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Apex Legends Wattson details - new character leak, release date, Wattson abilities & analysis

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Who is Wattson? The release of Apex Legends brough us eight varied and colourful characters to learn and master, and the release of Season 1 brought a ninth in the form of Octane, the High-Speed Daredevil. But that’s not the only new character that’s coming, with numerous rumours and leaks coalescing into a blurry-but-ever-sharpening image of Wattson – the tenth Legend of King’s Canyon. Our Apex Legends Wattson guide will walk you through everything we know about this electricity expert, and how she might bring something new to the table with her unique skillset and abilities.

For full details and opinions on all of the characters together, take a look at our Apex Legends characters guide for everything you need. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a focused guide like this one but on a different Legend, then simply take a look at the table below and click on a link to be taken to the hero of your choice. We’re hard at work keeping these pages up to date with the most useful and in-depth information, so do check ’em out if you’re so inclined.


Apex Legends Wattson guide – new character, abilities, info

Wattson, Apex Legends’ upcoming new character, is currently about 50% speculation, 30% leaks, and 10% peering intently at clurry pixelated images and text at the moment. But when you put together all these little tidbits of information, from easter eggs to datamines and more, then we can actually make some pretty educated guesses as to what Wattson will be like when she’s finally released. Click on any of the links below to skip ahead to a particular section of interest.

Apex Legends Wattson release date - when will Wattson be added?
Apex Legends Wattson character overview
Wattson abilities leak
Passive and Tactical abilities
Ultimate ability: Tesla Trap

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Apex Legends Wattson release date – when will Wattson be added?

The big question that everyone wants answered is, of course, when we will be able to play as Wattson. While popular Twitch streamer Shroud recently confirmed that he got a chance to playtest both Octane and Wattson while the game was in an early state, and that “they [Respawn] already knew that Wattson and Octane were gonna be the Season 1 launches“, it was later clarified in a Reddit post by Respawn that we can expect “a new Legend” to coincide with the beginning of Season 2, which looks set to release sometime this June.

This is corroborated by the Deep Dive gameplay trailer for Apex Legends, which shows two figures towards the end of the trailer, one of which we now know to be Octane, as the narrator comments, “Who knows where the next Champion will come from?”. The figure on the right is therefore bound to be Wattson; and what’s more, she’s further back and more obscured than Octane, providing an extra little visual suggestion of Respawn’s plan to release first one and then the other with Seasons 1 and 2, respectively.

Apex Legends Wattson character overview

Respawn have been pretty sneaky with both Octane and Wattson, placing hard-to-catch easter eggs even in the opening cinematic that plays when you launch Apex Legends for the first time. If you pause the cinematic at just the right moment on the newspaper in the bar at the very start of the trailer, then with a high enough resolution you can make out some of what is written under the subhead “Challengers rush to be the next Apex Legend” (incidentally there’s also a separate section about the Thunderdome of King’s Canyon being rebuilt – but that’s something for another time).

The paragraph we’re interested in reads, “–of the biggest shocks. Most of us here at the Games have known Natalie since she took her first steps. I suspect she’ll be playing a much different game than the other Legends.’ Paquette is the daughter of the Games’ Lead Electrical Engineer, the late Luc Paquette.” This, right next to another paragraph talking about “Octavio Silva, best known throughout the Frontier as an amateur daredevil prankster” – so clearly these two characters are Wattson and Octane.

So now we know that Wattson’s real name is Natalie Paquette, and we can fully expect Wattson’s abilities to be electrical in nature, both from her status as the Daughter of the Games’ Lead Electrical Engineer, and from her name (WATTson – geddit?). We’ll get to her abilities in just a moment, but first let’s take what is currently our closest look at what Wattson might look like when she’s finally introduced.

Not amazingly flattering, I’m sure you’ll agree, but this is of course a very early render and work-in-progress of the character. What’s worth noting here is the red lightning bolt badge on her shoulder in the concept art, and the coil of wire attached on her left side – just in case you wanted any more evidence that her abilities will be electrical in nature. She also has some interesting scarring along her face, perhaps indicating some sort of past incident (much like Octane losing his legs).

Whatever the case, from the fact that she grew up in and around the Games, it’s likely that she’ll be quite a young contender, perhaps the youngest so far. I can easily imagine a backstory involving the death of her father leading her to take her first steps into the Games he helped create.

Wattson abilities leak

We got fairly extensive datamined information and leaks on Octane’s abilities pre-launch which turned out to be fairly on the money, but the same cannot be said of Wattson’s abilities. We do have some information, however, and we’ll break down everything we know so far on her abilities, and speculate a little on how she may offer a different experience from other characters.

Passive and Tactical abilities

For both Passive and Tactical abilities, all we have to go on really are the above icons, unveiled in a recent leak. Both icons feature lightning bolts, but we can make some educated guesses about their differing uses. The Tactical ability, for example, suggests a refilling (or emptying) bar, which may mean some sort of Shield-boosting or Shield-restoring ability. There are several ways in which an ability like this could be implemented: it could instantly refill just her Shields, or it could refill the Shields of herself and her nearby teammates over time, for instance.

One alternative for Wattson’s Tactical ability is that it could be destructive rather than restorative in nature, with the arrows and the circle indicating an area of effect where, perhaps, some sort of EMP might trigger and wipe out enemy shields, much like an Arc Star.

We have even less to go on with her Passive ability, with just the Lightning Bolt and the four diagonal lines to give us an indication of its function. Anything we say at this point would be a stretch, but it could be movement-based in nature if you consider the Lightning Bolt and the lines to connote speed. Of course, we do already have a speed-focused Passive ability in Bangalore’s Double-Time, so this may not be the case – or if it is, it may manifest differently. We really don’t know at this juncture.

Ultimate ability: Tesla Trap

We do know a little more about Wattson’s Ultimate, however. Datamining revealed reference in the game files and code to a “tesla trap”, which perfectly fits with everything we know about Wattson and with the Ultimate icon above. Assuming this is correct, Wattson will become the second character after Caustic to have a trap ability.

It’s quite likely that the Tesla Trap will operate rather differently from Caustic’s Nox Gas. I doubt it will deal any direct damage to those caught by the trap, but it may very feasibly wipe out their Shields and stun them for a time. There’s also the shield image right behind the Tesla Trap, which gives further credence to the idea of the trap affecting Shields in some way. It may be that the Tesla Trap has a dual purpose: diminishing the Shields of enemies and replenishing the Shields of teammates caught in its radius.

Numerous rumours and leaked file names seem to point towards the Tesla Trap coming in the form of a sort of energy fence between two points. This may well prove true, but I’d hope that you could quickly place the whole fence in one go, rather than having to place each end of the fence separately – because who has that kind of time on their hands?

Only time (and further leaks) will tell, but the newspaper easter egg did raise the point that she’ll “be playing a much different game than the other Legends”. Given that the current meta of Apex Legends is focused on aggression and quick, close-range fights, Respawn’s intention with Wattson may be to break from this aggressive playstyle with a more careful and thoughtful approach revolving around proper use of her abilities at the right moments.

And that’s all we have for now on Wattson, but as more news piles in (and of course, with Wattson’s inevitable release in the next couple of months) we’ll be adding tonnes more info and tips to this page so you can really get the most out of Apex Legends’ latest character.

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