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The Division 2 best builds - One Shot PVP build, LMG PVE build

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So you’re now into the World Tiers in The Division 2. What’s most likely is that you’re now in a position to mix and match your gear into optimal builds. Not much is known about the best builds in The Division 2, given that the game has only been out for a short time. However, in due course there will be plenty of builds cropping up around the internet and our aim is to give you the best ones to put into one place.

Want to know everything about the various different systems in The Division 2? Head on over to our The Division 2 guide hub to find lots more information about the game. More will be discovered as Agents pile into Washington D.C., so stay frosty. If you want to try your hand at making your own builds, you’ll need to have a look at all the weapons, skills, and specializations to get the job done. Our The Division 2 weapons/gunsThe Division 2 best skills and The Division 2 Specializations guides respectively are a good place to start.

The Division 2 best builds guide

At this point, there’s only one build that has been created and shared that has consistently seen results. We will be updating this page with more builds as they come, so if you have seen a particularly good build for The Division 2, comment down below with the weapons, mods, specializations, equipment and talents, and a short summary of the type of build. We’ll only be looking at ones that crop up for use in the endgame. Without further ado:

“One Shot” Sniper build – PVP

By far the most ridiculously powerful sniper build I’ve seen so far has come from YouTube user “MarcoStyle”. This can literally one shot any player if you land a headshot, meaning that if you take on this build, you need to be competent with a Sniper rifle. It’s not especially useful in PVE, but in PVP battles and the Dark Zone it is a monster. It’s also not optimised just yet, so we’ll bring you the fully optimised build as soon as it comes.


Marksman Rifle – Model 700 (High End – World Tier 4)

  • Talent: These don’t particularly matter for this weapon, though Reformation is good for regaining health and skill repairs.
  • Mods
    • Make sure you change the 12x scope for the CQBSS Scope (8x). This allows for quicker aiming and close range damage.

Second weapon – This can be any decent weapon because you won’t really be using it over the sniper rifle.

Specialization – Sharpshooter

When unlocking the Sharpshooter, unlock the following skills as a priority over the others:

  • One in the Head – Tier 5
  • Deft Hands – Tier 3
  • Breath Control – Tier 3

Skills: “Healing Chem Launcher” is a must as it allows for quick healing. “Booster Hive” for increased movement speed, or “Deflector Drone” for defensive options against other players using this build.


  • Make sure that you equip decent armour and gear of at least Epic or High-End tiers that emphasises weapon damage, headshot damage, and critical hit damage.
  • You’ll want to maximise the Brand set “Airaldi Holdings”. This is because it provides relevant bonuses to your marksman rifle.
  • The other equipment you can put on can be of other brands, but you’ll want to use these to either bolster your damage output more or provide more health for you.
  • The fewer attribute rolls you have, the higher individual buff they give to the wearer. Marksman Rifle damage is best.
  • Hardened is a talent that doesn’t get normalised, so if you get something with that as the talent, you’ve got a defensive boost.
  • Equipping mods to the gear should emphasise weapon damage, so use those mods where possible.

The “Monster” SMG build that melts enemies in less than a second

Our second one comes from YouTube user “Example”, and if you thought sniping was just a tad too difficult, how about rinsing through enemy armour and health in less than a second? It just demonstrates how quickly an enemy player, even those in the Occupied Dark Zones, can drop so quickly. It’s focused on DPS, also has an option for sniping, and while it’s also not quite optimised, it works effectively for what it is.


SMG – Vector SBR 9mm (High-End – Tier 4)

  • Talent: Breadbasket and Extra for optimal damage output. Optimized and Overlap also work well.
  • Mods
    • Reflex Sight
    • Extended 9mm Mag
    • Laser Pointer
    • Small Suppressor 9mm

Marksman Rifle – Model 800 (High-End – Tier 4)

  • Talent: First Blood, Distance, and Everlasting
  • Mods
    • VX1 Scope (12x) or CQBSS Scope (8x) (depending on personal preference on scope)
    • Flash Hider 7.62

Side Arm – D50 (High-End), though if you have the Liberty this would be better. More on unlocking it in our The Division 2 Exotic Weapon & Hyena key locations guide.

Specialization – Demolitionist

When unlocking the Demolitionist, unlock the following skills as a priority over the others:

  • Spray & Pray – Tier 2
  • Onslaught – Tier 3
  • X-Stat Armor Kit-Supplementary
  • Crisis Response

Skills: “Healing Chem Launcher” is a must as it allows for quick healing. “Booster Hive” for increased movement speed, or “Deflector Drone” for defensive options against other players using this build.


This build is centred around some brand sets, more on those in our The Division 2 brand sets guide, so try to get complementary armour pieces to make up the following numbers:

  • Providence – one item equipped.
  • Wyvern – one item equipped.
  • Douglas & Harding (D&H) – two items equipped.
  • Sokolov Concern – two items equipped

You can also use talents such as Skill Haste, Surgical, or even the most coveted Berserk to bolster your abilities. With the mods, try to get ones to maximise your damage output as much as possible.

Testing out a shotgun in the Shooting Gallery under the White House.

“LMG/SMG Insane build for all content”

Crafted by Reddit user “Hallettnr”, this is a LMG/SMG build that synergises surprisingly well. As for what you can do with this build, it’s primarily for dealing a punishing amount of LMG damage for PVE areas, raining a hail of bullets at medium range. The SMG is more for close-range combat, though it’s also good for PVP.

This build is also an absolute unit when it comes to armour, reaching over the 200,000 threshold. Crit Chance is the talent of choice, but there’s others such as Hardened and Unstoppable Force that can link up well with the Demolitionist Specialization. Below are the recommended equipment and skills:


LMG – M60

  • Talent: Strained
  • Mods
    • Tactical Small Pouch magazine

SMG – Vector .45 (Exotic weapon “Chatterbox” also works great with this build)

  • Talent: Strained
  • Mods
    • Osprey .45 Suppressor
    • Crit Chance Laser Pointer (if needed)
    • Extended Mag (if needed)

Specialization – Demolitionist

When unlocking the demolitionist, unlock the following skills as a priority over the others:

  • Spray & Pray – Tier 2
  • Onslaught – Tier 3
  • X-Stat Armor Kit-Supplementary
  • Crisis Response

Skills: This is down to personal choice, though “Hallettnr” mentions that their personal preference for this build is “Healing Chem Launcher” + “Reviver Hive”/”Fixer Drone” for a more tankier build.


  • Mask – D&H – preferably one with good stats and the “Crit Chance” and “Damage to Elites for PVE” talents.
  • Backpack – Wyvern – “Safeguard” is the best, followed by “Efficient”. Second talent should be “Hardened”.
  • Body Armor – Petrov/Sokolov – Should have “Unstoppable Force” and “Hardened” talents.
  • Gloves – Gila – Talent should be “Clutch” as a priority, though Obliterate is a good second choice.
  • Holster – D&H – Talent should be “Crit Chance”
  • Kneepads – D&H – Talent should be “Cloaked” as priority, but “Patience” is a good second.

That’s all of the builds that have been discovered in The Division 2. We will have some more builds in the coming weeks ahead, so watch this space. You can further deck out your build by hunting down the hunters, with the aid of our The Division 2 Hunter Masks guide.

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