts, will not expire ten seconds after using them.

Unnamed Locations

“Containers” (H4-5)

Urgh. My disdain for Containers is matched only by every other player’s disdain for Containers. This area just north of Retail Row is a chaotic mess of various metal containers, many of them stacked atop one another so that parkour skills are necessary in order to loot the place quickly. To its credit, it sports up to 8 chests and a vending machine in a very small area, but in this case its compactness doesn’t make it quicker to loot. Personally I let out a groan whenever I have to move within even twenty metres of the place, but some players find it a good spot to drop for gear and metal.

“Evil Lair” (B4-5)

The site of the legendary rocket launch event of Season 4, Evil Lair remains to this day a fairly expansive and relatively uncontested location to land in Fortnite. With up to ten chests to loot across the entirety of the mountain and the base built into its western face, players can quickly loot up and then have the benefit of one of the highest points on the map from which to rotate to areas such as Snobby Shores, Pleasant Park, or its sibling peak, Viking Mountain. But it’s large enough that, unless the Battle Bus flight path was a great distance away, you’re likely to meet one or two other players looking to land there.

“Lonely Mountain” (F8)

Lonely Mountain is the large peak just north-west of Fatal Fields, and it’s often far more popular than it has any right to be. It provides enough loot for a single player, and some decent high ground from which to assess your next move, but if the Battle Bus passes nearby Lonely Mountain you’re almost always going to see a good 4-5 players all jostling for control over this fairly insignificant area. Mind you, it’s great in the late-game if the circle closes around Lonely Mountain and you’re the first one up there.

“The Mansion” (J5-6)

Just south-east of  Lonely Lodge you’ll find the Mansion – a giant house surrounded by forest and backed up against the coast, providing players who land there with a relatively calm and resourceful early game. While the house only holds a maximum of four chests, its five floors (including a basement) actually hold a lot more loot than you’d expect, and generally it’s enough to kit out one or two players with enough loot and materials to start getting some kills.

“Tilted Warehouses” (C5)

These warehouses to the west of Tilted Towers provide enough loot (in the form of six chest spawn locations and two vending machine spawn locations) to nicely kit out a pair of players about 80% of the time, and its location makes it a great intermediate loot point for players who landed Snobby Shores or Viking Mountain and are now being pushed by the Storm.

“Tracks” (J6-7)

Low-key one of my absolute favourite places to land in solos or duos, Tracks is avoided by many because of its large surface area and apparent absence of loot. But the truth is it’s a contender for the most underrated location on the entire map.

Land at any of the three houses (I prefer the furthest east, as it limits the directions from which enemies can approach) and you’ll generally find at least enough loot to clear out the one or two other players that might also have dropped here; and after that, not only do you have up to ten uncontested chests to loot, but you can spend some time breaking tires in Tracks for an incredible amount of metal that can often see you through to the very end of a match. Not to mention, you can just head onto the hill to the west once you’re done, and nearly always find a Rift so you can reach the next Safe Zone with ease.

“Viking Mountain” (B6)

Also called “Viking Village” or “Viking Outpost”, this area atop one of the tallest mountains on the map is home to nine houses (and one viking longboat), and up to 11 chests alongside various floor loot locations too – more than enough to equip a solo player or a duo team. The mountaintop is also abundant with rifts and ziplines from which you can quickly rotate pretty much anywhere you like once you’re geared up. But for an unnamed location, it’s hella popular, so expect to have to fight your way off that mountain if you decide to land there. Most players look to land on the large north-west house, but I find a great way to start is in the south-west corner, where you’ll be relatively sequested from everyone else until you can at least find a weapon or two.

“Warehouses” (E9)

These warehouses have seen a growth in popularity in recent times, and despite now being covered in a blanket of snow they are as valuable as ever. Home to a maximum of 12 chests and a smattering of wood, stone, and metal if you’ve the time to harvest it all, you’ll usually find at least one and probably more like three or four other players contesting you here. But win, and you’ll leave the place with almost certainly top-tier gear, and a hill next to you which you can climb to get a nice overlook on Happy Hamlet and the river. Just make sure no one’s waiting to greet you atop that hill once you’re done with Warehouses.

“Westworld” (G9)

So-named for its resemblance to Las Mudas from the Westworld TV series, Westworld is a useful alternative to Paradise Palms for those who prefer to stay on the outskirts rather than dropping right into the action. Westworld is in fact staggeringly good for chests, with 18 chest spawn locations compacted into a tiny, easy to traverse area, which arguably makes it even better for loot than Paradise Palms. For this reason it’s one of the more popular unnamed locations across the map, but still not nearly as much as it should be, because apparently most players don’t realise quite how loot-rich this place is.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but keep your eyes peeled for further updates and more focused pages on individual locations as time goes on. For now, why don’t you let us know your favourite, familiar spots to land across the Fortnite map, and what it is about them that keeps you coming back!

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