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Metro Exodus PC graphics performance: How to get the best settings

Our exodus into the graphics performance apocalypse

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Metro Exodus PC graphics performance: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080

I may not have one of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 Ti to test with Metro Exodus, but as we found out from my RTX 2080 review, this is arguably the next best thing. At least when it comes to the RTX 2080’s raw performance figures, as this card also supports all of the fancy Nvidia RTX features such as ray tracing and the frame rate-boosting DLSS tech as well. I’ll be talking about both sets of results here (although just ray tracing for the time being as DLSS isn’t currently working in the benchmark tool), so hopefully you’ll get a pretty good idea of what’s possible either with or without Nvidia’s RTX features switched on.

Once again, I’ve got the Founders Edition here, which has a base clock speed of 1515MHz and a boost clock speed of 1800MHz. This is pretty much bang in the middle of what you’ll find elsewhere on other third party cards, so the following results should be broadly representative of what the RTX 2080 can do, regardless of which type of card you have.

Can I play this at 1920×1080?

Yes indeed, and that’s regardless of whether you have ray tracing switched on, either. I mean, that’s probably the least you’d expect at this resolution given how much it costs, but even with my Core i5 CPU acting as a potential bottleneck with this particular GPU, I still saw a very fine average of 75fps on Ultra with no RTX enabled, and an equally lovely average of 65fps on Ultra with ray tracing set to High. Go forth and enjoy.

Can I play this at 2560×1440?

That’s affirmative, and once again you shouldn’t have a problem on Ultra regardless of whether you’ve got ray tracing switched on. Bizarrely, I got an average of 60fps on the usual benchmark, which only dropped to 57fps when I switched on ray tracing. Either the benchmark is lying to me, or it’s actually fine either way. Multiple re-runs of said benchmark would appear to confirm the latter.

One thing I will note, however, is that I saw a lot more peaks and troughs with ray tracing enabled in the benchmark here, which might be why the overall average is so close to its non-ray traced score. Still, until I’ve had some time to do a more thorough investigation of what’s going on here, that’s your lot for now.

Can I play this at 4K?

Another big yep here, although Medium is probably as far as you’re going to get before the frame rate starts to go a bit doolally. Without ray tracing, I saw an average of 54fps on the RTX 2080, which then dropped down to 44fps with ray tracing set to High. I still saw highs of around 58fps in ray tracing mode, mind (although regular Medium went all the way up to 90fps), so there’s still plenty of potential for some smooth speeds here. Likewise, both the ray traced and non-ray traced versions of the benchmark saw lows of 30fps (with the occasional dip to 25fps with ray tracing switched on), but I imagine once I get Metro’s DLSS working properly, those dips will be sorted right out.

Otherwise, non-ray traced High will sit you down at an average of 43fps and lows of 25fps, which is probably a step too far for most people.

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