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Fortnite challenges: Week 6, Gnome locations, Ice Puck tips, staged challenges

Featured post Fortnite Season 7 Week 6 challenges

We’re over halfway into Fortnite’s seventh season and week 6 is looming. This time around you’ll be looking for gnomes that are shivering because they’re encased in ice, throwing an Ice Puck over a certain distance, and a surprising number of combat-based challenges. This guide will go over each of the challenges, such as tips for finding the gnomes, where to drop, and just what you need to do for the Ice Puck challenge.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 6 challenges guide

With the game being the global sensation that it is, there’s a lot to learn about not only getting that all-important “Victory Royale”, but also the changes to the map as the seasons progress, and the challenges you can seek to complete. Head over to our Fortnite guide hub for every single thing you need to get started. Alternatively, you can head back to our Fortnite weekly challenges guide for an overview of all the weekly challenges for this Season in Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 6 challenges

Challenge Number required Type of Challenge Difficulty
Search an Ammo Box in different named locations 7 Free Medium
Search for Chilly Gnomes 7 Free Medium
Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing or Tilted Towers 3 Free Hard
Visit two specific locations in a single match (Staged challenge) Stage 1: Polar Peaks and Tilted Towers
Stage 2: Lucky Landing and Retail Row
Stage 3: Lazy Links and Shifty Shafts
Battle Pass Medium
Slide an Ice Puck over 150m in a single throw 150m slide x1 Battle Pass Medium
Deal damage with different weapons (Staged challenge) Stage 1: Deal 200 damage with SMGs
Stage 2: Deal 200 damage with Assault Rifles
Stage 3: Deal 200 damage with Grenades, Clingers, and Stink Bombs
Battle Pass Hard
Deal damage with different weapons in a single match 5 in one match Battle Pass Hard

A gnome encased in ice near Happy Hamlet

Season 7 Week 6 Free challenge: Search for 7 Chilly Gnomes

This first challenge features those pesky gnomes, who are hidden around the map, shivering because they’ve been left to freeze. If you hear them shivering, try to head in that direction as they get louder the closer you are. You need seven of them and they can be found in the following places (all exclusively in the new snow biome) :

  • By a tower southeast of the castle on Polar Peak.
  • By the large tree on a hill just south of Shifty Shafts.
  • On a hill south of the unnamed factory, just east of where Viking Mountain is (on top of the mountain south-east of Snobby Shores).
  • South of Snobby Shores.
  • South of Viking Mountain.
  • In the northern part of Happy Hamlet.
  • On the iceberg south of the main island.

Season 7 Week 6 Free challenge: Search ammo boxes in different named locations

A simple to understand one now. Just loot an ammo box in each of the different named locations. You don’t need to do this in a single match, so take this one at your leisure. My recommendation is to write a list of seven of the locations, then tick them off as you go along so you don’t search the same location twice. The locations are as follows:

  • Junk Junction
  • Haunted Hills
  • Pleasant Park
  • Snobby Shores
  • Tilted Towers
  • Shifty Shafts
  • Dusty Divot
  • Salty Springs
  • Fatal Fields
  • Wailing Woods
  • Lonely Lodge
  • Retail Row
  • Lucky Landing
  • Risky Reels
  • Lazy Links
  • Paradise Palms
  • Tomato Temple
  • Loot Lake
  • Polar Peak
  • Frosty Flights
  • Happy Hamlet

Season 7 Week 6 Free challenge: Eliminate three opponents in Lucky Landing or Tilted Towers

It really is season’s beatings this week, as the third challenge also requires you to eliminate opponents. This time it’s in either Lucky Landing or Tilted Towers. Tilted Towers is the more populated area by far and with enough skill you should be able to snag a few kills before being eliminated yourself. Lucky Landing isn’t as populated, usually reserved for at most one or two squads. However it’s important to land quickly, our Fortnite landing guide should help with that, as you’ll need to be fast at picking up weapons and any advantage you can get is beneficial.

Sgt Winter throwing an Ice Puck. The angle and trajectory are the correct ones to reach over 150m.

Season 7 Week 6 Battle Pass challenge: Slide an Ice Puck over 150m in a single throw

It’s a good job this is a Battle Pass challenge, as this one requires some preparation and many hours of play before you can even attempt it. Tier 28 in this season’s Battle Pass will unlock the Ice Puck emote. Equip it once you’ve unlocked it and head into a game.

You’ll then need to slide it 150 metres. The screenshot above shows the exact location I threw it to reach 150m, which is by the frozen lake north of Polar Peak. There’s a lip to the south of the location which, when thrown, the Ice Puck will hurtle down the slope and across the lake. It doesn’t seem to matter if it rebounds off an obstacle, but once it exits your view, it registers how far it has travelled. This one may take a few goes, but at the very least the area isn’t heavily populated, so you should be left to throw ice pucks in peace.

Season 7 Week 6 Battle Pass challenge: Visit two specific locations in a single match

This Battle Pass challenge is another one where you need to visit two locations in matches across multiple stages. The same tips apply for all the similar challenges – go down the route less travelled, try to nab an X-4 Stormwing plane and fly between them, don’t pick fights unless you absolutely think you can win them, etc. It doesn’t matter which of the two locations you visit first, just that you visit both. The stages are as follows:

  • Stage 1 – Polar Peak and Tilted Towers
  • Stage 2 – Lucky Landing and Retail Row
  • Stage 3 – Lazy Links and Shifty Shafts

Season 7 Week 6 Battle Pass challenge: Deal damage to opponents with weapons

This first challenge is a multi-staged one and requires you to deal 200 damage with certain weapons in the order listed. While SMGs and Assault Rifles may be relatively simple to at least inflict damage for, the final stage where you need to deal damage with grenades, clingers, and stink bombs takes a little more planning. You can find out more about them in our Fortnite weapons guide, but the best way to do this is to throw them in enclosed spaces. If the enemy is turtling (putting barricades around themselves) and aren’t aware that you’re nearby, then throw a bunch of grenades at them.

Season 7 Week 6 Battle Pass challenge: Deal damage with 5 different weapons in a single match

This challenge is a damage based challenge and requires you deal damage with a certain number of weapons in a single match. This is probably one of the harder challenges and will take several goes before even getting close I’d imagine, so as soon as you ping someone with damage (look for the numbers), switch to a different weapon and hope you can land the required number of shots. I would recommend therefore that you find a LTM that features respawns before trying this challenge (a full list is in our Fortnite Limited Time Modes (LTM) guide). You’ll need five different weapons to hit in total. The weapon types that count are:

  • Shotguns
  • Assault Rifles
  • Snipers
  • Pistols
  • SMGs
  • Minigun
  • Explosive
  • Grenade
  • Traps
  • Vehicles

This concludes Season 7 Week 6 guide, but there’s plenty more challenges to complete in Season 7. If you missed the previous week’s challenges, check out our Season 7 Week 5 challenges guide. Next up are the challenges featured in Season 7 Week 7 challenges (17th January 2019), so be sure to check them out to complete those challenges.

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