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Apex Legends Longbow stats (1.1.1): DPS, TTK, spray pattern, Longbow DMR tips

Longbow DMR time-to-kill and other stats

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With the recent 1.1.1 buff to sniper rifles across the board, the Longbow DMR makes an even stronger case than it once did for being the best long-range weapon in Apex Legends, perhaps even including the Supply Drop-exclusive Kraber. With excellent damage and accuracy over long ranges and a newly increased rate of fire, there’s a lot to like about this particular sniper rifle. Our Apex Legends Longbow guide will leave you with even more to like, as we go over various stats for this powerful rifle, from DPS and fire rate to the gun’s time-to-kill (TTK) under different circumstances.

Note: we will be fleshing out these individual weapons pages with in-depth tips, facts, and strategies as time goes on; but until then, just take a look below for all the most up-to-date and useful statistics on the Longbow DMR.

This Longbow guide is just one tiny part of our massive Apex Legends tips/guide series, which we’ve packed with general info and advanced tips and tricks. If you’re looking for comparative stats on all the weapons in Apex Legends together, look no further than our Apex Legends guns/weapons guide.

Apex Legends Longbow DMR stats

The below tables go through just about every statistic that might be useful to know about the Longbow Sniper Rifle. The first gives basic stats, and the second gives the Time To Kill (TTK) under different circumstances.

Longbow stats (basic)

NameLongbow DMR
AmmoHeavy Rounds
Mag Size6
Tactical/Full Reload2.66s/3.66s
Body/Head/Leg DMG55/110/49.5
(138 headshot dmg with Hop-Up)
Fire Rate (SPS)1.6
Att. SlotsBarrel, Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up
Projectile Speed30500
Draw Time0.90s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS speed)
Max Headshot Distance29528

Longbow stats (TTK)

Note: the below figures are displayed in the format of how long it takes to deal 100/150/175/200 HP damage, as this reflects the TTK depending on the enemy’s Body Shield quality.

DMG TypeDMGShots To KillTime To KillTime To Kill
(with Hop-Up)
Headshots vs
No Helmet
110 (138)1/2/2/2
Headshots vs
Lvl 1 Helmet (10%)
99 (124)2/2/2/3
Headshots vs
Lvl 2 Helmet (20%)
88 (110)2/2/2/3
Headshots vs
Lvl 3/4 Helmet (25%)
82.5 (103)2/2/3/3

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