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Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities - all the fatality codes

Finish them!

Featured post Scorpion has plunged his flaming spear into Kung Lao.

At some point while playing Mortal Kombat 11, you’ll want to see all the finishers. Don’t deny it, we’re all morbidly curious. Fatalities have been a staple since the original Mortal Kombat, ranging from simple and effective, to comedic. You don’t need to unlock them first to perform them if you have the input code and we’ve got all the combinations you need right here.

Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran kombatant, there's plenty of things to know about Mortal Kombat 11. Head on over to our hub for everything you need to know which you can find in our Mortal Kombat 11 guide.

You can also check out our Mortal Kombat 11 farming guide for tips on how to get hearts as quickly as is possible, even if the method is tedious, as well as the Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt guide for the locations of the heart chests in the Krypt mode.

Mortal Kombat 11 fatality guide

In this guide, we will give you the codes and distances you need to perform each one of the character’s fatalities in the game. Every character has two of them and they can be performed when you see the words “Finish Him!” or “Finish Her!” on the screen. You’ll only have a few seconds to get into position and enter the code.

Mortal Kombat 11 button layout

This table will show you which buttons are for which controllers. All other moves will use numbers to indicate button presses, so refer to this table if you are confused.

Button Attack type Keyboard button (Default) Xbox button (Default) PlayStation button (Default)
1 Front Punch J X
2 Back Punch I Y Δ
3 Front Kick K A X
4 Back Kick L B O
5 Block O RT R2
6 Throw Space LB L1
7 Interact/Amplify ; RB R1
8 Flip Stance U LT L2

Mortal Kombat 11 fatality positions

For each of the fatalities, there is a certain distance that you need to be in order to execute the move. While “Any” literally means that it can be performed just by standing and pressing the button combination, the others are categorised as Close, Mid, and Far. I’ve provided images showing the rough areas you can stand in, but essentially it boils down to:

  • Close – Stand as close to the opponent as possible.
  • Mid – Anywhere from two full steps back to two back-dashes back from the opponent.
  • Far – Anywhere from two back-dashes back from the opponent.

Johnny Cage holding Liu Kang like a ventriloquist dummy, as a tomato hits Liu Kang in the face.

Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities

This table includes all of the fatalities. We've enabled search functionality on this table, so I recommend searching for the character name to see both of their fatalities. They can be executed, even if you haven't unlocked them in the Krypt.

Character Fatality Name Range Button Combination
Baraka Food for Thought Close Back, Down, Back + 2
Baraka Rock, Paper, Baraka Close Back, Forward, Back + 3
Cassie Cage I <3 U Mid Down, Down Forward + 4
Cassie Cage #GirlPower Far Back, Down, Down, Back + 2
Cetrion Maintaining Balance Mid Back, Down, Forward, Down + 4
Cetrion Good and Evil Mid Back, Down, Back + 3
D'Vorah New Species Close Back, Forward, Back + 3
D'Vorah Can't Die Mid Back, Down, Down + 4
Erron Black Melted Mid Down, Down, Down + 1
Erron Black Death Trap Mid Down, Forward, Down + 2
Frost Ice Sculpture Close Forward, Back, Down + 1
Frost The Cyber Initiative Mid Back, Forward, Down, Forward + 4
Geras Phasing Through Any Back, Down, Down + 3
Geras Peeling Back Close Down, Forward, Back + 1
Jacqui Briggs Spider Mines Mid Forward, Back, Forward + 3
Jacqui Briggs Nothing but Neck Mid Back, Forward, Back + 4
Jade Bow Before Me Any Down, Down, Forward, Down + 4
Jade Pole Dance Close Back, Forward, Down, Forward + 1
Jax Coming In Hot Close Forward, Down, Forward + 3
Jax Still Got It Close Back, Forward, Back Down + 1
Johnny Cage Mr Cage's Neighborhood Close Forward, Back, Down, Down + 4
Johnny Cage Who Hired This Guy Close Forward, Down, Forward + 1
Kabal Road Rash Mid Back, Forward, Down, Forward + 3
Kabal Hooked Close Down, Down, Down + 4
Kano Last Dance Mid Forward, Down, Down + 1
Kano Face Like a Dropped Pie Close Back, Down, Forward + 2
Kitana Gore-Nado Mid Down, Down, Down, Down + 2
Kitana Royal Execution Mid Down, Back, Forward + 1
Kollector For the Kollection Close Down, Down, Down, Down + 4
Kollector Head Lantern Close Down, Forward, Back + 1
Kotal Khan Totem Sacrifice Close Back, Down, Back + 3
Kotal Khan Kat Food Close Back, Forward, Back, Forward + 1
Kung Lao Headed Nowhere Close Down, Forward, Back, Down + 2
Kung Lao Meat Slicer Close Down, Forward, Down + 3
Liu Kang Burn Out Close Down, Back, Down, Forward + 1
Liu Kang Belly of the Beast Mid Back, Down, Back, Forward + 2
Noob Saibot Split Decision Mid Back, Forward, Back, Forward + 4
Noob Saibot Double Trouble Close Down, Down, Down + 1
Raiden Alternating Current Mid Back, Down, Back + 1
Raiden Direct Current Close Down, Forward, Back + 3
Scorpion You're Next Far Back, Down, Down + 1
Scorpion Chain Reaction Far Down, Forward, Back + 2
Shao Kahn Back Blown Out Close Back, Forward, Down, Down + 2
Shao Kahn Kahn-Sequences Close Back, Forward, Back + 1
Skarlet Bloody Mess Mid Forward, Back, Down + 3
Skarlet Heart Condition Mid Down, Down, Forward + 4
Sonya Blade To the Choppa Mid Down, Forward, Back + 2
Sonya Blade Supply Drop Close Back, Forward, Down + 3
Sub-Zero Ice-Cutioner Mid Back, Forward, Back + 2
Sub-Zero Frozen in Time Mid Forward, Down, Forward + 4
Shang Tsung (Kombat Pass) Kondemned to the Damned Mid Back, Forward, Down, Down + 1
Shang Tsung (Kombat Pass) Shokan Reborn Mid Back, Forward, Back + 4

Those are all the fatalities in the game, but there’s another type of finishing move you should probably read up on. They work a little bit differently in this particular game, so head on over to our Mortal Kombat 11 brutalities guide to find out more about the Brutalities.

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