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Anthem endgame: how to get legendary gear, tips for strongholds and contracts

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Anthem’s story missions will take you close to, if not up to the level limit of 30. But what happens after that? That’s where the year 1 content comes in, as new contracts and stronghold missions come in, as well as legendary gear to upgrade your Javelins with. This guide will go over each of the various challenges, as well as how to boost your chances of nabbing legendary gear.

Anthem Endgame guide

Looking for help with missions, or how to get to grips with navigation in Anthem? Be sure to check out our Anthem guide for everything you need to know about Bioware’s latest space adventure.

What is Year 1’s Endgame content?

As mentioned in the video above from EA, the expanded content for Anthem takes place after the main story. It will feature plenty of new missions and strongholds to complete, as well as a ton of legendary loot to find. Since your level only goes up to 30, the only way to upgrade your Javelins beyond that threshold is by equipping the best legendary loot. We will of course have lists of what that legendary loot is and the best ways to obtain it upon the game’s release, but we can at least detail what to expect in the post-game.

Legendary contracts

These are missions that are given to you rarely by the NPCs in Fort Tarsis. They’re more difficult variations on the standard contracts that you can pick up during the game, usually having multiple objectives per mission and culminating in a difficult encounter to finish the mission. These can be set to five difficulty settings, with each one resulting in rarer items earned as you complete them, all the way to Grandmaster Level 3.


Strongholds are essentially Anthem’s equivalent to raids in other MMORPGs. You’ll need a full team of four to take these multi-layered levels that each house a path of objectives. Once you reach the end, you’ll have to defeat a boss that likely requires all four of you to take it down. These can be set to five difficulty settings, with each one resulting in rarer items earned as you complete them, all the way to Grandmaster Level 3. The one that was shown off in the live stream was called “Temple of Scar”. which has you take on multiple objectives such as destroying turrets and walls, to powering up generators, all while the Scar ambush you.


Freeplay can be done outside of the endgame, but you make your own objectives. Perhaps you need to grind to level up your Javelin, or nab some high rank gear? This is where you do it. If you missed any secrets from missions in the main campaign, you should be able to recover them by visiting their locations in Freeplay.

As the game is released, you should start seeing more information on specific contracts and strongholds, including unlock conditions and tips for completing them. Until then, you can familiarise yourself with the Javelins themselves by viewing our Ranger, Colossus, or Interceptor, and Storm guides respectively, to learn more about their skills, and their place in the team.


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