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Apex Legends Wattson details - new character release date, Wattson abilities & analysis

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Who is Wattson? The release of Apex Legends brough us eight varied and colourful characters to learn and master, and the release of Season 1 brought a ninth in the form of Octane, the High-Speed Daredevil. But that’s not the only new character that’s coming, and at last during the EA Play livestream of E3 2019 we saw our first true glimpse of Wattson – the tenth Legend of King’s Canyon. Our Apex Legends Wattson guide will walk you through everything we know about this high-tech electri-prodigy, and how she might bring something new to the table with her unique skillset and abilities.

For full details and opinions on all of the characters together, take a look at our Apex Legends characters guide for everything you need. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a focused guide like this one but on a different Legend, then simply take a look at the table below and click on a link to be taken to the hero of your choice. We’re hard at work keeping these pages up to date with the most useful and in-depth information, so do check ’em out if you’re so inclined.


Apex Legends Wattson guide – new character, abilities, info

We’ve known for a long while thanks to some leaks and datamined files that Wattson would likely be the next Legend to enter King’s Canyon – but now we know for sure; and what’s more, we have some tangible details on her abilities and skillset. Click on any of the links below to skip ahead to a particular section of interest.

Apex Legends Wattson release date - when will Wattson be added?
Apex Legends Wattson character overview
Wattson abilities leak
Passive and Tactical abilities
Ultimate ability: Tesla Trap

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Apex Legends Wattson release date – when will Wattson be added?

Good news, Legends – Wattson will be added alongside the new L-Star weapon, the new Battle Pass, and everything else that’s coming with the release of Season 2: Battle Charge. This puts our Wattson release date firmly on 2nd July – so less than a month to wait! For all the latest info on everything else that’s coming with this update, check out our Apex Legends Season 2 guide.

Apex Legends Wattson character overview

Respawn have been pretty sneaky with Wattson until now, placing hard-to-catch easter eggs even in the opening cinematic that plays when you launch Apex Legends for the first time. If you pause the cinematic at just the right moment on the newspaper in the bar at the very start of the trailer, then with a high enough resolution you can make out some of what is written under the subhead “Challengers rush to be the next Apex Legend” (incidentally there’s also a separate section about the Thunderdome of King’s Canyon being rebuilt – but that’s something for another time).

The paragraph we’re interested in reads, “–of the biggest shocks. Most of us here at the Games have known Natalie since she took her first steps. I suspect she’ll be playing a much different game than the other Legends.’ Paquette is the daughter of the Games’ Lead Electrical Engineer, the late Luc Paquette.

It’s now confirmed that this is talking about Wattson (real name: Natalie Paquette), a child of the Games, beloved by all, who now seeks to utilise her technological expertise and her in-depth knowledge of King’s Canyon to earn some kills and wins herself.

Below you can watch Respawn’s short animation shown during Wattson’s reveal at E3 2019, which gives some insight into the character’s backstory.

Wattson abilities leak

We got fairly extensive datamined information and leaks on both Octane’s and Wattson’s abilities pre-Season 1, but now Respawn have revealed all three of Wattson’s abilities – and they’re pretty interesting, to say the least.

Passive Ability: Ultimate Accelerant Charges 100%

Wattson’s abilities are described as being extremely synergistic, and nowhere is this clearer than her Passive ability, which allows you to charge your Ultimate up to 100% with a single Ultimate Accelerant. That makes the Ultimate Accelerant five times more powerful when used by Wattson than by any other Legend.

Long story short: no more hogging Ult Accelerants, Lifeline.

Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security Fences

Seeing as her father is more or less the inventor of the entire Apex Arena, it makes sense that Wattson would get to play around with the map a little bit. Her Tactical ability allows her to do exactly that, giving her access to 12 nodes which can be placed pretty much anywhere on the map, between which will spring fences of electricity. These allow you to cordon off a chokepoint, protect yourself from being rushed, and undoubtedly many more strategies which will reveal themselves once Season 2 arrives.

From what we’ve gathered: if an enemy walks through such a barrier, they’ll take 25 points of damage (possibly just shields, but probably health OR shields), and will have their movement speed reduced, much like the effect of being hit by an Arc Star. But if an ally passes through, the fence will actually flicker off for a brief moment, allowing them to pass through unharmed. But this means that there could be the potential for enemies to pass through unharmed if they time their run to sync up with an ally’s own journey through the fence.

Whatever the details, this is a very new kind of ability for Apex Legends, and one which solidifies Wattson’s role as a thoughtful support Legend whose focus is on map knowledge and situational awareness. With these fences (and her Ultimate) on her side, Wattson may become a very powerful force against the third-party meta that has dominated Apex Legends since its release.

Ultimate Ability: Interception Pylon

Finally, her Ultimate ability looks to be a godsend for those of us who don’t like to have death rained on them from above in any form. Her Ultimate allows her to place a large Interception Pylon on the ground, the effect of which is twofold. First, it will slowly regenerate the shields of all allies within its radius (which looks to be fairly sizable from the gif above, so that’s nice).

The second effect is far more exciting: within that same radius, the Interception Pylon will destroy and nullify all ordinance that comes your way. Be it Frag Grenades, Arc Stars, or even Gibraltar or Bangalore’s Ultimate abilities, according to Respawn’s description during the stream. This makes Wattson absolutely fantastic at neutralising third party threats (which nearly always start off with grenade spam or bombardments), and at holding a position in the late game (where, again, the fight pretty much always begins with lots of grenades being hurled in your general direction).

And that’s all we have for now on Wattson, but as more news piles in (and of course, with Wattson’s release at the start of July) we’ll be adding tonnes more info and tips to this page so you can really get the most out of Apex Legends’ latest character.

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